Angry Birds Space joins the Windows Phone 7 lineup

Angry Birds Space to Windows Phone 7

Just as we have seen with Angry Birds Star Wars, Angry Birds Space has joined the Windows Phone 7 gaming lineup at the Windows Phone Store.  The Windows Phone 7 version of Angry Birds Space is not an Xbox title, as is the case with the Windows Phone 8 version of the game.

Angry Birds Space features over one hundred thirty levels of play pitting your angry birds lineup against space pigs. The Windows Phone 8 version offers over one hundred fifty levels.  Beyond that, game play on the two versions is just about the same.

Angry Birds Space

Angry Birds Space not only presents you the challenge of destroying the pig's fortifications with a limited number of shots but you also have to battle gravity and the lack of gravity with certain levels.

There is a trial version for Angry Birds Space and the full Windows Phone 7 version of the game is running $.99 and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks everyone for the tip!

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Angry Birds Space joins the Windows Phone 7 lineup


Sweet!! Forget the achievement not being there people. Just enjoy the game and be grateful that we on 7.x OS aren't left behind.

Listen to this guy. There's more to enjoy in a game than the achievements. Judging by the demos these are snappy, well-made ports. Let's just be thankful us 7.x users get to enjoy Space and Star Wars.

Well, that's like buying a burger for a price and all you get is the patty and buns. Someone else comes and buys the same burger for the same price but they get lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and bacon. You ask why and all you get back is, "Just be glad you even got a burger." I would almost not get it at all than be a 2nd class citizen, but I know others really want this game.

Not quite... The game (burger using your example) is the most important thing and still the same. Achievements are a free coke. Nice to have, but you're not going to go home hungry ;)

It's simply buying burgers from different restaurants. The plain burger is from the WP7 store, the burger with all the extras is from the WP8 store. They burgers cost the same but it's your choice where you buy it from.

Someone actually speaks sense within WPCentral. Achievements are worthless! You didn't get achievements when playing the PlayStation, or the SNES or even the Atari 2600. So what the hell is everybody's fascination with achievements since the Xbox 360?

Its not the simple "pass a level" achievements im after but the ones that make u work and try things u normally wouldn't in a game that I like. And i hate to say it but there are probably a lot of people like me who dont pay money for a game without the Xbox branding. As a gamer it was my main draw to the os.

You're refusing to purchase a game because it doesn't come with its own set of achievements? There is more to a game than crappy achievements, don't you know, good sir!

personally, it seems more annoying that if you get this one on wp7, when upgrading to wp8, you'll have to throw in another dollar for the wp8 version. not that its that much, but still, the principle of being in the same ecosystem and having to buy the same game twice sounds dumb as hell. same games 2 different publishers (microsoft (xbl version), rovio (non-xbl, wp7 version).

I understand. Sure, the extra payment is an annoyance to some, but there's NOTHING we can do about it.
Surely people would go "oh, I can't do anything. I may as well just smile and move on". But, it's all screaming about how they "bought this game for one platform" and that entitles them to "get it for free!" or "have a discount!"or "this sucks, Rovio are trying to get more money" or whatever the reason. There's nothing we can do.

Yes there is more to a game than achievements, but the expectation on this platform is when a high profile game like angry birds comes to it it will have achievements in tow. It is one of the main reasons I love WP7 and something that differentiates it from the competition. So no, I will not support a developer that decided to omit one of the most compelling parts of the platform, whether the game is $1 or $5.

So let me get this straight.  If someone wants to buy it on their WP7 phone, it's one purchase.  If they want to purchase on their Windows 8 or Windows RT device, it's another purchase.  And if they then upgrade again to WP8, it's another one?
Ridiculous.  The WP7 and WP8 versions should be under the same payment.


So when games where still being released for both PS2 and PS3 around 5-6 years ago did people expect free copies of the version they didn't buy just because they were both Sony consoles? See how ridiculous that sounds?

It really shouldn't be a different version in the first place. There are many apps in the Windows Phone store that treat the WP7 and WP8 versions as one purchase.

They're not competing with consoles, they're competing with the iPhone.  There has never been a single game for iOS that you buy on one phone and rebuy to get it to work on another phone.  Some of them are even the same game for theh phone and the tablet, something that isn't currently possible on Windows.
But since you're talking about consoles, for the first few years of the Playstation 3's life, every single PS2 game played, meaning there was no repurchase involved to replay an old game.  The same goes for all GameCube games on the Wii, and Wii games on the Wii U.

Right but you obviously coudn't play PS3 games on a PS2.
Orginal comment specified buying content for Windows 8/ RT/WP8 should entitle you to a WP7 version of an app for free (if it even exists). Even between Windows8/RT/WP8 its not the EXACT same verion to begin with so the expectation/demand  of buy once use on 2-4 platforms  is unresonable for that alone.
These are not upscaled phone apps we're taling about, MS didn't do it Apple's way. Either move to another platform or just accept it.
And Sony eventually dropped the hardware chip that enabled PS2 playback on new PS3s...

You're incorrect. There are plenty of iOS games like Super Monkey Ball that have an older version for weaker phones and a newer version for stronger phones.

I must disagree. I see Smartphone apps/games in the same light that I see desktop apps/games. For example, I'm still running software on my Windows 7 machine that I bought back when I had Windows Vista. I expect the same programs to work when I upgrade to Windows 8. 
And as far as the console analogy goes, I can still run most my original Xbox games on my Xbox 360. So no, I didn't expect a free copy of the game for a new console, I just expect my old games to continue working on my new machine.

Many original Xbox games don't work on the 360; it's not fully backwards compatible. Nor can you expect everything to always be backwards compatible because many platforms aren't.

OK... but the original discussion was about having free access to different flavors of the same app on different platforms. The way its being discussed here is unreasonable might as well demand free copies of the iOS, Android apps while we are at it.

You would think that readers of this site already know why there is a gap between compatibility from WP8 and WP7: the new kernel. And why its WPs last great hope...

Please DON'T upgrade to Windows 8 as you will be surprised how many "softwares" are not compatible. Ever looked at it this way - Core OS, develops and evolves with better stability, functionality and support and the app/software developers that want their apps or softwares to make money on that OS should keep up with changing OS?
Why should MSFT make core OS that can support 5 year old apps when they have much more to gain and plan for future that will support enhanced development?
At the end of the day, MSFT is a software giant. Their role is to keep the core tidy and easier for their guys to work with so that they can evolve quicker than their competition. This is exactly why still 90%+ users have PCs in some form or another even with the modern competitions around MSFT. They planned for future and they will have to keep doing it. 

But only with SOME games. And it not always free. You might get a slight deal on buying the "combo" pack but you are still paying for two separate games.

It's a cool deal when the publisher/developer offers that value to players. But its not the same code running on both Vita and PS3. And Sony doesn't force developers to offer a free version as the console maker...

actually there are only a couple games you buy on ps3 you get with vita. So, no not really. My ios devices i too would have to buy most titles twice (ipad and then phone).

These games are $1 "jhoff"... not exactly breaking the economy. If you can't handle Rovio's intentions here, or even understand the reason for this happening, move to a different OS.

Yeah! Now people can STFU about not having this entry into a mediocre game franchise... (game play and lasting appeal-wise, obviously download alot but so is reality TV...)

haha. I still read in the reviews "it should be free". Wtf?! Why should it or any game be free? To those that say it should be free, you should give away something you made or own for free....to thousands of people

Why is it called just Angry Birds in the games hub? It kinda sucks when both Space and Star Wars are just called 'Angry Birds'.

I agree. But it may be due to them wanting to keep the titles shorter. For some reason, it costs more to translate longer titles than shorter ones, so some developers opt for single-word titles, etc.

Is it the same on WP8? Because it seems bizarre, especially as the Windows 8 versions are both fully titled.

I am sad that there are two versions for Wp7 and wp8 but I can see why. I will wait to buy it when I upgrade to wp8. I would guess ms charges to be a live game and since wp7 is a dying platform, why spend the extra?

Why? I don't understand people who say "we've bought this for platform No. 1, now I expect you to make it cheaper, or even free, for another platform". You make it sound like Rovio owe you something. You already have Angry Birds for your Surface, why not be content with that?

I just bought both of them because, frankly, they're 2 dollars. But still, this is a disrespectful slap in the face: it's barely any extra work to add the achievements if they've already done so for WP8.

Yes, but the problem is that the WP8 versions are already Xbox Live titles. What Rovio should've done is made the app 7/8 compatible like most developers did (eg. Jeff Wilcox of the popular 4th & Mayor app).

Forward Compatibility is easier than Backward compatibility... because WP8 supports the C# coding... but WP7 does not have native C++... basically to design an app for WP7 you have to start almost from the scratch!!!

Exactly, that's why Rovio should have made the app first for WP7, then add compatibility to 8. The first angry birds game runs fine and has XBL, so what makes that any different to the latest ones?

true. this is great for us here in Indonesia where thousands of people have xbox/wp but can't buy Xbox live titles.

 This is indeed ridiculous. Τhere should be one single purchase.... I bought this game on 3gs and i can also get this on 5 .Thats how it is. 

Both this and star wars costs less than a £1 each, achievements aside, no-one should grumble at that price, the more people who purchase, the more chance of devs/publishers supporting the platform.

+1.... I completely agree with you... we have finally got these games... which we.. as the purchases increase we will get the better versions and apps... this is a positive thing that we got these games atleast

Finnally! Better late than never. And I don't really care if we can't buy achievements. I wouldn't buy them anyway.

Plus, 99 cents per game is quite good. I've just bought both of them. And now I have two reasons less to buy a WP8.

Point is Rovio was too lazy to do the right thing and make these Xbox live enabled. I won't give them my money for a half assed job.

It's not about being lazy at this point. Since the WP7 AB games are actually seperate apps in the Marketplace, they'd also had to be separate titles on XBL. Having the same game on several of the four platforms platforms (XBL on Xbox, GFWL, Win8 and WP) is common, but the same XBL game twice on the same platform - now that's unprecedented so far.

the games are not shown as the headline or in featured or in new section....at least not here in india. this is shit on part of MS.plain basic smelly shit.

you can scan the QR code and Download them.... i already did... and they are listed.... 5 ratings for space and 3 for star wars... before cursing... know what to do... Noob...

new section doesnt have either game listed...(alphajax,break the castle, hoops, mario difference, teen patti, love puzzles and so on)the headline is blocks of pyramid. i didnt say the app is absent from store. m saying MS isnt publicizing it at all. what do u want me to do ?? keep searching temple run and jetpack joyride every day hoping that they'll appear ??....MS fanboy

do you visit wpcentral regularly??? if yes then you don't need to search through your marketplace everyday... they will report it... then all you have to do is scan the QR code... and download... and yes Jetpack Jyride is at present only on Windows 8 i have no idea about WP8 but i don't think it has arrived as yet... dude wait for christmas and new year.. they will come... and temple run... forget it... i don't think it will come for wp7 devices... temple run requires unity player game engine to run the game... so i don't think we are getting temple run... don't keep your hopes high for it... Jetpack Joyride... lets hope MS gives it to us as a christmas of New Year present

If you don't like what you get the just don't buy it! I'm personally very satisfied with this two games. Wan't something better then go and get a new phone and see it's not worth buying a new device at the moment.

Wait, so all the crying and whining that devs are not supporting WP7 was for nothing? You achievement kids are pathetic. Good god you people are the reason why Xbox,WP,etc have a bad name. Stop being little console kiddies and enjoy what is there.

I'm far from a kid.
If you dont get the bits that add value to this phone, that makes it different to the rest out there, why have the phone ?
If you not interested in achievments then go by an Android/iPhone like the rest of the population..

Im sorry guys but the whole point of having the Xbox live access on the phone IS the big seller for most people with a Windows Phone 7/8.
We all collect achivements and the phone and the work train journey is a good way to do it.
Angry Bird Star Wars on Windows 8 has achievements, the porting process between Win8 and Windows phone 8 is ment to be easy now they are on the same kernal - so where are the achievments ??
This is just a lazy port, they should be ashamed.
No achievements, no sale - it's that easy for me and i think many others on the phone..
I would have been quite happy to have bought both versions - no chance of that now

Yes easy to port between windows 8 and windows phone 8. This article refers to the wp7 game, not a simple port. Everyone needs to upgrade to wp8 and stop bitching about not getting 400 gamerscore. Other wise get a windows 8 PC and play them there for achievements to keep your gamerscore hard ons going

For $0.99, I will be happy plaing the game for just the sake of the game. I don't need the acheivments. Why? Well, having the acheivments doesn't do or mean anything. It is a GAME, play it for fun... It doesn't need to be a competetion of "my stick is bigger than your stick". It is a game, of throwing birds at pigs...

NO achivments NO buy, sry but no go for me... first angry birds old as fck i have no reason to replay games i already did on my other phones if not getting any GS... so love from me sry AB fans but usless for me now after all this time... ill buy the rest of the XBL titles now