Over the long weekend, you can snag yourself a Surface Pro 7 with a Type Cover at a discount. Best Buy has a sale on a wide range of devices this weekend, including Microsoft's Surface Pro 7. The bundle on sale also includes a Black Type Cover, which is a must-have Surface Pro accessory.

Flagship 2-in-1

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro 7

The original 2-in-1

This Surface Pro 7 bundle comes with a black Type Cover and has a low starting price. The Intel Core i3 model of the Surface Pro 7 isn't for everyone but can handle everyday computing tasks.

$699 isn't the lowest price that the Surface Pro 7 with a Type Cover has ever been, but it is a good deal. It's also a lower entry price than you'll see on Microsoft's website. Microsoft's current Surface Pro 7 and Pro Type Cover Bundle starts at $950 because you can only get it with an Intel Core i5 or higher. Best Buy's discounted bundle is for the Intel Core i3 model.

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A Surface Pro 7 with an Intel Core i3 and 4GB of RAM isn't the most powerful PC around, but it can handle everyday tasks like sending emails and browsing the web. Some people may pay too much to get a model that has power they'll never need. If you like the Surface Pro 7's form factor but only need to do basic tasks on your 2-in-1, the Intel Core i3 version should be fine for you.

Albeit for a different device, the Surface Go, our executive editor showed how a device with only 4GB of RAM is fine for some people.

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