Say goodbye to losing things with Tile Bluetooth trackers this Black Friday

Tile Performance Pack 2020 Lifestyle
Tile Performance Pack 2020 Lifestyle (Image credit: Tile)

Black Friday is here, and it's awesome, with loads of PC parts, gaming monitors, and other cool stuff on sale. You might miss this 2-pack of Tile Bluetooth trackers in the mix. It bundles the Tile Pro and Tile Slim models together for $18 off the usual price. If you're prone to losing stuff, you don't want to miss this.

Tile has a fantastic app for iOS and Android that helps you stay on top of whatever it is you want to track. The Tile Pro can be attached to just about anything, be it your backpack or Mr. Buttons, the house cat. You'll be able to keep an eye on this water-resistant tracker for 400 feet.

The other tracker included in this combo deal is the Tile Slim. This nimble and lightweight tracking device resembles a card and goes neatly into any slot. You can slip it into your wallet, purse, or even a laptop jacket. You get an IP67 waterproof rating and a decent range of 250 feet with this Bluetooth tracker as well.

Tile Performance Pack (2020) | $18 off

Tile Performance Pack (2020) | $18 off

Stay on top of your pets' location and find your car keys without turning the house upside down with Tile. The Tile Slim fits in with your ID and bank cards, while the Tile Pro can be attached to a multitude of objects — and pets. Score this 2-pack for only $42 this Black Friday.

If you've got Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri-powered devices, you can ask your virtual assistant for help. Your friendly neighborhood smart assistant will find these Tile trackers as long as they're within the Bluetooth range of each tracker.

Now, what if you are not within the range of the Tile Pro or the Tile Slim? Well, Tile was prudent enough to think of that and came up with a decent, if not foolproof, solution. There's a nifty feature on Tile trackers called Lost and Found QR. As you can guess, each tracker has a unique QR code on it that can be scanned. If a good soul finds your possession, they can scan the code to find and alert you of the discovery.

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