WMExperts Podcast Episode 66

Malatesta and Phil brave the weather, talk a bunch about browsers and answer a slew of voicemails and e-mails about Windows Mobile.

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Phil Nickinson

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  • FYI, I got a text message blast from Sprint for the WM6.1 update for the Touch Diamond, so I would expect one from them for WM6.5 for Touch Pro 2 when it releases.
  • Ahh, good to hear that they're doing that. Thanks for the heads up!
  • Thanks for mentioning the Viigo beta Phil! It's my favorite newsreader... not the greatest load time, but great functionality. It backs up to their server.
    on your phone.
  • To the question about podcast catcher/streamer: Pocket Player is a great choice. Good integration of download and streaming. Lots of customization options. Auto bookmarking, etc.
    My favorite function, is ability to assign Bluetooth buttons to jump X seconds back/forward; really allows the playback to be controlled remotely from the headset.
    2nd favorite function is the "Stretch" plugin to speed up play while correcting the pitch; voice podcast are great at 130% speed.
    Only downside is it can be a bit piggy on CPU & mem.
  • News brake is the one I am using now. I had Beyondpod in my Samsung LS20, but idont like the graphics in the HTC HD.
    I manually sync my podcast feed at night, so I can listen in the morning.
  • For calendar sync check out I use it to manage my personal and our fire dept.'s training calendar. Any new item I create on my mobile device syncs to my personal calendar, to add a new item to our department's I send a text message which then syncs back to my phone. Once on my phone I can edit any item and the changes will sync with the proper calendar. These are two separate email accounts, I registered my cell number with our departments account. With the free version you Can sync up to 11 calendars and contacts from your primary account. By the way it uses exchange.