You can save $40 on Surface accessories at Best Buy with this deal

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Microsoft released a host of new Surface devices in October 2021, meaning by now, you could be rocking a Surface Laptop Studio or Surface Duo 2. Most of Microsoft's machines are functional by themselves, but many benefit greatly from the addition of pricy, MS-branded accessories. So, if you're looking to grab accessories for said devices, you can do so at Best Buy, which has a special promotion going on. For the duration of the promo, you can save $40 if you buy two qualifying Surface accessories.

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The promotion doesn't list an expiration date in its top-of-page offer details, so if you want in, better to go for the gold while the offer page is right in front of you rather than wait and find out Best Buy's no longer interested in saving you forty smackeroos. Another important note to keep in mind is that if one of the items you're interested in is already on sale, you can't stack that sale with the $40 discount. Instead, the $40 savings will just be reduced by however much you're already saving from one of the items already having its price slashed.

This sale puts a lot of Surface goodies on the table. You want Surface Earbuds? You can have 'em. Surface pens? Take those $100 scribbling sticks for a ride. And those are just the tip of the iceberg. Surface Headphones 2 and a lot more gear are on offer over at Best Buy's "buy 2 save $40" sale.

Surface accessories galore

Surface accessories galore

You can save $40 on a wide variety of very, very expensive Surface accessories, so long as you buy two or more. At which point, $40 may just be enough to shave off the fee of your local sales tax.{.end}

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