Save $60 and get 18TB of space in this WD My Book hard drive on sale today

WD My Book hard drive
WD My Book hard drive (Image credit: Amazon)

The WD My Book 18TB external desktop hard drive has dropped down to just $319.99 at Newegg. Use the code SSBP2425 during checkout to take an additional $20 off the already discounted price. The drive only recently dropped down to $340, and it did so at most retailers. It normally sells for around $380 and was going for as high as $400 at the beginning of the year. It has never gone this low before, but this deal is part of Newegg's Shell Shocker so it won't last forever.

WD My Book 18TB hard drive | $60 off

WD My Book 18TB hard drive | $60 off

The external hard drive can sit on your desk and serve as a place to store all of your data, whether that's music and movies or recordings or video games. The price is only good through the end of the day.

I mean, sometimes you just need the extra space. And sometimes that space is all that matters. That's why you get a drive like this. You'll be hard pressed to fill an 18TB drive anytime soon, that's for sure. This is especially great if you are a content creator or someone who works with videos and video editing a lot. It's a fantastic place for b-roll or the regular recording of game footage.

You can also use a portion of the drive to backup your system. Keep everything safe and always be prepared for an emergency. The drive comes with WD Backup software, and it can even work with Apple's Time Machine functionality if you want.

Password protect your data and use hardware encryption to ensure no one else can access your work. The WD Discovery software helps you with social media and cloud storage importing.

Connects via USB 3.0 for super fast data transfer speeds, but the drive is also backwards compatible so you can use it on slower ports if you want.

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