These are the most exciting Windows laptops of 2018

While it's pretty easy to pick out the best laptops of 2018 that doesn't necessarily make them the most exciting or interesting.

Instead, we have this list of some of the most intriguing devices that I have used in the last 12 months. Some are the best ones out there, but others are ones that push the boundaries on what we consider to be a PC. While they may not be for everyone they're getting a chance to shine here for being bold and pushing the PC category forward.

Nouveaux 2-in-1

#1. HP Spectre Folio

HP really thought outside the box with the Spectre Folio merging metal with leather to make a very exciting laptop. The Folio lets you shift with easy between laptop, video-viewing mode and full tablet without lifting it from your lap. Toss in a new 1-watt ultra-low-power display, optional Intel 4G Gigabit LTE, excellent inking experience and outstanding battery life it's hard to not love this 2-in-1. Now if HP can only start using Microsoft Precision drivers in its consumer laptops.

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ultimate convertible, killer sound

#2. Lenovo Yoga C930

Lenovo Yoga C930

Lenovo Yoga C930 (Image credit: Windows Central)

We reviewed this amazing PC a few weeks back and now I'm using the 4K version as my main laptop. Excellent build quality, a solid display, built-in Wacom pen for inking, and a genius usage of the hinge for a Dolby Atmos sound bar makes this one of the best laptops on the market. It's the perfect PC for those who work and need good battery life, but also want to enjoy a movie with a Dolby Vision display and what is likely the best sound on any laptop.

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so teeny, so fun

#3.Microsoft Surface Go

The Microsoft Surface Go is the 10-inch Surface many of us have been wanting ever since the original Surface 3 faded away. Now with Windows Hello, optional LTE (see our recent review), a really good keyboard, and Surface Pro-level inking, it's hard to not love this little guy. Too bad the processor is merely OK only matched by the mediocre battery life and slightly thick bezels. But it's clear Microsoft is on to a good idea here, they just need a better solution for that processor. Here's looking to Surface Go 2.

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craziest PC of the year?

#4. Lenovo Yoga Book C930

Sure, the Yoga Book C930 is a weird device that also looks super cool, but it's the beginning of what many companies see as the future: dual-display devices. While the Yoga Book C930 is far from perfect you have to give Lenovo some credit for releasing it knowing it probably was going to be too niche for a lot of sales. We're still appreciative of the clever use of a touchscreen and E-Ink, that excellent main touch display, the focus on pen use and the overall ingenuity that went into the Yoga Book C930. It's hard to think of a PC that pushed us to reimagine what a computer can be in 2018 and for that Lenovo gets credit.

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ARM is here to stay

#5. Samsung Galaxy Book2

Qualcomm is still pushing hard with its Snapdragon ARM processors and it was Samsung's return with the sequel to the Galaxy Book that turned heads. The Samsung Galaxy Book2 is in many ways a Surface Pro clone but features Samsung's excellent S Pen technology, 4G LTE and that ARM processor for battery life going past ten hours. We also loved that AMOLED display and build quality. Consider this the first real Qualcomm-based PC to hit the market making a milestone in the history of PCs.

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Other notable mentions go the Huawei MateBook X Pro for doing so much on only their second laptop. Amazing display, battery life, performance, and audio made it one of the best-priced premium laptops around - even if it looks just like a MacBook.

Likewise for HP Spectre 13T, which is just a stunner of a laptop making it one of the most elegant looking devices around (and thinnest!) thanks to that new hinge style. We also dig the white styling.

Finally, the Dell XPS 15 9575 deserves a mention for being "the most powerful 15-inch 2-in-1" around. It also has that crazy MagLev keyboard and a stunning 4K display.

Which laptop did you see in 2018 that you thought was the most exciting, game-changing, or boundary-pushing? Let us know if we missed anything in comments and what you hope for in 2019.

Daniel Rubino

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