Take your tunes to the gym (wirelessly) for $37

Working out is always better with music, and it's always better when it's your own music and not whatever garbage station the gym is pumping over the loudspeaker. That being said, your own tunes and end up being more of a pain than you originally intended, since being caught up in headphone cords is not really the most graceful way to go for a jog or pump iron.

Wireless headphones are the way to go. Bluetooth is a godsend when it comes to exercise, since you can have your phone down by your bench or in your pocket or in an armband, and you don't have to be tethered to it in order to enjoy your music. Full freedom.

The Treblab XR500 Wireless Sport Earbuds are Bluetooth headphones that are joined by a cable that can either sit on the back of your neck or in front of it. They regularly retail for $179.99, but through Windows Central Digital Offers, you can snag 'em for only $36.99, a savings of 79%. They come in black, white, green, pink, and purple, and feature a 9-hour battery life, passive noise cancellation, and an excellent mix of crisp treble, deep bass, and an overall great sound.

The XR500s have a 38-foot Bluetooth range and only take 2 hours to charge, so you can get up and go more quickly than many other wireless headphones. With the earbuds comes a carrying case, a cable clip, three sizes of foam and three sizes of silicone ear tips, and a USB to micro USB charging cable. With an IPX7 water resistance rating, you can even take these earbuds in the shower with you (but you probably shouldn't take them swimming).

If you're looking for a way to enjoy your tunes wirelessly so that you're not constantly having to adjust your headphone cable while working out, then check out the Treblab XR500 Wireless Sport Earbuds at Windows Central Digital Offers, and save 79%!

WC Staff