Windows Central Podcast 38: More Updates

With Twitter releasing updates to its UWP app, and Minecraft coming to Windows 10 Mobile, you'd be hard pressed to think Windows 10 Mobile was actually dead. We talk new updates, reviews and future OS updates to Windows 10 Mobile in this weeks episode!

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Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

Zac Bowden is a Senior Editor at Windows Central. Bringing you exclusive coverage into the world of Windows 10 on PCs, tablets, phones, and more. Also an avid collector of rare Microsoft prototype devices! Keep in touch on Twitter: @zacbowden.

  • Any app I can use to listen to this podcast on Windows Phone?
  • Yeah it's called "podcast"
  • ^ This. Works great for a native app too.
  • OneCast too.
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  • Podcast+ Pro
  • Acast is very slick.
  • Interesting episode, really enjoyed the continuum gaming part.
  • Yeah.. The skype problem happens to me frequently. And also, "Oops! Skype has detected an issue and needs to restart".
  • About the UWP write once run everywhere discussion, I have a question. Basically when you are coding UWP applications, you perform a check in your source code if that API is exposed to the device it is running on, whenever you are using some device specific API. Since the binary that you are compiling for different architectures is coming from the same source code, I believe the that the machine instructions generated for each of these binaries will be same (but of course in the Instruction Set Architecture specs for that architecture.) So these checks for API availability is performed irrespective of the platform it is running on. Checks are AFAIK done with compare instructions (which are cycles-per-instruction intensive). So, isn't this dynamic checking of API availability kind of inefficient compared to conditional compilation where you strip out the portions of source code that you do not need based on the architecture/device and have more optimized binaries? If someone has any info regarding how exactly the process works (the compilation process - I believe VS uses Roslyn compiler), please enlighten me or point me to some link/documentation. Thanks!
  • Please fix this app .
  • which app to fix?
  • Windows central app I have to uninstall and reinstall all the time. So it needs attention big time !
  • I don't have any issues. Are you running a Windows Insider build or a Production build of W10?
  • Nope running normal production build but the app is not as good as the old app It's not as responsive as when it was first release .
  • Delete app, restart computer, and install app.
    My Surface Pro 4 is on Inside Fast Ring and
    HP Elitebook on Production release. Both very fast and fluid - no problems with the Windows Central app
  • Clearing the cache helps in my case
  • yes that too. It's in the settings section within the app
  • Ok I'll try that as well .
  • Yes that did help thanks .
  • Spotify is Okay, but not great - looks good but that's all. Groove doesn't look as good but works great.
  • Windows 10 Rules.
  • I don't understand Minecraft :(
  • Assuming a lack of sarcasm in your question of Minecraft , it is as the name implies. You mine (dig, cut, harvest) things in the world in recipe format to survive in the world. Example, dig into the cliff wall a few blocks deep and chop down a tree. Build a crafting table, place inside your cave, craft left over wood blocks to planks. Make planks into a door for your cave to keep monsters out...etc. etc. etc.
  • Spotify works here in Greece.Groove music is not supported:(So Spotify is the default here.
  • Are there any podcast apps on Windows 10 Mobile that actually let you give a five-star rating?