One of Best Buy's deals of the day is the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 on sale for $64.99. The Smart Clock 2 is actually on sale in a couple of different places right now, but none of them have a deal as good as Best Buy. It's $10 off through the Lenovo website and as low as $70 at Walmart, but ultimately you'll save the most with this deal. Best Buy is just out-dealing the competition.

Smart Clock 2 Lenovo

Lenovo Smart Clock 2 | $25 off

Comes with a four-inch touchscreen with different clockfaces for you to choose from, a wireless charging dock that has a nightlight, and some smart abilities that make it easy to set up a morning and evening routine.

$64.99 at Best Buy

The Smart Clock 2 has a four-inch color touchscreen. You can choose between a bunch of different clockfaces to find one that suits your style, and you can also connect your Google Photo album and use those pictures. You can also set up routines for waking up in the morning or going to bed at night to help you get to sleep.

With Google Assistant built in, you can get the news or play music or check your schedule with just a voice command. You can actually control your entire smart home with this clock. Use the screen to view your security cameras or just turn off the lights without getting out from underneath the covers. It's a full-on smart assistant that works the same way any other device would.

The smart clock also comes with a wireless charging dock. Just set your phone on it when you get into bed and it will be ready to go the next morning. Fumbling around in the dark? Use the built-in nightlight. It's bright enough to illuminate what you need to see without waking up anyone else in the room.

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