Protect your home with the SimpliSafe security system on sale for $130 today

Simplisafe Home Security
Simplisafe Home Security (Image credit: Best Buy)

Thinking a little more about protecting your stuff? Invest in the SimpliSafe home security system on sale for $129.99 at Best Buy. This is one of Best Buy's deals of the day, so the price is temporary. However, it is one of the lowest prices we've ever seen for this system, which normally sells for around $200 or more. This version on sale is the 5-piece SimplISafe. The last time we saw this security system on sale, the 8-piece system was also discounted. That's not the case today, which says the deal is a lot more limited. Grab it while you can.

The 5-piece set comes with the SimpliSafe base station, the central command of your entire system. It also has a keypad, four entry sensors, and a motion sensor. If you decide to spring a little extra for the 8-piece kit, you'll get an extra motion sensor, two more entry sensors, and a key fob. You can always start small and expand later. That's the fun part of a modular system like this. It's easy to install and setup so you can always do more later as needed.

You get plenty of smart features with this system. For example, it can be controlled from your phone. Just ddownload the mobile app and you can even add guests or customers that can control the system when they need to. Link the system to your Amazon Alexa smart home and you can check the status of the system with a voice command. You can even arm it from anywhere.

The sensors are engineered to detect heat signatures, and they can tell the difference between humans and animals so you won't get any false alerts when your dog gets the zoomies while you're out. You can also sign up for 24/7 professional monitoring that can alert the police when your system does detect an intruder.

Other features include a compact design for the sensors so they won't stand out in your home, power failure protection so that SimpliSafe will keep on keeping you safe for up to 24 hours after a power outage, and more.

John Levite
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