Is the Surface Go any good without a keyboard?

Is the Surface Go any good without a keyboard?

Best answer: No, not really. Windows 10's tablet mode, designed for touch input, is a mess right now. In almost every scenario, except for watching movies in bed or on the sofa, having a keyboard cover will help you get the most out of this device.Microsoft: Surface Go (from $400)Microsoft: Surface Go Type Cover ($130)

What's so bad about Surface Go's tablet mode?

On paper, the Surface Go should be an excellent tablet. The hardware is well-designed, with soft edges perfect for grasping, and high-quality materials and powerful internals for a $399 device. It's also a great size for a tablet device. Where the Go fails as a tablet, is firmly in its software.

Windows 10's tablet mode is a hop, skip, and a jump backwards from Windows 8's touch-friendliness, and despite years of updates, the situation has barely improved. Navigation between apps and settings in Windows 10's tablet mode is cumbersome and clunky compared to the closest competition, Apple's iPad. Additionally, very few of Microsoft's own apps are optimized for full-screen touch tablet use, let alone third-party ones. It's a poor representation of Windows.

The best way to use a Surface device is as a full Windows 10 PC with touch and inking on the side. That's really all the information you need to answer the question of whether Go is good as a standalone tablet, but if want more specifics and details, our Senior Editor and Windows expert Zac Bowden reviewed Go solely as a tablet.

Surface Go Type Cover: A must-have accessory

The Surface Go Type Cover is the really only option for Surface Go typing. You can use any mouse and keyboard compatible with Windows PCs of course, but the screen-cover functionality and overall quality of the Type Cover makes it well worth the price. We're big fans.

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