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Whether you're flying to defend a New Republic fleet or attacking as the Empire, upgrading your starfighter is important. Star Wars: Squadrons has two types of currency, but only one of them is used for starfighter upgrades. The other is used for cosmetic items. Thankfully neither one of these currencies is locked to a storefront, with everything earnable in-game. All you have to do is play multiplayer or level up your profile. To make the most of your starfighters in battle, you need to earn Requisition points.

What are Requisitions in Star Wars: Squadrons?

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Requisition is a currency in Star Wars: Squadrons that can be used to purchase upgrades for your starfighters. Upgrades include primary weapon systems, auxiliaries, the engine, shield, and more. Each of these additional subsystems can drastically change how your fighter flies, and even the way you combat the enemy. For example, it can change your X-Wing from being a simple fighter into an ion cannon wielding capital ship destroyer.

The Requisition point indicator is always at the top right of your screen when in the main menu or the upgrades menu. The indicator looks like a small box with a circle in the center. Beside the Requisition indicator is the other currency for Star Wars: Squadrons called "Glory," used only for cosmetic upgrades.

Where do I spend Requisition points?

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There are two essential areas to consider before spending your requisition points. The active components, and the passive components. Take a look into each area, and see what's available to be purchased. Keep in mind certain subsystems can carry across to fighters with the same subsystem. The X-Wing and Tie Fighter share a lot of similar components with the subsequent fighters on their side. For example, by unlocking all the engine components for the X-Wing, you unlock all the engines available for the Y-Wing, A-Wing, and U-Wing. Use this to your advantage to quickly fill out what you need in multiple areas.

  • Active Components
    • Primary Weapons
    • Right Auxillary
    • Left Auxillary
    • Countermeasures
  • Passive Components
    • Shields
    • Hull
    • Engine

Ideally, you want to balance out your requisition points so you can have viable loadouts for your starfighters as well. Though it can also depend on which game mode you play. For example, with the Dogfight game mode, you may want to focus on maneuverability, speed, and defenses before diving into the offensive components. If you can't keep a starfighter in your sights or outmaneuver to stay alive, you may also have difficulty taking down the enemy when on the offense. With the Starfleet game mode, you'll need a more balanced loadout to focus on both fighters and capital ships at the same time.

How do I earn more Requisition points?

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A great way to get used to the Star Wars: Squadrons gameplay and unlocking components with Requisitions is by using the X-Wing or Tie Fighter in multiplayer. Since they are the most balanced starfighters amongst both sides, they provide an easy way to unlock multiple fighters' components. You can also dive into the Story, which is another great way to learn everything about controlling your starfighter.

Thankfully in Star Wars: Squadrons, you can play almost any game mode and obtain requisition points. Win a match, or level up to keep obtaining them. Duke it out in the dogfight game mode, or go head-to-head in AI Fleet Battles if you are not up for playing ranked. Once you've got your Requisition points all figured out, test out your new upgrades in practice mode. You can test your weapons systems against an enemy corvette, or take a run at the gauntlet and test your speed.

Remember, take a practice flight or two before setting off into multiplayer. Double-check your loadouts, and allocate those Requisition points. Good luck, pilot, and may the force be with you (or not, it depends on which side you're on).

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