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While Ubisoft is gearing up for the next major update to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, a major tournament is on the horizon. Mid-August marks the "Six Major Paris 2018," bringing together the world's top players for a week of tense tactical shooter gameplay.

Dedicated live streams show the unmissable action as it happens, but Ubisoft is offering further incentives to tune in. Watching the final days on the Six Major Paris grants access to exclusive cosmetic rewards – all completely free.

Here's how to enable Twitch Drops and claim your free charms this weekend.

What are Rainbow Six Siege Six Major Twitch Drops?

Exclusive charms were previously distributed for the USA Pro League 2018 finals.

Exclusive charms were previously distributed for the USA Pro League 2018 finals.

"Twitch Drops" is a reward system integrated into live-streaming website Twitch, dealing rewards to viewers of select channels. For Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft is distributing exclusive in-game items on the platform, serving as a memento for major esports events. These can be earned on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Rewards are available across Pro League Finals, Six Majors, and Six Invitationals streams, with the next opportunity being the Six Major Paris 2018. While the entire week-long event is streamed online, Twitch Drops rewards will be enabled from August 17 to August 19 during the quarter, semi, and grand finals.

Rainbow Six Siege Six Major weapon charms

Each of these Six Major charms will be available from August 17 to August 19.

Each of these Six Major charms will be available from August 17 to August 19.

As with previous Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Drops streams, six universal weapon charms have been made for the Six Major. All charms will be available exclusively over the three-day period, making for a coveted item in coming years. Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond variants of the charm are available, matching with the game's multiplayer ranking system. The longer you watch, the more charms you'll earn, making higher-tier charms harder to obtain.

Ubisoft hasn't been transparent with required watch time for each charm, though Diamond charms have unlocked after a single day of streaming in previous events. We recommend leaving the stream constantly open to be safe, ensuring the Twitch tab remains active and unmuted throughout the show.

How to earn Rainbow Six Siege Twitch Drops charms

To earn Twitch Drop rewards for Rainbow Six Siege, you'll need to prepare beforehand with your Ubisoft account. This means the account used with Uplay on PC, or your linked Ubisoft account on Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Follow the steps below the enable Twitch Drops for your account:

  1. Visit Ubisoft's Twitch Drops portal.
  2. Click Login to begin the setup process.
  3. Enter your Twitch account credentials when prompted.
  4. Click Log In.
  5. Enter your Ubisoft account credentials when prompted.
  6. Click Log In. (A confirmation message will be displayed on-screen.)

Ubisoft promises to deposit awards August 20, 2018, after the Six Major weekend concludes. Upon their debut, earned charms will appear in your Twitch Inventory, alongside notifications pushed to your Twitch account.

To access the Six Major charms in Rainbow Six Siege, there are no further steps to complete. All unlocked charms will be available when customizing weapon charms in-game. If your charms don't appear, we recommend contacting Ubisoft's support team.

How to watch the Six Major Paris stream

Ubisoft is streaming the Six Major Paris across 16 different regions in their respective languages, via dedicated Twitch channels. Twitch Drops can be earned from any of these 16 outlets, provided the above steps are completed.

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To watch the stream in your region, check out the full list of channel links below.

For those uninterested in cosmetics, streams are also hosted on YouTube and Mixer.

Over to you ...

Will you be watching the Six Major in Paris? Drop into the comments section below with your thoughts. In the meantime, for more details on Operation Grim Sky, including its upcoming Operators, reworked map, and fixes, check out our cohesive breakdown below.

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