ING Bank Windows Phone app in the works

ING Bank working on a Windows Phone app

While we have a decent number of banking apps available for our Windows Phone.  You have Chase Mobile, Bank of America, the National Australian Bank, Rabobank and the more the merrier. I would appear that ING Bank is about to join the crowd with their own Windows Phone app this Spring.

In an email correspondence shared by one of our readers, ING has confirmed that a Windows Phone mobile banking app is in development. While details weren't shared on the features of such app, it is expected to be available mid-April.

Good news for ING customers and hopefully more financial institutions will follow suit (hint, hint Regions!). There's a Windows Phone Central Forums discussion going on here if you care to talk it up about the pending ING banking app.

Thanks, Prophecy, for the tip!


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ING Bank Windows Phone app in the works


I totally agree, I have a checking, savings, and investing account. These two ApS are sorely missed right now.

Yes this is such great news for me. My bank account is from ING (I'm Dutch) and I really like the ING mobile banking app on my iPod. On WP it is a really pain to transfer money with the ING website because there isn't a mobile site, just desktop only.

Sweet, now if USAA would update their app for WP8. Their app for WP7 was great, but on WP8 it saves all your checks to your photostream, so they had to yank it.

I am hoping that too... But the thread over in WPCentral forums from USAA's app team that says they have dropped Windows Phone development entirely until adoption increases doesn't give me a lot of hope for an update. I have asked live humans, tweeted, and sent tips to WPcentral to cover the dropping of the app. Others have too. But ultimately, I think USAA's data as to who in their customer base was using the WP7 & 8 platform is telling them what's up.

As for Mint, I use PageOnce. The app is OK. Not awesome.

Waiting for Wells Fargo app too. Really confusing since some of their biggest competitiers, Bank of America and Chase already wised up to WP.

I gave up on them. That thank you page they had sometime back is also missing.
Someone requested for W8 version recently, but they said thread is already open for that topic and points to WP7 request. I think they have no clue of what's going on outside of iOS and Android.

In the Netherlands the Windows Phone Store also has the ABN-AMRO and SNS Bank apps. When the ING Windows Phone app hits the Store, 99% of the banks in the Netherlands are covered. I'd say: mission accomplished for banking apps in the Netherlands. 

I know right? I also have a ABN account and the WP8 app works like a charm. But ING is my main bank and I have been complaining at them since the early WP7 days. It finally payed off it seems... Yaaay!

I was waiting for a Wells Fargo app, but have given up hope. I have 2 Chase credit cards and have talked with their customer service a few times in the last couple of weeks. Their customer service was far better than anything I've ever experienced with WF, that combined with the fact they have a WP8 app w/ check depositing... I'm switching to Chase this week! WF seems to just be behind everyone else on the tech side of things.
Also have ING Dir... i mean... Capital One 360 account. So happy to see this, too!

I use the mobile 360 site and pin it to start. It works great. Most apps like these are overrated, since they don't add much in usability, features or speed.

Except you can't deposit checks using the browser, because you can't use a web form to upload a picture on WP.

ASB in New Zealand has not only one of the best banking apps I've seen, but one of the most polished apps on Windows Phone. 100% 5 star reviews so far.