Pool Pro Online 3

At the start of the month, Windows Phone Central provided exclusive first details and images of Namco Bandai’s Pool Pro Online 3 for Xbox Live. Now we’re back with first word of its release date: tomorrow, August 1st. Windows Phone gamers will be shooting pool in no time!

Pool Pro Online 3 offers a realistic simulation of three pool games: 8-ball, 9-ball, and snooker. All three can be played either single-player or online. According to word from Microsoft, gamers can view and join online lobbies, so you won’t be restricted to playing with friends as with clunky ol’ Battleship.

Let’s hope players can communicate with each other in-game as well, just like the iOS and Android versions of the game. Whatever the case, we’re glad to see Namco Bandai continuing to push the boundaries of multiplayer gaming on the mobile version of Xbox Live.

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Money won offline or online can be spent on table felts, cue sticks, and even pool halls, providing long term goals between games. One of those pool halls is exclusive to Windows Phone, too! That just might help make up for the tough Achievements. We’ll see!

Pool Pro Online 3 will cost $2.99 when it debuts on Wednesday, August 1st. Get the chalk ready, pool fans.

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