Support your screens with the Jarvis dual monitor arm on sale for $130

Jarvis Fully Dual Monitor Arm
Jarvis Fully Dual Monitor Arm

Fully's Jarvis dual monitor arm is on sale in a unique price drop we rarely ever see. Go to the Fully website, pick your favorite arm in black, white, or silver, and then use the code REFRESH-DUAL-JMA to drop the price from $159 to $130. This arm has been around for a few years on Amazon, and it has never seen a direct price drop that matches this. The deal includes free shipping.


Fully Jarvis Dual Monitor Arm

This is a gas-activated monitor arm. It can support two monitors up to 32 inches wide and 19.8 pounds. It has built-in wire management and is super easy to use and adjust. The clamp mounts to desks up to 3.35 inches thick. Comes fully assembled.

I use the Jarvis dual monitor arm. I've used it for a couple years now, and I think it's a fantastic device. It's exactly what you want from a monitor arm. Once you set it up, asside from the occasional adjustments as you move stuff around you never have to worry about it again. My dual arm is currently holding up two of these 27-inch 1440p monitors. Having an arm mount creates a whole lot more space wherever you work. Plus it gives me a lot more flexibility in how I adjust my desk height, my chair height, and getting all that stuff just right.

The Jarvis arm mount also just looks good. A lot of less expensive arm mounts have a much less polished look. Each arm is individually customizable for a workplace that's ever changing. You can move from portrait to landscape if you want. You can even add a laptop tray before you make your purchase if you want to put a laptop up next to your monitor.

The dual arms support a weight up to 19.8 pounds per monitor and 32 inches wide. They have a height adjustment range of 13.2 inches and a 360-degree swivel. You need a monitor that is VESA mount capable and can be in the 75mm or 100mm standard. It's covered by a 10-year warranty.

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