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Windows 10 Anniversary Update doubles usage in a month while Mobile stalls

The monthly report from AdDuplex is out for September and with it comes a heaping dose of the obvious and expected. If by magic you were expecting some dramatic shift in mobile or PC usage for Windows 10 despite the lack of anything momentous to catapult it, you will be disappointed.

Nonetheless, let's take a look at what has – and has not – changed since last month.

Anniversary Update for PC is growing, but still just 1/3

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) is nearing its two-month release and it now accounts for 34.5 percent of all Windows 10 builds on PC. That number is double that from last month where it hovered at 16.2 percent and bodes well for Microsoft.

Even though "only" a third of all Windows 10 PCs are on the Anniversary Update it should be noted that any enterprise usage of Windows 10, which is limited, will be sitting out the upgrade for at least a few months. Companies take a long time to vet OS upgrades and the Anniversary Update is no different.

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) adoption doubled in one month

Windows 10 Anniversary Update (1607) adoption doubled in one month

Additionally, Microsoft has stated that it will take at least three months before all users are even offered the upgrade (users can force install it at any time).

The reason for the deliberate throttling is to collect more telemetry from users to ensure the upgrade is going smoothly. Presumably, any issues that are discovered can be mitigated on a smaller scale with the company avoiding any headline-generating problems.

Although the update is going as planned developers still have time to target new features in 1607 for their apps e.g. Hero notifications, chase-able Live Tiles, etc.. That also allows time for Microsoft to address any discrepancies in the SDK and improve developer tools.

HP is still king of Windows 10 PCs

Regarding manufacturers, HP is still commanding 22.3 percent of all Windows 10 PCs and laptops. The AdDuplex numbers have not shifted since June with only a few new devices launching over the summer for back-to-school sales.

Behind HP is Dell at 12.2 percent and Lenovo biting at the heels at 11.4 percent. Acer (9.7 percent) and Asus (10.7) are still in the running, but Asus did gain same on the former.

HP has almost twice as many Windows 10 PCs as Dell

HP has almost twice as many Windows 10 PCs as Dell

Microsoft and its Surface line are at 3 percent just ahead of Samsung (2.5 percent) who only sell a handful of laptops.

Anniversary Update for Mobile nears 90 percent

Ironically, Microsoft is having greater success in keeping its mobile users on the latest version of the OS. Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update is now on 82.4 percent of all Windows 10 Mobile devices even though it launched two weeks later than the one for PC.

82 percent of all Windows 10 Mobile devices have the Anniversary Update

82 percent of all Windows 10 Mobile devices have the Anniversary Update

That's a significant bump from 52.4 percent just one month ago, and it demonstrates Microsoft's ability to keep modern devices on the latest version.

Even though carrier approval is still needed for the rarer firmware update (see AT&T who finally released theirs this week) it is clear Microsoft now has the infrastructure to rival Apple for keeping users up to date.


Windows 10 Mobile is still stagnant overall

Bookending the successful upgrade story, however, are two, well-known and sobering facts:

  1. Windows phone makes a small and increasingly diminishing amount of the entire smartphone market
  2. Windows 10 Mobile is not even growing within the Windows phone user base

That second point is driven home by the September AdDuplex report that shows only 14 percent of all Windows Phone devices including Windows Phone 7.x, 8.0, and 8.1. That number is completely unchanged from August.

Windows 10 Mobile is not growing even amongst Windows Phone users

Windows 10 Mobile is not growing even amongst Windows Phone users

Of course, with the lack of any new hardware and older phones getting cut from retailers none of that is exciting or surprising.

While HP is kind of, almost launching the Elite x3 it is not readily available in consumer channels, and it is not expected to get a bigger push for at least another month. Even then, it will be at least a six to nine-month enterprise adoption period as companies prefer small internal pilot tests to rushed mass deployment.

Alcatel should also be pushing a new VR-themed power housewith the Idol Pro 4. However, any dates and pricing are not known.

Perhaps even more daunting is that nearly 99 percent of all active Windows 10 Mobile phones are Microsoft and Nokia. If Microsoft was hoping for smaller OEMs to step in to make up for their pullback they are failing miserably. Frankly, a lot of that onus is put on those manufacturers who have released less-than-stellar devices. Even the NuAns NEO could not generate enough interest in their failed Kickstarter campaign.

No OEM has broken into the Windows phone market just yet

No OEM has broken into the Windows phone market just yet

If there is a plan for Windows 10 Mobile, it certainly is not working so far. Microsoft is expected to launch a hero device next year to set the bar, but it remains unclear if they can recreate the same success they have had with Surface and the two-in-one industry (which with gaming is the only growth segment in PCs these days).

The good news in all of this is something I have been saying for a while on the podcast: we are effectively at the bottom regarding smartphone market share. Things can only get better at this point as there is nowhere else to go.

About AdDuplex

The numbers from AdDuplex are collected through their in-app advertising that is prevalent in over 5,000 apps in the Windows Store. That data serves as an important metric within the Windows Phone ecosystem. The full AdDuplex report for September will be posted on their blog at on Friday (September 23).

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • I know why it's increasing... 1 hr ago, i went to lunch. I locked my computer and left. When i returned, it was rebooting to Anniversary with out my consent.
  • i don't think at any point have they said it requires consent, have they? i think its considered a windows update. so unless you told it not to perform updates, i don't know if it ever asks...
  • Bingo. Now the upgrade to 10 was supposed be consent. Thought supposedly there were people that have stated that it installed anyway.
  • If you want to stop windows from installing updates, then get Windows 10 Pro so you have the option to "Deter Upgrades". The reason Home users don't have that is because for general use, its more better to have the latest update due to security features (and security patches/fixes) and features that progress the OS. Like @pjhenry1216 said, MS never said they need your consent to a download updates...
  • Correction: you cannot stop Windows 10 Pro from installing updates. Only upgrades. I want to install updates and upgrades on MY schedule, when it's CONVENIENT for me. Windows 10 forces me to install an update the second it arrives which means that if I need to take my computer with me or have it boot up within seconds (rather than minutes) I'm left holding the bag. Plus, the Anniversary update simply makes this OS too busy. The Start menu is still mediocre. It tries to do too much and does it all poorly. Cortana is a gigantic failure and wastes a massive amount of space on the taskbar. Whatever. Sony is on the verge of bankruptcy. Microsoft won't be too far behind. I no longer particularly like Mac OS, but, when you combine the unbeatable quality of the Apple hardware (I've been searching, without success for a comparable Windows machine) with the "it just works" nature of the OS, I'm somewhat tempted to get a Retina MacBook.
  • Other than required restarts for big cummulative updates, which is what active hours are for, not sure what else you're "waiting for". If it's a minor update, the updates are very fast and run in the background. Do you have SSD or regular hard drive? I would recommend going SSD if you haven't already as that drastically speeds up all use cases.  Pretty much disagree with your whole second paragraph, but obviously that's my personal opinion on the OS. I could be wrong but your comment about cortana on the task bar makes me think you haven't really used Windows 10. You can right click on cortana or the task bar and you have the options to hide cortana from the task bar completely, make it smaller into an icon, or leave it as a search box. I personally think the "it just works" saying of Mac OS is just marketing speak and not really accurate. I don't use Macs often, but I've run into weird bugs/issues plenty of times that I have used them. Not saying Windows 10 is bug free, but that no OS "just works" or is bug free. 
  • My problem is that I have nothing to consent with.  Still waiting ....
  • Make an AU USB with the media creation tool, and update using it ;)
  • Ot just go to the upgrade page and direct download and run it ftomt he same computer like I did.
  • What did you have for lunch?
  • I guess he didn't have lunch really. Must have taken a few shots and must've been day dreaming. Accepted the update and then came here to post stupid comments.
  • Lol true
  • Well, It was pasta day, so I had veggies and pasta.
  • Open services and disable windows update, if you do this you need antivirus from Mcaffee or Norton
  • Well, good for you.  
  • I'm soooooo fed up of constantly having to wait for my Windows 10 computer to apply updates when I need the computer NOW that I'm going to set up a proxy server to block Microsoft's servers or set my wifi networks to mobile. Apparently that stops downloads by Windows update but I suspect it also interferes with other services. I understand that Microsoft has taken a lot of flack for how Windows 7 mismanaged updates, but, Microsoft could really stand to take a page out of Apple's playbook. The user gets to decide when to install an update. Updates still happen.
  • I have windows 10 pro. My active hours are 5am - 5pm. I looked through the settings and there is nothing that tells it to update. Everything else might be disabled (company PC). No idea why it updated on it's own...
  • Been using it on a few machines.... In a lot of things it's a step backwards... Go head... On a domain... Try to log off... Hamburger menu, select user name and then select log off. 4-5 steps vs 1 or 2 on the old one.... even Windows 7 is faster than this via the gui... Never mind the TONS of other bugs and issues with it....Still a buggy mess in a lot of aspects...and if you have some older DRM content... It is broken completely in this update....
  • you literally just gave the *3* (not 4 or 5) steps it takes to logoff. It's also *3* steps to logoff on a Windows 7 machine at least. I don't recall what Windows 10 pre-Anniversary was, but the Start Menu overall is a huge improvement. If it was somehow only two steps (as I *know* it wasn't 1 step), I'm fine with extra steps then.
  • I think he may be counting opening Start as well. However you don't need to open the Hamburger menu, so that means it's still 3 steps.
  • If you have a pin/password on your computer, to log off all you have to do it go on your start screen, press the power icon and press sleep... Just like Win7 and 8.1.... When you start your computer back up, it prompts you to log back in (and gives you the option to log into another account if there are multiple accounts set up. Also with the steps you listed, its one small extra second of your time. It's not a deal-breaker to be honest
  • Or just press Win+L to lock your device, if you don't mind signing in with two accounts at the same time :D
  • Sure more steps are annoying sometimes. For instance, I don't like how to switch users I can't just click my picture and get the menu for log off or out. Not I have to click the button on the top, and then the menu. It sucks, but is it really worth b*tching about and calling a step backwards? Not really. I'm not that lazy, so an extra second and a half isn't going to kill me or my mouse.
  • You don't have to click on the hamburger button, you can still click on your picture right away ;)
  • Ah, maybe that's what I'm remembering. They moved the picture and made it smaller right? That must have been what I was thinking. Still not a fan, I thought the fine before.
    Though like I said, it's not going backwards, just not in my direction at the time. =P
  • I was sceptic before I tried that, and thought the old one was just fine. But this way, that the hamburger button only hides the letters and not the actual buttons, it's fine with me. To be honest, it reduces clicking in the Start menu. My only complaint is, that if you open the hamburger, it isn't translucent like the rest of the start menu.
  • "Not I have to click the button on the top, and then the menu." I don't need to do that.
  • Logging out only takes 2 steps (or 3 if you count moving your mouse)... right click the windows logo and go to shut down and sign out, then click on sign out. Which is just as fast as windows 7 if you had log off as the default shutdown option on the start menu.
  • I know you were trying your hardest to make Win10 look bad, but you failed. I mean, you could have added a number of other steps rather than the fake "click on the hamburger menu":
    1) Open your web browser
    2) Go to
    3) Subscribe to MSDN, pay $1000+
    4) Wait for your account to be created
    5) Download Visual Studio
    6) Install Visual Studio
    7) Start Visual Studio
    8) Create a new C++ console application
    9) Add this code to your console application: ExitWindowsEx(EWX_LOGOFF, SHTDN_REASON_MAJOR_OTHER);
    10) Build this code
    11) Open windows explorer
    12) Browse to your newly built project
    13) Open the start menu
    14) Drag and drop the project exe onto the start menu
    15) Open the start menu
    16) Click on the app you wrote
    17) Wait for Windows to log you out
    18) Log into Windows
    19) Open your web browser
    20) go to
    21) Whine and complain about how hard it is to log out of windows It is funny watching people like yourself. Over and over we see these "I can't use Win10 because the default color is one I don't like," "I can't use Edge because there is no paste and go," I can't use a Surface Pro because the kick stand only has two positions." Yes, those were actual complaints here on WC. So Microsoft allows you customize color, they add paste and go, they add infinite adjustable kickstand. And then people like you invent increasingly desperate reasons not to use Win10.   Seriously, 3 clicks?
  • WinKey + R 'logoff' or skip the antiquated Run dialog Winkey 'logoff' I think you might be an apple user... addicted to the mouse, and a lack of options. There's always 5 ways to do something in Windows.  But i'd add a real gripe. The default new style print dialog in Edge requires clicks or tabs. I should be able to do CTRL + P and then 'Enter'. But the print button isn't highlighted by default, so you have to actually press Print. CTRL + P + Enter has been the way since as long as there has been Windows. Its jarring to have to use a mouse when I quickly want to print something.
  • >WinKey + R 'logoff' Again as I listed.... GUI options, NOT key commands. Most users who are not Windows users (I am a systems admin who deals with user level issues as well) are not good with the commands. And this has been a big complaint about it. For someone who was in the preview program...I complained about this... and many others did.... For the record, I am insulted by you saying I am a MAC or past mac user...
  • You should specify that your complaint is coming from users you support, lest we give you pedantic answers to make you fell stupid.  It wouldn't surprise me if there is a Group Policy setting for a UI tweak like that. You should look into it. I bet you could push it from the DC level.  and u deserved the mac comment for being a know-it-all and making blanket 'it doesn't work the way i want it to so its a broken mess for everyone" statements :)   Oh and isn't there a little power button on the start menu? GUI right by the flag?
  • As for the mobile part, I'm surprised that Alcatel with just one phone appears to have more than BLU does...
  • I'm sure partnering with T-Mobile helped there some. BLU are only direct sales on Amazon or Microsoft Stores.
  • I hope Alcatel will gain more share with the Idol 4 Pro, and that HP will do the same thing with the Elite x3. But Acer is at a surprisingly low share in mobile :S
  • Alcatel is strong in Asia, if Microsoft could make a partnership with them and preinstall Cortana, OneDrive, Outlook and OneNote on Android Alcatel devices maybe more people will love Microsoft in that region and ask for Windows Mobile in the future. Just my 2 cents
  • dont know what to say
  • Two main reasons:-
    1) They left out many old WPs (not complaining)
    2) They did not push users to consider W10M (as they did using the Get W10 app for PC), instead they published an app (Upgrade Advisor) in the Store and never promoted it. If there weren't websites like WinC then many WP users would have been left in the dark about that app.
  • Your analysis is completely clouded by your own insistence that you "love Windows" and yet offers no objective facts about markets, share, where they are competing and winning (vs losing) and more. Just because you love Windows (and I would imagine, phone specifically since PC is doing well) that does not ipso facto mean Nadella resigns. Mobile users are just dealing with the harsh reality at this point. Sour grapes is not an appropriate response.
  • Under his leadership we've got W10, Xbox One/One S, Hololens, development in AI field and cloud services. I won't criticize your opinion but I don't think any CEO of any company would want to focus on a failing product. Microsoft, afaik, is not a goverment subsidised company that will keep investing in services which not many people use.
  • Right Deepak.
  • So true!
  • Microsoft should now start to see that their plan to let other OEMs build hardware has already failed. Leaving a handful of nations like the US or the EU countries, and etc. no places around the globe are seeing any Windows Mobile device launch by any OEM, specially in countries where Windows Phone did better than that in the States and like, like Let's say India or Brazil. Even in countries like India, Where numerous OEMs did launch 1 or 2 Windows Phone 8.1 devices, there have been just no W10M devices launched. Such a Sorry state for Windows Mobile. Despite all Its flaws, I just cannot see me being comfortable using anything other than Windows Mobile as my Daily Driver, that all being said when I have a pretty solid Android Marshmallow Device for my secondary phone.
  • Or like italy were wp was 2nd mobile platform in 2014...... Nadella management screwed off users... What he touch become a defeat for ms
  • 8 months past... Still waiting for my 920 to get the upgrade
  • Can't remember if 920 is supported by Win10m or not... but if it is, that will be due to your network carrier taking their time (or not bothering). Instead of waiting, opt into the insider program on RELEASE PREVIEW ring (just highlighting that so you don't pick the wrong ring. :) (Slow ring would work too, but choose RP to be on the safe side)). It will bypass waiting for your network to deploy the update, and will go straight to the Anniversary update of Win10m which was released not long ago. After it has installed, you can opt out of the insider programme (in update settings) and you'll be put back onto the production update line, and will receive updates normally again at the right time :)
  • The 920 isn't supported.
  • Thought so :p just didn't want to claim it wasn't and then prove to be wrong haha. That is why you haven't received the update then @imo786 :p
  • so, nadella, OEMs did not step in, now where's my lumia 960? "we are effectively at the bottom" pls dont say that, you haven't seen real rock bottom, like ALL 8.1 users going ios-adroid-kinda rock bottom
  • All?
  • you haven't seen real rock bottom, like ALL 8.1 users going ios-adroid-kinda rock bottom
    You do realize if all 8.1 users left today no one would still care, right? As in the market wouldn't react and nothing will change. That is rock bottom. Debating about what's left of the 1% is pointless and a statistic anomaly at this point.
  • yes I believe that's how it is, but I bet whatsapp would care, if I'm not mistaken they are still on this platform solely because of 8.1 users
  • Its not pointless. 1% is the reason we are still talking about W10M. At 0% there is nothing to talk about. Anyway, why would OEMS step in when devs allready left?
  • Oeps
  • Third place is still a bronze medal. It's still a 3 horse race. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Long game. Think in terms of years. The success of #1 OEM -HP with Elite X3 will tell the story to come. They have taken the place of Nokia in Win10 Mobile world. "If you build it, they will come" should be the next Windows Central t-shirt for us fans.
  • Lumia is dead, but Microsoft Mobile strategy is not. There could be an emergency plan to clone Android and remove Google services, this is Plan C and companies like Amazon and Samsung have succeded with Android forks
  • When did Samsung fork Android? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Funny that you say that. I also used to say and think that the Lumia product line is "dead". However, at Ignite they have a session that does refer to Lumia W10M Phones. It is about mass deployment of Lumias in a corporate environment or something like that. Microsoft just recently announced a new "feature phone" ... that made me to reconsider whether Lumia is really that dead as a brand. Who knows ... I will say that Lumia is dead once Microsoft officially declares it dead explicitely.  
  • Or else we will tell Microsoft its dead.
  • Amazon hasn't really succeded there. Some Kindle users switched to their tablets but that's about it. It's not a big player in the tablet market (no Android tablet really is). Oh the phone side, well, we all saw how that went. It's unfortunate because I really like some of what the do with their appstore (paying developers for the time their app was used and giving the app or in app products for free to the user is a very interesting idea, for example)
  • Not happening...the entire Nokia and phone development team both hardware and software have been fired.  Therefore,  the insiders are left to develop windows 10 and windows 10 mobile,  there are no new phones ever to come from MS while NUTELLA is in charge.  Just the facts.  Of course the OEMS are not dropping their pants waiting to get on the windows 10 bandwagon....why?  there is no windows 10 bandwagon.....They want to jump off the titanic as fast as possible.  On the computer side of things,  if there was another good choice of OS I would bet that more OEMS would be leaving windows 10 on that side as well!  Windows 10 and windows 10 mobile is a bust, joke, failure....terrible, buggy,  unstable a year after release.   Come on,  thats not even sensible.
  • I disagree. Next!
  • We will see who is correct danny!     NEXT!
  • I stopped reading at "the insider's are left to develop Windows 10". After that I realised this was obviously a verbal vomit with no knowledge. Been an insider for about a year and a half, and I don't recall ever being asked to help develop Win10.
    Edit: I don't understand how some can misunderstand what I'm saying, but I am saying, us insiders do NOT develop the OS (we do not code it.), we instead test it and give our feedback on bugs/suggestions.
  • You didn't know you were typing code when doing that vomit clean up duty? =P
  • Oh you didn't know that your FEEDBACK is what helps to IMPROVE the OS with either more/less or improved features and the stability of the OS itself. That little bit YOU couldn't understand???????? No wonder I'm waiting so long for them to improve this OS on my 950XL.
  • Ahaha, sorry but yes, that is FEEDBACK. Not DEVELOPING. Do you honestly think these two things are the same??? They are COMPLETELY different. I love how I point out that us insiders don't develop (in simpler terms: We don't code) the OS itself, that's down to the programmers in MS (shocker right?), we only only test it to find bugs they have missed and give our opinions, and you reply with a comment that proves my point and makes yourself look idiotic :)??! I know full well what my role is in the insider programme. Maybe you should re-evaluate yours, if you honestly believe insiders DEVELOP the OS. Maybe actually read what my comment says ^ before claiming I'm saying something that I'm obviously not. Thanks
  • I lasted until nutella. I don't know if that word is used because the person is racist or just because they think it's funny the name sounds like that but what's clear is the person is stupid and angry for some unclear reason
  • Oh get off your high horse with the racist crap!  Jesus,  its a joke...chillax people....I started using Nutella insetad of NADELLA because he has the same amount of knowledge for developing a tech company as a jar of Nutella....
  • Or because you'd like to taste him? :P
  • homophobe!      ha ha ha.  Nutella is friggin yummy but it does not have the brains,  or brawn to run a tech company.  Makes one hell of a filling in the tim hortons donut tho!
  • I'm still wondering how Windows 10 is a bust. Maybe you can explain?
  • Most who say different are really just those trying to keep the faith with MS, understandable but some who are heavily involved with MS HAVE to say otherwise. They say yes they experience bugs with the insider builds they're on as expected but how do they explain the non-insiders with bugs/issues with the normalcy of the OS? Explain how eligible unlocked devices haven't gotten it yet? The problem with most is that they hate ADMITTANCE!!!! The OS is clearly extremely buggy for some and less so for others but there's none that hasn't experienced something out of the ordinary and a simple reset fixed it. Why should I have to restart my phone to get the 1/2 lit screen to resume to normal brightness? Why should I have to restart my phone to stop the iris scanner from coming on ONLY with black screen then to see it show up a few seconds later? We are not operating where IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS are now come OSes so expect these issues. We walk, run,drive,sit,lay and stand next to people who have IOS or Android running on their devices and when they unlock it unlocks, when they open an app it opens, when they use their devices they work. People with this MS bandwagon have to accept that MS's attempts at W10M has been crap from the 950/XL release last November. From November until today 22/09/2016 MS still has not released an OS that every person who has an eligible device to run the OS WANTS to install it without any qualms!!!!!! The graphs clearlysupports my last statment.  
  • PEDMAR!  UPvote for you!  thats exactly my point...I take the funny way of saying it but I guess all the people here are just upset on the inside that their windows 10 devices are buggy,  laggy and full of defects that they are just to cranky to get the humor.  
  • @pedmar007, I have some issues with Windows 10 that I didn't have with Windows 7 or Phone 8.1, but they are minor. For example, I resent that I can't select how many items to include in my Taskbar JumpList (the widely used registry edit doesn't work for most of my computers). On Windows Phone, my e-mail is often not zoomed right when I first open it... there are probably a few other equally minor issues that I can't think of off the top of my head. However, the new features and improvements in Windows 10 vastly outweigh the minor negatives, at least for me. To the extent I defend Windows 10, that's why. You are right that it's not perfect and that I've experienced moments of frustration, but those pale in comparison to the excitement I have for the advances. Given the MONUMENTAL task Microsoft has undertaken to integrate phone, PC, Xbox, and Hololens to all run the same OS and UWP apps, I understand that there will be some transitional pains. I get that to the average user, the reason for the hiccups are irrelevant, "I just want my device to work and not break anything I had before." That's a fair position. But for those of us here at Windows Central, we're following what's happening in its full context. Bemoaning some feature loss without recognizing that it's due to a major and permanent transition to unify the OS across vastly different form factors seems to be missing the point. It's like complaining that the buttons on a telephone don't have the same tactile response as those solid telegraph clickers of the 1800's. True, but that's kind of missing the point that we don't have to talk via Morse code any more.
  • Pleople, that have been deeply involved in a product line have been fired?
    Sure, that did happen. But: so what.
    Has happend before in the industry ... and may mean something about the future of the said product but not necessarily so.  
  • Anyone knows if this year will be a key note in october or nadella has deleted also keynotes?
  • He passed the Keynotes off to tim cook to do this year.  Thats the only place where there are new MS products...on IOS/OSX.
  • I still have an unlocked 950 XL that hasn't been offered the Anniversary Update. Very frustrating.
  • Yet MS expect better from us!!!
  • Strange. How about getting on Preview Insider, Production Release Ring?
    Can't do much wrong with this.  
  • WHy should they?   Thats the point.....he has an elgiable device,  He should receive any updates WHEN RELEASED.....Anniversary update IS should update his phone right away.  That was another big BRAGGING feature from MS when windows 10 was "developed".   UPDATES on release day like apple.   Imagine if apple released an update and only sent it to say 1/10 of their user base?  That would be totally STUPID....but that is exactly what microsoft is doing.   OR,  if you had to opt into a "insiders" developer program (which that is what it essentially it is) get the latest update on your supported apple device?  that is just NUTS...... MS and that nimrod in charge has made windows a total mess.  windows 8 and windows phone 8 were awesome....touch optimized, solid,  stable,  apps were starting to roll in....THEN WINDOWS 10 happend....and down the toilet bowl windows went. Windows 10 is a bigger joke than ME was.
  • What region are you in? Have you tried to download the W10 Upgrade Advisor app and see if it can help you pull it to you?
  • That upgrade advisor app is the biggest reason of windows phone 8.1 devices not upgrading to windows 10 mobile....How in the world i know that i have to download an app to do an upgrade...still confused with this strategy
  • Didn't we have to do the same for the PC? Though it was a windows update component then.
  • But you get a clear cut notification and banner notification about that get windows 10 app in pc extra efforts needed.....and a constant reminder to get windows 10.. Nothing for Windows Phones
  • the upgrade advisor is ONLY to allow you to know if your device is eligible for the upgrade.
  • Oh another person who has no idea.... Upgrade advisor first checks the availability of windows 10 for your phone and then by clicking on get windows 10 in the app,it triggers the update.... Windows phone 8.1 cant trigger windows 10 update without upgrade advisor app.
  • That's right.
  • no update notification has ever showed up in my parents' 640, and neither in mine. I knew about the update advisor, but my parents couldn't care less and are both still in WP8.1, the system update in settings says everything is up to date.
    It's plain stupid to expect the common user would be actively searching for an app in the store to make the upgrade, that's unprecedented, never seen such nonsense on any other device.
  • It's a god send though. Because WP 8.1 is elegant....10 is sh*t.
    If my mum woke up to W10M on her 930, she'd give me grief about it!
  • Give her one such morning with all new universal apps installed like the all new social apps and share her reaction
  • You are wrong.
  • As I sit at the airport waiting to get home from work reading this article, it doesn't come as a surprise. Part of my work remit within a national accountacy company involves looking at businesses which struggle and try to find a way forward for them. Occasionally I've been with small and large mobile phone outlets (not many mind) and during these visitations I deliberately bring up what's good and bad in sales generally, always it's Windows devices. They aren't wanted anymore, retailers confine them to the least retail space possible and mostly from my observation, at the very back of their sales area. It's totally irrelevant what's going well in this thread but Windows is bottom of the pile, diminishing to a point wherein mangers point out to me that training their staff on the attributes of Windows is extremely limited,when I ask why the answer is usually something along the line of "they don't shine, or unreliable, too many returns, distinct lack of apps, only sell a handful each year". A year on, we still have beta on 10, in my opinion it will always be beta, that in itself is more than enough to put potential customers off, in Microsofts infinite wisdom they do little to raise the boundaries, zero marketing, other than recent tv advertising on a range of laptops which is nothing short of embarrassing ,no new products to raise interest never mind awareness, put out substandard updates, unstable builds, no information brought to the public, build good laptops which are basically unfit for purpose, I conclude this because of the WiFi issues that constantly plaque them, deeming them no longer portable, phones that aren't fit for purpose, ie don't recognise sim, wifi issues, hire and fire staff at an alarming rate, those who stay are in a sticky plaster culture and have to put up with putting out work that goes against their grain such as the time limit placed on them to complete tasks, projects,using at best poor frameworks, and substandard coding, (quotes from former MS employee, Forbes media) etc etc. If i/we were asked to go and try to find out what's going on, the rule of thumb is top of the pile, down to the shop floor and work out from that, therein getting a basic picture of the structure within. Clearly direction has been lost, at least from the perspective Buyers point of view and this needs to change and change quickly before the whole structure collapses. It's basic negligence and lack of foward thinking. I have no doubt that MS have some very good and innovative ideas on the go but for this ailing part of their company it's almost too late. Attitudes need redirection and a firm hand at the helm and more in house decision making involving everyone from the floor to the boardroom and each needs to be heard. Indeed, time and time again i have heard more sense from the shop floor than the boardroom. This working with 13 different companies on a broad reach which MS do is only a recipe for disaster long term unless everyone sings from the same hymn book, this, from long experience is extremely hard to do. I think the most used word here on this forum is "wait" we all know that waiting can be infuriating and is without any doubt conducive to extremes of negativity hence so many angry fans that vent anger on this forum.
    I, for one will hold on for a few more months to see where this all goes, but as I have said before and from experience outside of this widows phone experience it's not looking good for the future.
  • No truer words have EVER been spoken.
  •   too long, did not read. Please reformat and once in a while hit the ENTER-key.  
  • Just read it. You may actually learn something
  • Learning!?! Ewwww...
  •   Fred Do you want him to come read it to you as a bed time story? 
  • As I said many times before MGD,  the "TOP" is hyperfocused on enterprise and data collection....everything else does not matter...and we get the products we are seeing from MS now.  pretty well non functioning.
  • Good comment Steve. As per my 'rant', many times I've heard much sense from those who are located on the shop floor. In my capacity within my work I am asked to attend businesses which are suffering downturns etc, we have a set format which we follow religiously, in my many years of expertise in this segment I have always leaned towards the shop floor where I get honest answers (most of the time) and take these, again by invitation to the boardroom. Time and again you get looks of horror and looking down at the table while searching for a quick and easy answer, this is where the fun starts.
    Having said all that and not to digress, I sincerely believe that this platform could and should work, It's very different, simple, looks good to the eye of the beholder and should be very sustainable for years to come. I have come across coders quite a few times, they are really highly intelligent individuals who have a focus that I envy but so often not heard from the 'powers above them' it's my honest opinion that this is a basic problem here, not all but a large part. Where do they go from here is the big question!
  • I agree with you but please learn and hit ENTER sometimes :)
  • Point taken and twice mentioned. However, when I hit enter on this handset the writing pane goes up the screen causing frustration so to save time on a long 'essay' I just don't use it hoping that people can just about get the gist of what I'm saying.
    Is this yet another bug that lurks in the background to catch the unweary?!! If I used this as a means of digitally written communication there would certainly be questions!
  • Why are the mobile numbers surprising? Nobody wants to go from stability or performance to instability and lags and on occassion reboots. No-one wants that. So until MS is able to release a CU to RS1 that's actually accepted by the majority who're running the AU now, the move to AU will stall. Do better with RS1 in preparation for RS2  then you'll see a change. Right now MS's flagship phone the 950xl has reported many issues and if MS can't get their FLAGSHIP device to run their OS properly how do they expect to get people to adopt the upgrade from WP8.1???
  • How in the world a person who dont even know about windows 10 will understand what is rs1 and what is rs2
  • Hmmm. My daily driver is a 950 XL and I'm not sure what Issues you are talking about. Sure when I first got it when it was released it was quite buggy but that definitely isn't the situation now. It's stable, fast and battery efficient. At work we use all 3 mobile platforms IOS, Android & Windows. They all have their share of instabilities and problems but currently Windows has the least amount. It's currently my OS of choice. Go figure.
  • Same here. Every now and then I may get an issue from running an app, but that's about it. I don't think I have had any restarts (I only had two before) since the AU update.
  • I think you may refer to a situation of several month ago. Time has moved on.
    Things have changed. I got my Lumia 950 a couple of weeks ago,
    I have not noticed anything, things are just fine (using the Insider Preview). .
  • I agree, but why then people would want to use lagdroid?
  • its much better than "lag-dohs!"
  • Microsoft is a great company, they are not going to give up on Mobile just yet, Android is open source and if iOS bridge fails as Astoria there is still chance to succeed with an Android Fork which is powered by Cortana search instead of Google and the appstore will be a similar store than Amazon appstore
  • You think people want Bing rather than Google? You think people want another half baked app store rather than the Google Play Store? You think people will want to forgo YouTube, Google Maps, Google Calendar etc?! Android is the only horse in town. No other fork has remotely succeeded.
  • LOL AOSP in opensource, not Android
  • That is quite a leap! :)
  • Stagnant just like the W10 Mobile team, quality control, new phone offerings, and innovative MS marketing. Thanks Nutella!
  • Nutella is great, especially on Crepes
  • Lol!
  • 'Things can only get better at this point as there is nowhere else to go.' leave the mobile market all together?
  • Percentages alone are not really useful enough, without some actual numbers behind it. It's why I laugh every time Tim Cook or his underlings talk about the macOS update adoption rates (it's much easier to get to 80-90% fast when you only have 100-120 million total users).  iOS 10 is already at 38% in 10 days and that's with a billion devices so getting to a similar percentage on a much smaller install base (Windows 10 is less than half of the iOS install base) isn't so impressive (and we're talking 10 days vs 2 months and forced updates for Win10) However, since AdDuplex metrics are from store apps that have their ads on them and many PC users don't really use apps who knows what the real number is
  • Two totally different things.  IOS is avaliable to everyone the day it's released...Windows is still not available to everyone who CAN updgrade.....thats the point.  AU is only being put out for a few at a time for some reason.  And I am talking true updates not insider nonsense.
  •   Windows Phone numbers are NOT falling?
    Are you really sure? How could that possibly happen? Who would have thought? What a desaster! .... for MSpoweruser and other tabloids ;-)  
  • Who needs competition when you have management to kill your product. MS has really done everything in its power to become irrelevant in the mobile business. I just can't believe that such a big company is capable of doing everything wrong.
  •   Yeah, guess that's how (bigger) companies sometimes behave. They do things wrong until they don't.  
  • Let's not forget that many current windows oriented smartphones can also upgrade, making it less necessary to buy new hardware, and keep going with the current mobile device, just like pc... Less incentive to buy new hardware every 6-12 months, but perhaps now once every 3-5 years. Frankly I'm happy with this development and feel less exploited to upgrade to a new phone to get better, safer and improve "stable" software. Off course it does challenge the current business model of frequent "new" hardware purchase to keep the endless hunger/ addictive craving for more alive in the consumerspace, but just imagine how good new hardware and software will taste a year from now, despite the gloomy image we have of the windows 10 mobile date for 2016, oh my?!
  • wevenhuis,  thats another issue.  The upgrades are not coming,  and just like any other mobile,  besides apple,  the updates will only come for 1 update then be done.  have seen it 7,  windows 8,  windows 10.
  • I'm still getting updates and upgrades on my Lumia 1520. Back with my windows phone 7 and 8 devices this was unthinkable, and I had to upgrade my phone as well after 12 months. Simply awful. With my 1520 have my phone 4 years and still going well. Haven't needed to upgrade to a new windows smartphone per se yet. I'm sure many others as well. Windows 10 is also upgradable on older windows 7 devices, that's two full upgrades on the same device, counting the skip for windows 8. I haven't yet seen the claim "...1 update then be done..." yet, and it doesn't currently fit with microsofts mission to get everyone on windows 10.
  • A bit surprised that W10M users are jumping the ship with same speed than WP users. End is near.
  • Still kinda want to see what RSx would look like on a 521, especially when the last build they pushed out for it seems to be a lot smoother than it was initially, since all the apps were updated. No way it's going to happen. Good thing I didn't get the phone new. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (It's a great hotspot if you own a Nexus 5, whose cellular radio seems to have all but disappeared... :p)
  • What upsets me is that I was able to install win 10 on my EE perfectly good HTC One M8, but can't get AU.☹
  • Their strategy is not working. They own 98.8% of market share, which was 97% last time I saw it.
  • What market? The number of Surface tablets running Windows 10? Roughly half of the professionals I know use Apple's Mac for their laptops and the overwhelming majority use iPhones. Apple is the king of hardware and dominates the high value computer segment like no other. Disclosure: I use Windows exclusively for work, at home and on my tablet. But, I still find Windows to be inferior to Mac OS for the most part and Apple's hardware simply can't be beat :(
  • Honestly I could not stop laughing when I read the last statement that we can definitely hope to get better since we are already at the bottom! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I got the anniversary update on my Dell XPS laptop yesterday. While there has been no major change look wise but not of the options and pop up Windows are looking more like their number counterpart which means that most of these days should be arriving on mobiles soon. From that respect, this update further deduced the gap between the desktop OS and it's smartphone counterpart.
  • Now even this site has claimed the OEM strategy has failed. Where does Microsoft go from here? They need to either make all their own hardware or just kill it. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • has gestures beta been  made available for windows 10 yet or at least the speaker function in touch?  its been 2 years since my 930 with 8.1 saw it.