Microsoft demonstrates the value of all those features you skip during the Windows 11 startup process

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What you need to know

  • In a new video posted on the Windows Channel on YouTube, Microsoft demonstrates how easy it is to move to Windows 11.
  • Windows 11's adoption has been slow owing to the strict set minimum requirements needed to run the OS on a PC. 
  • Microsoft urges users to transition to Windows 11 as Windows 10's cutoff date is fast approaching. 

Microsoft recently posted a new video on its Windows Channel on YouTube. The short clip, dubbed "Make Your Move to Windows 11 Easier," depicts how easy it is for users to transition to Windows 11, according to a spot by Beta News.

The video takes you through a step-by-step process, starting off with the backup process via Windows Backup to ensure that you make the move with all your important files and data.

Microsoft also highlights the importance of backing up your files using OneDrive, as they'll be stored in the cloud. This makes it easier to access your most treasured files in your new Windows PC after installing Windows 11.

The best part perhaps about this entire process, is that you also get the chance to transition to Windows 11 with your personalized browser experience on Microsoft Edge, including saved passwords and favorites. 

Windows 10 reigns over Windows 11 despite inevitable cutoff date

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Microsoft launched Windows 11 over two years ago with the hopes that users would transition to the new OS from Windows 10, but this isn't the case. Windows 11 continues to experience a slow adoption rate, predominantly because of the strict minimum system requirements needed to run the OS on your PC, coupled with the currently depressed PC market.

Windows 10 is set to hit its end-of-support date in October 2025, and Microsoft has been urging users to make the transition to Windows 11 before the cutoff date, Microsoft's decision to end support for Windows 10 has been received with mixed feelings. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) tabled a petition asking Microsoft's CEO, Satya Nadella, to reconsider the move.

Microsoft has already shipped its AI-powered assistant, Copilot to Windows 10 users, and more recently the Dev Home app alongside Windows 11's rich weather interface

It remains a big mystery whether Microsoft will reconsider its move to cut support for Windows 10 and extend its lifeline, though its ESU program sort of covers this, since it allows users to pay for monthly security updates beyond Windows 10's end-of-support date.

In the petition, the research group indicated that the move would lead to "the single biggest jump in junked computers ever," further steering the tech giant away from its sustainability goals. 

Admittedly, per a survey by StatCounter, 71.9% of users still use Windows 10 while 22.95% use Windows 11. A clear indication that Windows 10 still holds a huge stake of the market share despite being so close to its cut off date.

That said, Windows 11 is already running on 400 million devices, with projections of the figure shooting to half a billion early this year through to 2025 as Windows 10's cutoff date edges closer. 

It's worth noting that Microsoft is getting ready to ship Windows 11's Moment 5 feature drop in February, with a plethora of quality of life improvements and more. What's more, rumors hitting the windmill indicate that the compnay is also getting ready to ship Windows 12, which will be baked with AI capabilities later this year. 

Have you already transitioned to Windows 11? If not, why? Let us know in the comments.

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  • naddy69
    "Admittedly, per a survey by StatCounter, 71.9% of users still use Windows 10 while 22.95% use Windows 10."

    So Windows 10 has 100% usage?
  • kdk24z
    When the high-end gaming PC I built in 2017 was deemed not good enough for Windows 11, I switched to Linux Mint and will never go back to using Windows. I've been happily using Linux Mint for a couple of years and have absolutely zero problems with it, my hardware, or software. Gaming is not a problem, either. I fire up Steam, launch one of my games and don't have to mess with any compatibility settings at all - it just works. I don't miss Windows one bit.