Deal Alert: Verizon offering the HTC 8X for $99.99

Verizon HTC 8X

Verizon Wireless is now offering the HTC 8X Windows Phone for $99.99 after contractual discounts and for $549.99 off-contract.

The online listing shows that the 8X is available in red, black and blue and that this is for the 16GB version of the 8X. Which makes this a very nice deal when compared to AT&T and T-Mobile who are asking $199.99 for the 16GB version of the 8X.

You can find all the details on the Verizon 8X here at Verizon Wireless.

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Deal Alert: Verizon offering the HTC 8X for $99.99


It seems someone in the "make some money department" came back from vacation and decided we'd like to sell a few of these phones instead of seeing potential customers go to AT&T to get the 920 for the same price.

But I must say I have no love for Verizon so I might be a bit biased. Some customer rep actually once told me, if you think you can get a better deal across the street, hey go ahead. I've been going ahead happily ever sense. Maybe its time to let it go. Lol :-D

lol...Yeah I'm one of the ones that bolted over to AT&T. Originally I had preordered the 8x but I kept getting the runaround about the shipping date (I should add that they were at least polite about it,smh) Ended up getting a phone I liked better for a hundred bucks cheaper. Thanks Verizon! Someone in their "lets make some money department" just uttered a Homer Simpson like "doh"!

This is good for Windows Phone but sucks for me since I paid 199.99 for my 8X on launch. Thanks Verizon!

You can prob go back to Verizon and they'll credit the difference. I did that with my 822 when the price dropped from 99 to 49.

If I would have known the 8X and 822 were going to drop so much in price I certainly wouldn't have bought the 822 on launch day. Guess that's the price we pay for being early adopters.

T-mobile has a great deal on the HTC 8X if you have a value plan. You pay $150 upfront and get back $150. Then pay $20/month for 20 months. The phone only ends up being $400 in the end.

Verizon bends its customers over and rapes them hard... HARD... with a rusty splintered broom stick.
They may have the best service areas but their prices and selection of phones downgrades them to 2nd place behind AT&T.

It's starting to feel like WPCentral doesn't care much about phones other than the 920 and the 8X. Yes, Verizon is offering the HTC 8X for $99, they are also offering the Lumia 822 free at the moment, but that didn't get a mention here or it's own article, it also wasn't mentioned when it was offered for $49 instead of the intial $99.  Seen less and less mention of the 820, 822, and the 810 recently, even when they are getting the exact same thing as whatever is coming to the 920.

So I pre-ordered the 8X. Verizon sent me an email on launch day saying mine would be delayed. Sent me another email a week later saying more delays. So I canceled my pre-order and just bought one from the store for $200. Now, a few weeks later, they dropped the price by half. Sounds like I'm being punished.

Call and get an adjustment, they should give you an account credit. If they don't on the first try, call back, get a different agent, this time add in how messed up your orderng process was, ought to do the trick.

A few points from me (a 920 owner):
* The price should have been $99 from the start - even if they adjusted it at the last minute when they found out that the 920 was $99. $199 was just a little ridiculous given the AT&T 920 pricing - beautiful as it may be.
*  The Lumia 822 was supposed to launch at $49, but needs to be $100 less than whatever the 8X is, so they seem to have them both priced well.
* The 820 should be free at AT&T
* The 810 should match whatever price Verizon has the 822 for.
Hopefully they are also learning that changing the prices a lot after launch doesn't help - just be aggressive from the start like they did with the 920.

I dumped unlimited data & got this for my wife. Now I have to set up my old TouchStones for her to change with...

You can't use touchstones with the 8X or Lumia... They aren't Qi compatible.  You are likely going to damage your phones if you try this...

Great to see that they dropped the price. Got mine in red from Lets Talk for $39.99. Amazon also has it for $49.99 but for blue and black.

My local Verizon store sold 20 Lumia 822s today. They had one white one left when they closed. The 8X is selling a little better at $100 but I've never seen so many reps recommending a Windows Phone. Literally every rep was like "This Nokia is an amazing phone and is free"