Clean any mess with the Toppin cordless stick vacuum on sale for $72

Toppin Cordless Stick Vacuum
Toppin Cordless Stick Vacuum

Sometimes the worst part about accidentally making a mess is just how obnoxious it can be to clean it up. Simplify how you clean. Grab the Toppin VC002 cordless stick vacuum on sale for $71.83 at Amazon. It normally goes for around $90. This isn't the only Toppin vacuum on sale today either, so you can upgrade and still save if you want.

The cordless stick vacuum is powerful enough to clean up just about anything. It can work on both hard wood aand low-pile carpet. It has a 250W brushless motor with 23kPa suction power, which means it can clean up pet hair, spilled food, or any other kind of mess you happen to leave around the house. It even has three different suction modes so you can adapt to your situation without draining the battery unnecessarily.

The most vulnerable part of owning a cordless vacuum is the battery. Will it last long enough for you to finish whatever you're working on? With the Toppin, you get six 2200mAh batteries that only require up to five hours to fully charge. They'll last you up to 34 minutes, which is plenty of time to clean your floors.

There's a built in high-density filter that helps clean the air while you're using your new vacuum. It is washable, too, so you can clean it yourself to prevent suction loss or blockage. The vacuum also has four LED headlights, a 180-degree rotatable brush that makes it easy to clean corners, and an ergonomic handle.

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