Xbox Game Bar running into error while launching on some PCs

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What you need to know

  • Some PCs are running into an error when trying to launch Xbox Game Bar.
  • Microsoft is looking into the problem.
  • You can disable Xbox Game Bar if you'd like.

Microsoft has received reports of PCs running into issues when trying to launch the Xbox Game Bar. The issue seems to prevent the app from launching on PCs. Microsoft is looking into the issue and should share more details about it soon.

Microsoft's Kirpal Kavi shared the news on Twitter. Kavi didn't share many details about the issue, but it shows that Microsoft is aware of it.

At this point, the primary option seems to be to just not use Xbox Game Bar at this time. You can, however, disable the Xbox Game Bar entirely if you'd like. You can also remove the Xbox Game Bar from Windows 10.

When working well, Xbox Game Bar has several features that help gamers on their PCs. It supports widgets, such as the picture-in-picture YouTube widget and it can track which programs are using up your system resources.

Our guide on how to install third-party widgets on the Xbox Game Bar should help you get the best experience through the app. There are widgets and integrations for streaming, tracking progress, and more available for the Xbox Game Bar.

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