These Beats Studio3 Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $170 today at Amazon

Beats Studio3 Wireless 5j18 5j18 5j18 416g
Beats Studio3 Wireless 5j18 5j18 5j18 416g

Time to jam to some new music. The Beats Studio3 Bluetooth headphones have dropped to $169.95 on Amazon as one of the deals of the day. These headphones have been selling for around $200 since early August. before that they were going for around $280 with occasional jumps as high as $350. Today's price is a unique low, the lowest direct price drop we've seen. They're still going for around $350 at other retailers like Best Buy. This great deal is only good through the end of the day, though, so act fast.

If you've ever wanted a pair of Beats headphones, this is the deal for you. This is a great price, and the Studio3 headphones are rock solid. As far as sound goes, these are some of the best sounding Beats headphones ever. They even have real-time audio calibration so you get a premium listening experience every time. The headphones also have pure adaptive noise-canceling, so you can block out all the sounds you don't want to hear. Tune out the world and tune into your favorite songs.

Despite all the fancy features you won't have to worry much about the battery life on these headphones. The battery can last for up to 22 hours, which makes it long enough that you can take these headphones out and about while going to work or school or whatever. Plus, they use Fast Fuel technology, which gives you three hours of playtime after just ten minutes charging. Forgot to charge them over night and need something for your commute in the morning? Just plug in, get that Fast Fuel boost, and head out for the day.

The headphones use a Bluetooth connection. If you happen to be in the Apple ecosystem you can benefit from the Apple W1 chip, which keeps you connected to your iPhone from an even greater distance with far fewer interuptions. The headphones still work with Android smartphones, too, so they're great no matter what.

John Levite
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