Theme Hospital successor 'Two Point Hospital' lands on consoles soon, runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X

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What you need to know

  • Two Point Hospital is a hilarious hospital simulator on PC.
  • It garnered stellar reviews at launch.
  • Sega is finally bringing it to consoles in 2019.
  • The game has been rebuilt to be played with a controller.

Updated July 23, 2019: Two Point Hospital went up for preorder on Amazon and it runs at 4K resolution on Xbox One X.

Many months ago, Sega and Two Point Studios released a hilarious Theme Hospital successor called Two Point Hospital. The announcement trailer was quirky and featured a fictitious disease known as "Light-Headedness." Since its launch, the title has garnered stellar reviews on PC, but console gamers were left out.

Luckily, that's about to change later this year. Today, the companies announced that Two Point Hospital is heading to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch. Game Director at Two Point Studios Mark Webley added, "Bringing Two Point Hospital to console is something we always envisioned when starting up Two Point Studios in 2016. Our community's number one question since launch has been: When is Two Point Hospital coming to consoles? Well, it is happening and we are very excited."

Features such as "Interior Designer," the ability to copy and paste room layouts, and character customization will be included for the console launch later this year. Players will even be able to experience the recently added expansions like "Bigfoot" and "Pebberley Island." Apparently, Two Point Hospital is being rebuilt for console gaming, with controls that work for playing on the go or with a controller.

The hospital environment is quite chaotic and the gameplay captures that. Not only do you have to manage patients receiving treatments, but factors like wait times and how other people will be affected by an out-of-control situation must be considered. We can't wait to play it on Xbox One!

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