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Chaos Rings from Square Enix and Gravity Guy 2 gracing Xbox Windows Phone this week

This is GDC week, so you can count on some cool developer interviews and hands-on stories as the conference progresses. But it’s also just an exciting week for Windows Phone releases. First we had the release of Sims Medieval for Nokia devices, and now general users can look forward to two regular Xbox releases on Wednesday. We’re looking at one Windows Phone 7 game and one for Windows Phone 8. The former will also be the most expensive mobile Xbox game to date, but at least it’s a good one: Chaos Rings from Square-Enix!

Chaos on hand

Given the conservative nature of Square Enix’s previous Windows Phone releases (the original Final Fantasy and KooZac), we fully expected the Japanese publisher’s next release to be the slightly yawn-inducing Final Fantasy II. In a recent editorial, I opined that it would be much cooler for them to skip ahead a bit to porting their newer iOS releases. They may not have skipped as far ahead as I’d liked, but Chaos Rings is both a newer release (dating from the end of 2010) and way more interesting than the second Final Fantasy. It’s also the first game from our 2011 reader’s choice contest to actually get released on Windows Phone!

The story of Chaos Rings revolves around eight people who must participate in a mysterious tournament against their wills. The winners receive eternal life while the losers unfortunately stop living. Each of the four pairs has their own short playthrough (around six hours), and finishing everyone’s story opens up a conclusion to the entire tale. Plus some equipment earned from enemies carries over between those stories. On the whole it’s a clever way to make the game digestible for mobile audiences.

Chaos Rings iOS
iOS version screens and trailer

Graphically, Chaos Rings works much like Final Fantasy VII. In the overworld, backgrounds are pre-rendered and characters are 3D. During battles and cinemas, everything uses 3D graphics. The original game dates back a couple of years, but the character designs still impress. Chaos Rings also has a fantastic soundtrack and Japanese voice acting (with English text, of course).

I’m super excited for this release. But the price will certainly cause some debate. The Windows Phone version of Final Fantasy clocked in at $6.99, a couple of dollars cheaper than the iOS game. Chao Rings (which was developed exclusively for mobile devices and is not a console port) will cost $9.99 – more than any previous Xbox Windows Phone game. Considering the iOS version launched at $12.99, it could have been worse. We are talking about a big budget RPG that offers more than 30 hours of gameplay and could easily sell for $30 on DS or Vita here. If this one sells well enough, maybe we'll get the prequel Chaos Rings Omega and Chaos Rings II as well.

Chaos Rings will run on Windows Phone 7 or 8. The file size will be somewhere between 700MB-1GB. Given our platform’s need for up to four times a game’s size in order to actually install it, RPG fans might want to start clearing room now.

Gravity Guy 2

Gravity Guy

If ten bucks is too rich for your blood, perhaps you’ll find this three-dollar game more appealing. Gravity Guy 2 is launching exclusively on Windows Phone 8 prior to its eventual iOS and Android release. Miniclip has been a fairly active supporter of Microsoft’s mobile OS, so it’s cool to see them give us a game before everyone else gets it.

As for the game itself, I have a tough time getting stoked for it. I liked the first game quite a lot when I first played it, giving it a positive review.  Miniclip then added a huge second chapter to the game, which should have been cause to celebrate. But the second chapter was so frustratingly difficult that it actually turned me off from the game entirely. A couple of the Achievements were stupidly hard as well. Maybe Gravity Guy 2 will have a more reasonable difficulty, but I’m not holding my breath.

Gravity Guy 2 is a 2D endless runner in which players can jump back and forth between the ceiling and the ground. It features:

  • Jump from one platform to another, while avoiding many hazards placed across the path
  • Just tap the button on the right side of the screen to raise the lifts and on the right to perform a jump
  • Seven different clones each with its own special abilities
  • Collect coins and earn points in order to unlock new power slots and level up to get bonuses

Gravity Guy 2 will cost $2.99. We’re told it will release in all territories except for Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Korea… But Microsoft often gets the release territories wrong in these advance notices, so we’ll see.

Both games come out on Wednesday, March 27.


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Chaos Rings from Square Enix and Gravity Guy 2 gracing Xbox Windows Phone this week


Yes, about time we get some RPG love on Xbox Live! Now how about releasing Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III, IV, VI and Tactics, Square Enix?
4.7GB free on my phone, which was barely enough to install Dark Knight Rises. Better start clearing up now...

Chrono Trigger... get SNES 8X emulator and play!  :)  Though, I know its not like playing the 'remastered' version.

Or even Chaos Rings 1, 2, and that 3rd version. Adding of course all those Final Fantasy Games, Temple Run 2, and lastly Bad Piggies

I wouldn't have a problem with the space issue if Xbox live WP games had cloud sync enabled save files. I would love to delete games and be able to redownload them with all of my progress intact. I've been a gold member for 7 plus years- its a feature i appreciate on Xbox quite a bit. With Skydrive there isn't a good reason we can't sync our save data. Skulls of the Shogun has cross platform sync and play but achievement progress is lost on the non-Xbox 360 versions if the local save data is corrupted or deleted.

@ Rob - That is already done. No, the ground reality is that I have remove asphalt 7, do a phone reset, and install these large MB games. Despite paying a lot of money, my 820 suddenly feels like a low budget Lumia 510 :-(

I have an 822 (with 16GB) and have bad storage problems. I have almost 6 GB in other. I only have 2.8GB free after taking into account 3+ GB of app storage and 2 GB in OS files. I have tried Shrink Storage but that hasn't resolved the issue. I just barely was able to download Asphalt 7. I deleted it to try Batman and had no success. Nokia will have a solution before Microsoft implements one.

I scanned through this article, just so everyone knows. With that being said, are these apps the ones Joe Belfiore talked about?

They aren´t for sure. He teased that the "big app" would release on monday, while these xbox live games launch on wednesdays every week. So this is not it.

Okay. The reason I asked was because I honestly expect something that I would download/buy. Like Temple Run, maybe. (Idk if imangi is ever coming this remaining month)

There's room for a platformer on my phone. Gave it a go with earthworm Jim but the controls for that game was difficult. Gravity Guy 2 might be the one for me :)

If you hang in there, you should get used to, and later fully natural, navigate the worm dude around.

Finally!!! Some good games. I wet myself a little after reading this. I'm excited about the Hunger Games Final Fantasy style.

Chaos Ring is a no brainer. I love RPGs, and this looks awesome. Considering the immense amount of gameplay time, 10 bucks is a bargain. I'm not gonna get Gravity Guy 2 though. I still haven't finished part I as of yet. :)

This is great news. But to underline what Paul said...its a 3 year old game. Should I be happy or sad? Is the door open or are they still just dipping there toes?
Understand me right, it sounds cool. But can one open the beer, put the feet up and relax yet?

If Chaos Ring sells well enough we will get Omega and II. Testing the waters yes, however, WP8 is slowly gaining marketshare. I imagine it isn't too costly to port. Square-Enix needs every cent it can get after its disastrous earnings report. Hopefully the restructuring being implemented shifts more final fantasy games our way.

I agree i cant believe they have lost so much money everybody needs to go out and purchase tomb raider its an amazing game and should be in any real gamers collection. Square need to shy away from exclusive deals and get there games on all platforms.

They shipped 3.5 million worldwide and the game didn't reach sales projections... :-(

With that said, im surprised we got Chaos Rings before Final Fantasy 2 and 3. Hopefully they release them all (Final Fantasy Tactics especially).

I had the same experience with Gravity Guy 1. I loved it, then they updated it, and then I hated it. The new missions were so hard they were designed to steal money via microtransactions and I wasn't having any of that. No game should be 'unbeatable' like that without micros. It was kind of disgusting.

i will be avoiding gravity guy 2 like the plague, unless it is easy as heck. i enjoy those kinds of endless games, as long as they arent craszy hard.
Chaos rings I will purchase though. been looking for a decent JRPG to play. FF is still not complete for me I must admit. Thanks for the infor Paul. Will be getting these,.

Gravity Guy was the first game I beat on my phone before the update. Final Fantasy was the second and most rewarding game to play all the way through. I still have a few accomplishments I might go back and finish before I buy Chaos Rings though.

I'm glad that we finally have a major release that isn't Chillingo or Gameloft.
$9.99 to much?  Isn't there a non-Xbox Live port of some RPG title that costs $12.99?
And a 3-year old game is not such a big negative when I still see people whining about ports of 10+ year old Grand Theft Auto games!!  A 3 year old, 'original' RPG sounds a lot better than a 10 year old PS2 game that I've played 3 times over already.  Maybe this also means the 2 other Chaos Ring games, both about a year old, are in the pipeline as well.

Love the flood of new games but man, with long RPGs like this, we really NEED cloud saves/managing and backing up saves.
Acevedo, Any plans for a Square-Enix interview regarding this and their further plans with WP?

I hope someone will bring a great wRPG to WP. For some reason I can never get through a JRPG. Its not the turnbased combat, Im fine with that. Just halfway through the story I always lose interest.

Already played through Chaos Rings on the Nexus 7.  Got it on sale for like $3.50 or something around New Year's.  It was fairly good, nothing too special, but a good game for a few bucks.  Good Japanese voice acting.
"Given our platform’s need for up to four times a game’s size in order to actually install it,"  WTF??  *facepalm*

Finaly after the release of WP8 things are geting  better very fast!(In the marketplace section)
It's nice to see 2 xbox wp game titles released per week (like last week).
Only moves left to have a perfect game marketplace is to port Chillingo game titles after Gameloft's.
And then for once OPTIMIZE and UPDATE every Game/App to run perfect on our awesome WP8 devices!

Awesome! Gravity guy achievements are crap though, hope 2 is better all round.
I also wish we would see more live enabled w8 games trickle in such as final fantasy. Would love to play that on my w8 CPU and score achievements

Hey, if I reach the end of FF1 then uninstall for this....can I ever reinstall and be at the end, or would I have to start again?

Awesome, will see if this game available at Indonesia, because FF didn't. I like RPG, so chance are I will buy this game.

Yes, by default you can't install apps or games to SD. You can and should transfer pictures and music to SD though. (Assuming we're not talking about a Samsung Focus, which works differently.)

Although I've heard there's some kind of trick to install apps to SD card by first downloading them to the PC. Not sure if that really works or not.

"We’re told it will release in all territories except for Russia, Taiwan, Brazil and Korea… But Microsoft often gets the release territories wrong in these advance notices, so we’ll see."
Microsoft MUST supports as many markets as possible. They must tells developers how to publish apps in the regions with mandatory game content rating system, and show them how to get PEGI/ESRB/DJCTQ certificates....

Of course, much easier to ignore us.

Why the hell is Chaos Rings WP7 only!!!!!!!! Dumbass move Microsoft! Finally, an awesome & beautiful looking game, but release on the older format phones!!!! Why? Shouldn't it run better on WP8??!!!!! Suck!!

I agree, I was expecting 2 awesome games this week (expecting Microsoft on a roll again, since they released so many great games over the past weeks), guess not =/ I hate this alot, I'm not sure what Microsoft is thinking at all...not releasing it on their "new" platform considering their trying to get people to upgrade to it (at all, give them an incentive to, or do a multiplat release for their handsets) , gahhhhh pisses me off alot though not sure what the hell there thinking