Surface Dock 2 allows you to manage port access with authentication

Surface Dock 2 Render
Surface Dock 2 Render (Image credit: Microsoft)

Alongside the Surface Book 3, Surface Go 2, and other Surface devices, Microsoft announced the Surface Dock 2. The Surface Dock 2 is a refresh of the original Surface Dock and adds USB-C ports, faster transfer speeds, and other new functionality. Microsoft highlights a category of new features in a Microsoft Mechanics video, enterprise controls. You can use Surface Enterprise Management mode to control the functionality of devices connected to the dock.

You can set the Surface Dock to support different functions depending on the device that connects to it. For example, you can opt to have unauthenticated devices use Ethernet but not have access to USB data or audio. In the same example, you could separately choose to have authenticated devices work with USB data, Ethernet, and audio. Admins can manage these settings either locally or through Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.

The same Microsoft Mechanics video also shared some details about the Surface Dock 2, including the fact that it can drive two 4K displays at 60Hz or two 5K displays at 30Hz. It also shows how updating the Surface Dock 2 is easier. The Surface Dock 2 natively supports Windows Update and can automatically update. Updating the Surface Dock 2 doesn't require restarting devices anymore. Instead, it just briefly resets the dock.

To use the Surface Dock 2, you need to use Surface devices released in 2017 or later. You can read more about the Surface Dock 2 here.

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  • Great, pre ordering one now from my distri. I hope it will be more stable then the current dock. That drives me crazy on some Surfaces.
  • No HDMI? Interesting. So requires replacing your monitor or buying dongles. Hmmm.
  • The previous version also didn't have HDMI. Most people used an active miniDP to HDMI cable when necessary. Note the "active" part.
  • Are there a list of supported Surface devices?
  • I am willing to bet any device the original dock supported is supported here. Just some devices won't be able to push out 4K60. Just a guess, though.
  • Looks like a great update. The longer connector cable is no joke! But at $260, glad I don't need it. The original will do now that it's pretty stable (it used to be a buggy mess).
  • I've been waiting for the longest time for MS to release a new Surface Dock, primarily since I could never get the dock dock working with two monitors on my Surface Pro 3, even after working with the techs here at the MS store in the greater KC area. Now I read the that the Dock 2 won't work with my Surface Pro. I am so disappointed.... :-(