Project xCloud streaming hits Xbox Game Pass early with imminent open beta

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft debuts its Xbox game streaming service on September 15, bundled within its Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Android devices.
  • The company has now outlined plans to launch its Project xCloud tech into the Xbox Game Pass beta app ahead of launch, with availability from August 11 in all launch regions.

While Microsoft previously discussed intentions to bring its Project xCloud game-streaming tech to Xbox Game Pass on September 15, it appears those eager to get hands-on won't have to wait. The company has now outlined plans to serve a limited-time beta test through the Xbox Game Pass beta app on Android, for those with its Ultimate-tier subscription.

Project xCloud testing has been underway for some time, with Microsoft distributing early invites to preview trials in the latter months of 2019. The initial offering featured just four titles to stream to Android devices, steadily scaling with dozens of supplementary experiences from the existing Xbox One library. But unlike the standalone Project xCloud Preview, its imminent beta finally integrates its low-latency streaming directly into the Xbox Game Pass mobile app.

The Xbox Game Pass beta app, openly available for download through the Google Play store, (opens in new tab) receives its latest release on August 11 at 9 a.m. EDT / 6 a.m. PDT, flipping the switch for a new audience in the 22 supported launch countries. That includes regions in North America, Western Europe, alongside Korea, with further expansions to come over months ahead.

Project xCloud

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"As we approach the launch of cloud gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on September 15, we're entering a limited beta period to ensure a smooth transition of the cloud gaming experience to the Xbox Game Pass app on Android," a Microsoft spokesperson tells Windows Central.

"Existing Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app users will get the opportunity to test a subset of the available titles as we ready the experience for broader availability next month. This limited beta is critical to providing the best possible experience for members at launch and should not be considered indicative of the final experience or library."

The Xbox Game Pass beta app for Android will be the first hands-on opportunity outside of the Project xCloud Preview, expected to show our first look at the revamped design geared around cloud gaming. Those on iPhone and iPad devices won't be getting hands-on anytime soon, with Apple actively blocking its rollout due to App Store policy — and Microsoft isn't happy about it.

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  • xcloud app on android still sucks. The app freezes in every step. Even in the "feedback" section, when you type anything, one word appears every 5-10 seconds!!
  • I havent used it since about a month into the beta, but I didn't have any noticeable issues on the app using a LG v30. I did however notice that I wasn't able to log into the app on my new S20 only a couple of weeks ago however. (Funny, after I sent this comment I tried again and it worked, maybe the feedback helped?) Maybe the Game Pass app will be better.
  • Thats definitely your experience. Mine is almost flawless.
  • What phone are you using? No issues whatsoever with me on my Note 10 plus. I would suggest your uninstall and reinstall
  • Works fine for me, though granted I haven't used it super often. I did use it the other day to try hell blade work the touch screen controls, which it worked fine then.
  • What about the PC streaming app!?!
  • Right? And the ARM?
  • Right there with you. Phones are nice for on the go, but my main usage is going to be at home while my family uses the TV. I'd rather be able to stream to my Surface so I can use the bigger screen!
  • I'm guessing it'll come after they upgrade the servers
  • I hope that it won't take that long, that may take years. It seems like they should have released it by now for public testing before the beta ended. I mean Jez showed it existed and works a month ago.
  • Pity us in the non-supported regions then.
  • You can do xbox streaming at least so gives you the phone/tablet experience. Tried it in New Zealand on home wifi and then 4G. Playing Forza 7 and was a lot of fun. The 4G bit choppy but playable for single player. Def work on 5G.
  • It's now past 9am EDT with no update to the app on the play store
  • Yeah where is the update?...