LG CEO: "No specific plans for other mobile platforms"

LG has LG CEO:

Shed a tear for LG?

Back in April, we heard that LG was going to focus their efforts on making Android phones, prompting us to wonder if we would see any Windows Phone 8 devices from the Korean manufacturer at all. Today at their official Optimus G launch, CEO Park Jong Seok seemed to lean toward the negative, saying that LG has "no specific plans for other mobile platforms." While that doesn't completely rule out Windows Phone 8 all together, it sure doesn't sound promising.

LG made a couple of popular WP7 devices, the Quantum, which was one of only three QWERTY sliders to use Windows Phone, and the Optimus 7. Other LG models include the Jil Sander E906, the so-called "fashion phone" and the E740 prototype, which never saw the light of day.

Park Jong Seok emphasized LG's close relationship with Google. He said he was aware of the ongoing patent wars between Mobile OS makers and that Google has "strong LTE and UI patents compared with its competitors." He did not say whether or not it was these patents or other factors that have lead to the decision to stick with Android.

Well, LG, it's sad to see you go, but que sera, sera. What do our readers think? Will LG be missed from the Windows Phone family?

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LG CEO: "No specific plans for other mobile platforms"


LG stand for "Life is Good" and they make washers, dryers, Frigs, crappy notebooks, and crappy phones. This is a Korean company if you want to know.

thanks for the clarification lol but i guess i should have put (sarcasm) in the initial post. I only said that because they are an android whore. The few of their phones that got good reviews were wp so i dont get why they are snuffing it.

Don't forget TVs I own an LG tv good quality. Can't say that about there phones same goes for Samsung great phone I own but crappy bluray player. Some companies need to stick only to one thing. LG looks focused on Android but there competing against every big manufacture you could think of that don't even look in to windows phones like Motorola & Sony.

Well, my first WP7 phone was Quantum. That's when everyone started to make a big deal about using NAND memory for storage. And LG was the first WP OEM to go all 16 gb NAND instead of 2 gb memory and relying on microsSD for rest. I appreciated that. It appeared like LG did care about the platform. But what followed it was unfortunate - WP didn't take off as much as we all hoped. And LG gave up on WP as a platform and it's a shame because WP is more capable and attractive OS now than before and not to mention the potential. While I won't miss LG much, it's still one OEM less for WP.
I hope they soon realize that they made a mistake by not continue supporting the platform. Afterall, they entered Android market late and didn't make much lead and I'm afraid that will be the case with WP when they finally realize its potential. 

No problems here cause I had no plans to buy an LG phone.  I'm guessing no one else did either.
LG, please return to the bargain bin of cell phone dreck from whence you came!

All I need from LG is a washers and dryers, and they should stick to it instead of making phones.

I got my first windows phone experience from an LG quantum; so do appreciate LG for introducing me to the best os going.

when a Quantum is brand new it feels very nice in the hand, soft touch plastics, a nice metal back.  The slide action on the keyboard is nice and crisp.
The problem is LGs build quality is crap, and literally things start falling off the phone like speaker grills, buttons and the like.  Also the soft touch plastics start getting grimy and gross....and dust seems to find its way under the digitizer WAY too easy.  and after enough sliding the paint on the keys scratches off...UBER cheapness.
I've had all of the ATT first gen devices at one time or another and the Surround wins for overall durability, with the Focus coming in second and the Quantum last.

My first foray into windows phone cost me a measly £180, features 16gb storage along with all the goodies of wp7, and hasn't let me down once. Its an LG Optimus 7, and its a decent little phone.. However, LG are no great loss...

I loved my Quantum with it's physical keyboard. Also, it was very reliable (using it all the time because it was my only phone, it went almost 60 days without a reboot. The only reason it rebooted was I let the battery get too low and it shut down.) and had DLNA very early on. I believe before other WPs.

That's what more people need to know. WP rarely have to be restarted. I wonder how many times Android users restart theirs daily?

maybe because they think they can't offer something similar to Lumia 920|820 and samsung ativ s both Nokia and samsung offering amazing phones hopefully HTC will  join nokia and samsung

LG makes good products in other areas (Appliances, TVs), but they just don't do anything bold on the mobile device front.  I mean do they even make anything exciting on Android who IS supposed to be their main focus in phones?  If they can't do that there, they have no hope to do anything great on WP.

LG CEO: "No specific plans for other mobile platforms"   WP User: "No intention of ever getting an LG phone"

I still believe to this day that they should have released the LG Panther (my first WP7 phone) instead of the Quantum (my second). The Panther's screen was slightly bigger & was AMOLED, the body was thinner, the keyboard was way more comfortable and the form was much more pleasing. I predicted that LG would commercially release crap, then blame it on the OS, and that's exactly what happened.

They'll come back around when they see WP8 take off like a rocket with hyperspeed. But for now? I'm not missing them...

I had a LG Mytouch Q while my HTC radar screen was cracked. Worst phone I have ever used. I can’t imagine how much incompetence must have gone into making a handset with a 1ghz CPU so dang slow. They also promised an update to Android ICS and it never materialized...
They should stick to refrigerators, I like that LG product.

LG in the cell phone arena stands for, "Look Garbage" in my opinion, because there cell aren't very attractive and look like garbage sitting beside the likes of the L800/900 and HTC Titan I/II. As Dora the Explore would say, "Adioso"

Like I say about apps that don't want our WP money...eff 'em. Others will step up and fill the tiny void that you left. When you realize its a mistake, I'll remember who wanted to build this platform and ecosystem together. The ones backing put are like gold diggers looking for a rich spouse. The rich one will screw you over and the up and comer will remember your lack of loyalty. See ya. Last mention of LG out of me.

Can't blame them. WP is still a limited platform and with players like Nokia and Sammy taking all of the business there isn't much left for anyone else. You also have Lenovo entering the picture I believe..

Sorry, but you sound silly; If they would have produced a worth device and put their resources behind it, they wouldn't have to worry about Nokia & Samsung. The reason Nokia is doing well in the WP arena is because they aren't making a half-assed effort like the others are. Nokia appears to have enfluenced at least HTC and Samsung modify their designs; what remain to be seen is if they will use their power and resouces from their Android offering to influence developers to bring more apps to the platform like Nokia is doing. If all manufacturers would apply themselve to the platform, our app market would be comparable to Android and Apple's in no time. But as stated above, Nokia is the only one using its full power and resources.

If HTC, one of the top manufacturers  of Androids  is taking loses on its Android offerings, you can't tell me LG isn't. They should pull a Dell and get out of the cell business all together. Who among you would buy an LG android device over HTCor Samsung??

I have no clue why we continue to care about LG. They have the lowest rated phones with high issue. On other hand if it's Sony we can think a little.

So long LG! Nice knowing you! Your phones suck and never sold well in any of my stores. You won't be missed here!

I've long said that MS should ban them from making WP devices. No need for more confusion among customers. Samsung, HTC, Nokia and the Chinese guys who sell only in China. Everyone else just damages the OS by confusing customers.

Sounds like sour grapes from sore losers! We don't need them and they will probably fail in their other efforts anyway...voice activated camera does not sway me. U_U

Who cares?? 2 years ago the staff at local Telco was pushing LG win phone 7 to me for free on a 2 years contract. I volunteered not to get it rather paid 100 bucks & got trophy 7. & I think I made a good choice

I believe if LG becomes successful in Android, a lot of WP8 fans will hanker for an LG WP8 device. Unfortunately they're still scraping bottom in that area. So see yah, or maybe not!

I use my Optimus 7 with no problems at all. It has survived a number of very tough situations and doesn't even look like an ordinary phone with all the dents and scratches. I don't know why people are complaining so much about LG. It is by far better quality than any HTC I've ever had and even better than the iPhone 3G I used to own. I only find the display too small, so it's Lumia 920 for me later this year.