Outfit your home with new USB wall receptacles, timer switches and more starting at $13 each

Amazon is running a one-day deal on a variety of TopGreener (opens in new tab) USB outlets, sensors, and timers. We've featured a number of highly-rated options from TopGreener in the past, and these are no exception. If you're looking for the most affordable way to add USB ports to your wall outlets, this version (opens in new tab) gives you two USB and two AC outlets, and includes the wall plate, all for just $12.79. This model (opens in new tab) offers the same configuration, but has a 3.1A output instead of 2.4A that the previous one did. It's available for the same price, but you need to add your own wall plate (opens in new tab) which ends up making it slightly more expensive.

The sale also includes a 2-pack of the 2.4A outlets (opens in new tab) with a pair of USB cables for $28.48, a programmable timer switch (opens in new tab) for $13.11, and a countdown timer switch (opens in new tab) for $14.99.

Don't forget, these prices are only good for today, April 3, so don't miss out.

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