Guns, dinosaurs and time travel come to Xbox One with Super Time Force

This game looks amazing. It’s called Super Time Force and it’s now out for the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Last week we told you guys and gals to look out for this game. Today is the 14th and now it’s available for you to download and play.

Early review for Super Time Force are very positive. So far it’s averaging a solid 81 Metascore on Metacritic. This is the third game to come out of the ID@Xbox program for indie devs. It looks so freaking fun.

Super Time Force

Super Time Force is a side-scrolling shooter game from Capybara Games. You take control of a time-traveling military organization that goes back to prehistoric times to save the dinosaurs. Action is frantic and complete mayhem. We can’t wait to wrap up a day of Windows Phone news and fire up the Xbox One to play this.

Super Time Force is $15 and available in the Xbox Games Store.

Get the Xbox One version.

Get the Xbox 360 version

Sam Sabri