Take it from a MacBook Pro user: keyboards can make or break your setup. In all seriousness, the last thing you want is lag when you're playing an RTS and then your teammates start yelling because you didn't heal them but you swear you did, you swear it, your keyboard just didn't register your keypress quickly enough. Or ghosting, that dreaded scenario where ther perfect fighting combo that you practiced so hard completely doesn't register because your keyboard couldn't keep up. Keyboards, of course, also contribute to computer usage in a myriad of smaller ways. Keeping your wrists comfortable during long typing sessions, satisfying tactile responses when you craft the perfect reply to a sassy comment, and making sure your desk looks rad at all times.

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If your current keyboard is lacking, make sure to check out Amazon's one-day sale on Redragon mechanical gaming keyboards. Prices start at only $27.99. Every option has a sweet design and awesome reviews, so it really just boils down to whichever floats your boat. You do have a very limited window of opportunity to save, though. Keep that in mind if you're interested.

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Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

Take your pick and pay as little as $28 thanks to this one-day sale. These clicky, clacky necessities have great reviews and cool color schemes that'll look great on your desk. The switches hold up over time and your purchase includes a warranty.

Prices Vary

There are plenty of designs to choose from. My personal favorite is the Redragon K552-RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, which is on sale for $38.24 down from a normal cost of around $60. There are five lighting modes, five brightness levels, 12 multimedia keys, and nonslip adjustable feet to ensure you have the perfect angle. The conflict-free keys are protected by a splash-proof design, too. Reviewers give it 4.4 out of 5 stars, and they also say the switches are comparable to Cherry MX-Blue if you're wondering about specifics.

If none of these tempt you, check out our favorite gaming keyboards under $100. Want to forgo the external keyboards entirely? Here are the best gaming laptops in 2019.

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