Nokia pushes out another Extras + Info system update for Lumia phones

Nokia is still tinkering with their system apps on their Windows Phone 8 Lumias. The app Extras + Info, which is a meta-app for Accessory agent, Feedback to Nokia, Nokia First Use Experience and Warranty registration, controls a lot of behind the scene features for the Lumia and as such, are considered to be relatively important.

Like all previous system updates from Nokia, we’re unsure of what the changes are with this rollout. For all we know, they gave language support in Samoa. Or they fixed a major bug.

Forum member Magictoaster went ahead and documented the version changes with the update:

  • Nokia enhancements:
  • Accessory agent:
  • Feedback to Nokia:
  • Nokia First Use Experience:
  • Warranty registration: 1.1.04

Normally we’d tell you to just stand by and let your Store icon update with the little “1” to let you know, but forum member Tebugg was able to generate the URL and QR code for us, meaning you can now direct update. Cool, eh? (Make sure to give him "thanks" on his post).

Download Extras + Info from the Nokia Collection right here. Join our forum discussion here for more info.

QR: Nokia Extras


Reader comments

Nokia pushes out another Extras + Info system update for Lumia phones


oh thx didn't know you could hold the search button too...the more i learn about this phone the more i love it

especially when  multiple 920 owners, myself included, have not seen any updates from the store in 2+ weeks

that's cool but mine didn't update 'warranty registration' I don't even have this 'warranty registration' option in settings anywhere.

There are four ratings right now. Use the app link from the article on your wpcentral app.
I also suspect if you get the update notification, you could get at it that way as well. Swipe over to reviews and rate/comment.

All the updates to the extras, anyone else going to keep an eye on battery use to see if they are the source of the erratic battery drains?  My Lumia has done this to me twice.  Not a huge problem, just don't want to have to worry about it anymore.

Heres something interesting for you: I got this update when I first work up. During the day, interestingly, I saw an incredible increase with my battery. (Also, I never saw the location notice at the top of my phone). Today, I updated Nokia Maps. I havent tested the battery yet because my hpone is still charging. Hopefully, it didnt go back to crappy or I will be contacting Nokia to get detailed information. 

Dang it, I still can't update. Getting error 8103010d just like the last extras+info update. Doesn't make any sense...and Nokia told me I had to reset/wipe my phone to fix it (not going to happen - it's just one app).

Same here man, it sucks. I always get a 1 on the store for it but can never update. I'm not willing to wipe my phone for it.

The one thing I do wish is that they would give us a system that tells us the equivelent of:
"New in this update"
"Changes in this update"
So we'd know what it's doing

Thanks to WPCentral for linking to the updates. Most of the time, my marketplace gives me the updates, but this time it didn't.

Hello, this is Nokia.  We would like to update software on your device. 
Um, OK?
Yes the process itself is painless.  Just click update and you automatically accept our terms of service.  
This isn't going to turn me into a human Lumiscentapod is it?  
Mr. Elop - they now know too much.

Thanks, but i think i will miss the 1 next to the market place.  I always get happy to see what apps are being updated, am I the only one?  There was a time when I had a 5 I was elated that time.

I posted the problem of missing changelog directly in the nokia forums:
Post there, that they know that we are many, who want to have a changelog.

Ok, now I chatted dirctly with the nokia support. The guy said, that he will forward the request for changelogs to the developers.
Maybe some of you can also contact nokia support directly and make this request to speed things up.

I think I skipped warranty registration when setting up my L820 as I had a non-3G sim card in there. What do I do now?

I got the other updates but I don't have any waranty registration thing on my phone (822, VZW).  I feel left out.

Wait, I actually uninstalled this app when I first got my 920.  But you say it's important.  Should I install it back?  From what I remember it simply seemed like a FAQ/help app and I don't really need that.