List of Xbox One mouse and keyboard controls and shortcuts

Razer Turret for Xbox One
Razer Turret for Xbox One (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Xbox One packs a steadily growing lineup of mouse and keyboard-compatible titles, bringing a signature of PC gaming to the living room. Games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare are among the early heavy hitters offering a secondary input method, complementing their support for cross-play and other inter-platform features. However, the Xbox One's dashboard and menus remain heavily controller-centric and fail to support simple cursor input.

But using a mouse and keyboard on Xbox One doesn't need to be a chore, with a list of inputs to navigate menus and access console features. Microsoft's baked-in solution isn't as accommodating as a Windows PC but makes everyday tasks possible without reaching for the controller. We've rounded up every keyboard shortcut compatible with Xbox One today.

Xbox One mouse and keyboard controls

While the Xbox One doesn't support mouse and cursor input, one dozen keyboard inputs will get you moving around the console menus. These inputs allow you to navigate the Home menu, open the Guide menu and use Xbox Live features, or access other components of the OS. While incompatible with game menus, most titles feature full cursor support once loaded into the application.

Swipe to scroll horizontally
ActionKeyboard Shortcut
Open the guideWindows key
SelectSpace / Enter
BackEscape / Windows key + Backspace
UpUp arrow
DownDown arrow
LeftLeft arrow
RightRight arrow
Toggle to next tileTab
Toggle to previous tileShift + Tab
Menu (Three lines on Xbox controller)Win + M
View (Two squares on Xbox controller)Win + V
Open Power menuWin + X (Hold)
Open Settings menuWin + I
Open Search (Home menu only)Y
Feedback via Xbox Insider HubWin + F

While in-game, control schemes vary from title to title, with a sizeable list adopting their inputs from PC counterparts. Controls for individual titles are often by searching their PC versions, with some even offering custom keyboard bindings via settings. However, when getting through the Xbox One's own menus, the above keyboard inputs or a dedicated controller is required.

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