Asphalt 8 adds Dubai courses and new cars

Asphalt 8's latest update hit the Windows Store today, packing new courses set in Dubai, five new cars, and a whole new season with 74 events. Other updates since launch have added courses in China, added new multiplayer events, and tons of new cars. If you haven't given Asphalt 8 a shot since it came out, it's worth giving another go.

Asphalt 8 is an over-the-top free-to-play racing game. Grab power ups, launch off ramps to make the unlikeliest of stunts, demolish competitors, and upgrade your ride in the process. Obviously if you want to pour money in there to accelerate your progress, you're more than welcome to, but the vast majority of the game plays great as is. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like this update has been made available on Windows Phone just yet.

How many of you guys have put time into Asphalt 8: Airborne? Digging the new Dubai courses?


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Asphalt 8 adds Dubai courses and new cars


It isn't actually that obvious....and it certainly isn't obvious from the title.
Since this is Windows Phone Central, it would be helpful to know whether an article is Windows Phone specific or not...

The title says Asphalt 8. Does not specify for Windows Phone or Windows in the title. However it does in the article.

I'm not sure who you are replying to here...
All I am saying is that it'd be helpful to know (in the title) what OS platform the article is talking about.
(I personally have no real interest in Xbox articles, or most Windows 8 ones for that matter. Windows Phone news is why I am here...)

I was replying to the guy that said "it's obvious." I'm 100% in agreement with you. I hate getting excited about something WP related and then I read the article and it's Windows related. Partly because I don't have Windows 8 yet.

I wish the WP Central app made it clear who was replying to whom...would have saved this little bit of confusion :).

Currently I m using L625 and playing asphalt8 since it is launched, completed all seasons. Now if I upgrade it to say any other Lumia device with higher config than625, will I b able to retain the profile from cloud that I have played in 625? Btw I will sell this one and have new one with one hotmail id to log into one device only

Scroll down through these comments. A user called 'milfermon' is talking about how their saves progress wasn't carried over to a new phone...
So don't assume the progress will be copied over...
(I can't tell you either way - I've had my 1020 for 6 months, and have no intention of upgrading!!)

Yes you will. Sign in with a Facebook account. When you get your new phone, install Asphalt 8 then log in to the same Facebook account when in the game. It will then show you a conflict of accounts. Choose the account that shows your last progress, and your done.

Lol, it doesn't work like that, if they ad 1080p support it will make absolutely no difference for the experience on ANY other device regardless of how much RAM or anything.

We ain't getting this latest update alongside the other 2 OSs so I would say don't have high hopes for 1080p!!

Sweet! Just saw the iMore & Android Central tweets ... But didn't have the surface near by to check on W8

WTF! Means we need to update this huge game Again!! Why don't they release final version of game? Also credits are less to buy more cars. Need more credits after winning the race so I can buy cars... Such a insane developer!

I changed phones with the same account and my cloud save never appeared, I'm so disappointed, both were windows phones, before you kill me yes, I asked for help in the forums but didn't get any answer

Currently I m using L625 and playing asphalt8 since it is launched, completed all seasons. Now if I upgrade it to say any other Lumia device with higher config than625, will I b able to retain the profile from cloud that I have played in 625? Btw I will sell this one and have new one with one hotmail id to log into one device only..

If you use Facebook then surely will retain your previous data.
After installing app on the new phone simply login with your Facebook account(In Game).

Why hasn't WP 8.1 bring an update, so that when you pause a video in explorer you can watch it from where you pause it instead of having to starting the entire video over?!

I just tried the video in this article, on WP8.1 Update 1 (mobile youtube). The video pauses and resumes perfectly....even when having switched between apps.
Not sure what you are on about tbh

I Have not had this much fun playing a game in years love playing on windows 8.1 on a 24 inch monitor vs my phone.BTW if anyone gets beat by driver 8122 driving a red Nissan GT-R (R35) my favorite car to race with, thats me :)

The game is a lot of fun (I play on my Surface Pro), but gets extremely frustrating as the credits earned just by playing the game don't allow a player to upgrade at any reasonable pace.  You could literally grind the highest credit races, winning every race, for 24 straight hours and not have enough credits to purchase one of the more expensive vehicles.  If you're enjoying a game, only to discover that you've hit a point where it is going to take days worth of tedious "work" before you can take on new challenges in the game, a handful of users will shell out money to speed the advance.  Most will just walk away from the game in disgust.  What a horrible way to design a game.  Asphalt 7 was awesome, and I would have gladly paid $20-$30 for Asphalt 8 where you could naturally progress through the game.  Since that's not an option, and I don't want to walk away from the game, I hack it to give myself lot of extra credits.  I've been relatively careful, such as disconnecting the game from the internet prior to the hack, and then waiting a period of time after the hack (so that I could have honestly accumulated the credits/cars/upgrades if I had made a full-time job of it) before reconnecting to the internet, and so far I haven't had my account banned.

I hate in app purchases, specially when implemented in such way of Asphalt 8. can't figure out how Real Racing 2 has got cracking audio un WP8.1 and EA is not taking care of this (tested on Lumia 920 and 930).

Playing Asphalt 8 with a gaming wheel is so much more fun than any other way, try it drinking with friends, its dui free and u get hammered while driving lol

I will only reinstall this game of they decrease the prices of the cars. Dont care a fuck about the stages or cars. Now playing gt real racing 2. Hope it is not the same like A8.

I've not received any update on my windows 8.1. In the store when I search for the game, it says last updated on  31st July. Any idea??