WMExperts Podcast, Episode 7

We go loooong this week because there's plenty to talk about: Your voicemails, Motorola's collapse, the Treo 800w, and more!

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Read on for the show notes.

Update: Yah, the audio sucked, don't know why that happened. We've fixed it up, go ahead and download the new one -- unless you don't mind bleeding ears.


Tips and Software

  • Review: Facade Today Screen Customizer
  • Google Search Today Screen Plug in Now Available
  • Roll your own. Go to \Application Data\Home , copy your favorite blah.home.xml file onto a memory card, then you can edit it on your desktop. Easiest thing is to move plugins around. Each plugin starts with and ends . Be sure to change the name at the top of the file to something you'll recognize. Rename the file to foo.home.xml and copy it over to \Application Data\Home on your device. Rinse Repeat!
  • Yes, the above instructions stink and yes, we fully intend to bring you a full how to in the next week or so

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Thanks to Nick and Palmforlackofchoice for your voicemails and to Phil for the email!


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Tune in next Friday for a mini-review of the BlackJack II!

Dieter Bohn