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FCC filings foretell of Lumia 920 variant on Verizon

Both the Lumia 900 and 920 have been AT&T exclusives, leaving folks at T-Mobile and Verizon with no way to get their high-end Nokia fix. That’s about to change. Some recent FCC filings make it look like Big Red is about to pick up a variant of the Lumia 920.

FCC filings dug about by Engadget tell the tale of ‘RM-860’ working its way through the legal proceedings to go on sale in the United States. The device carries the LTE bands 4 and 13, which make it sympatico with Verizon customers.

Tom Warren over at The Verge reports that the device has been seen on the AdDuplex network with the same screen resolution of the Lumia 920. Which confirms what we reported earlier with a Lumia 920 like device popping up on AdDuplex earlier today. He also suspects it to be the Nokia ‘Laser’ device we touched up on a few weeks back.

Now will this device make an appearance at Mobile World Congress or nonchalantly arrive on the network? Personally I don’t suspect you’ll see this in Barcelona if it really is just a Lumia 920 variant and nothing ground breaking. Hmm.. now time to daydream of a matte red Lumia 920 running on Verizons network, anybody excited?

Source: FCC, Via: Engadget, The Verge


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FCC filings foretell of Lumia 920 variant on Verizon


"foreshadow"? Really?
I thought that word is used if something really bad (get it? shadow - dark) is about to happen.

Once you see how bad Verizon messes with this phone (like removing group messaging and adding their Backup Assistant Plus), foreshadowing will make sense. :-)

Maybe the exclusive will be a haunted phone? :-) A personal ghost that can help you in your daily life.

Yep, "foreshadowing" is just a literary device used to hint at something yet to come in the future. Though sometimes it is used to hint of "bad" things, often it also hints of good thing yet to come. ;-)

EOS or Catwalk are coming out when there's new WP update that makes them possible.
Just like HTC said that they can't implement HTC One camera to WP because of the restricted camera kernel. We also need support for new SoC to make EOS possible. 

But Titan II surpassed soc limitations byb implementing dedicated hardware chip to process pictures, so theoritecally Nokia could do that too

I've been with T-mobile for over 7 years, and I have to agree with you on this.
I waited and waited for Nokia900/800 last time.  As for Nokia 920, people said it would come to T-mobile after 6 months exclusive.  But I couldn't wait anymore, so I bought the unlocked one.

I was going to buy an unlocked 920, but it doesn't support T Mobiles 3 or 4g network. 2 g only and that sucks!!!! Lol..... What do you think of the 8X? I haven't played around with it yet.

I'm assuming your unlocked NL920 is the Roger's variant and i assume it works at least on Tmob 3g correct? I'm considering buying that Rogers one too but I think the price will come down by April or June as newer models get announced.

I blame this on Nokia not T-Mobile.   T-Mobile deserves a high end Windows phone and so does Sprint in the future.  Get you customer what they like they will buy, and T-Mobile has loyal customers.

Tom Warrant over at The Verge reports that the device has been seen on the AdDuplex network with the same screen resolution of the Lumia 920

Tom Warren?

I to am on t-mo and have waited and fact I tweet them every day @tmobile how about a WP8 HIGH END...answer is always the same we are adding devices every week. .yes just not high end WP8. ten years with t-mo time for a change or rather it may be I who changes

There are really just two high end WP8 devices and one of them is available on t-mobile.

You're absolutely right and absolutely wrong.
They're only 2 High end W8 devices. NOKIA 920 / Samsung ATIV S. Unfortunately neither is on Tmo. Now if you're referring to the HTC 8X that is a mid grade phone. If HTC would've made a Titan like W8 with 32 GB that would be high end.

Umm last I checked 8X is high end. Even Microsoft named it as a Signature device. Heck it has a higher dpi than the 920 (342 vs 332) and is sleeker too. That is YOUR definition of a high end device which by the way isn't the only thing that defines a high end device. One thing I can agree to is TMobile needs more awesome phones likes the 920.

We agree Tmo needs more W8 devices. I guess high end is different for different people. Most people would say the 8X is a downgrade from the Titan. Just Like the Radar was a downgrade from the HD7. There was a rumor of a Titan type HTC (I think it was zenith) that was without a doubt high end. Have you seen the specs on the One series? They are high end. Unfortunately HTC just threw some color on the 8X and so so specs. If the would've just made a One version for W8 HTC would've had a home run. Samsung did it right. They pretty much cloned the Galaxy 3 with the ATIV S. Now if Tmo would just get it.

I agree Samsung did do it right. The reason why I say the 8x isn't high end but rather middle range is at 16 gb and 4.3 screen size. it's pretty much the slandered that 4.5 and 32 gb is start up for high end...I whish that HTC did do the Titian WP8 on T-MO I have this odd feeling it would have been a big hit. especially with T-MO pricing.I carry a HD7 and had hoped for something bigger both in screen size and GB.

excited about Verizon? not really, I'm using my 920 on T-Mobile with a 30$/month no contract prepaid plan. I'd have to pay way to much to be on Verizon and even if the service is a little better (I don't really need the nation wide coverage) it's not X 3-4 better.

The 920 works on t-mo? Is it 4g or 3g? Details please. Where did you get the phone unlocked, how did you set it up, what plan are you using? Does it really work?

If it's At&t its 2G. If he bought a Rogers off eBay ($400-$500) it's pentaband and works on Tmo 3G & 4G. The first batch of Rogers were unlocked. There locked now but a unlock code cost about $25

It depends where you are. T-mobile has been refarming its network to allow AT&T customers to bring their iPhones over. I have an HTC 8X from AT&T and I am on t-mobile in San Francisco and I get 4G all the time. More cities are coming on line all the time.

With the refarming you'll get 4G in a few areas. Other than that you're on 2G / edge. There is no 3G. Jumping from 4G to 2G is a night and day difference.

At this point who cares? I'm using the 822 just fine and it has a removable battery and SD card storage. The only thing that's better on the 920 is the camera, again who cares. Nokia shouldn't had went the way of the iPhone and given the excusiveness to AT&T only.

Verizon never like to pull the trigger on new phones e.g Razr and iPhone. What if this one comes with 64GB and free Nokia  bluetooth headset

You truly believe only the camera is better?! What about the screen? And the camera being better is no small difference.

I was on Verizon and considered the 822, but switched to AT&T for the 920. The camera and screen were what did it for me. I take a lot of videos and pics and the 920 has no comparison. The screen is great when it's ten degrees out and I can keep my gloves on. Why this isn't seen as a big differentiator for Nokia still baffles me?

Yay!  This is what I've been waiting for.  While the idea of mystery phones being revealed at MWC is exciting, I've been wanting the 920 on VZW since it launched on ATT.  I don't care that it won't be the best thing, I love the look, feel and camera of it.  I'm sold once it hits the shelves.

Elop said "amazing things" for Verizon. There had better be something better coming, because there's nothing "amazing" about a six month old phone. I'm having flashbacks of a seven month old Trophy coming to Verizon......

Just looked at the picture from the FCC filing.  It looks like VZW had Nokia round off all the edges, boo.  Curse you VZW.

Wow fail on Verizon and Nokia lol we get a mid range phone as the big news and yes it is min range the thing is 6 months old I need to go to att

There's just no pleasing you elitist Verizon users, you moan that you didn't get the phone now it looks like its coming and you find something new to moan about. If you want the latest phones so badly grab an android, that way every 2 months you can get the newest latest and greatest and continue feeling superior.

I was kind of thinking that as I was sifting through the comments, but that feels too harsh to say IMO.
People need to realize that it's a big surprise (to me at least) that Verizon is even carrying WP. Their phone lineup is cannibalized by Android...and the iPhone. Its been like this for the last 4-5 years now.
Coming from a business standpoint, that doesn't really give optimism that a high end WP will do "well" in sales on Verizon. I could see why Nokia and Verizon waited to see how sales were on AT&T with the 920 than pushing it out to other carriers. -even though Nokia gets more $ through subsidies with exclusiveness. Anyway...

I work at Verizon's largest premium retailer, our location is an anomaly but we've sold more 822s than any single android model since they launched.

+1, theefman.
Before I saw this post and the one at The Verge, I thought, "Those people that complained about not having the Lumia 920, probably won't even purchase the variant even if it comes to Verizon"!
i don't think that they are elitist though; they can't be even though Verizon is the largest U.S. carrier.  AT&T is the 'Elite' carrier because they have been the only carrier to fully support WP since 2010, and Nokia made the right choice in giving the best Lumia (the 920) to AT&T first.  Verizon chose to be reticent with regards to WP, and thus they will always be 'behind' or get 'the best' last when it comes to Windows Phone.
Sorry Verizon customers - you either wait for the high end Lumia's, move to AT&T in order to get them first, or just settle for another OS.

I love the specs of the 920...but I was really wanting VZW to get the 920 in all it's glory, including the design.  This looks like it will have stylings similar to the 822.  Though I kind of looks like it will have a removable battery which is nice.

How are we being elitist I got the 822 right now love the phone, but seeing how we are getting a 6 month old phone as our new flagship. It looks bad we are playing catch up and instead of catching up we fall back

And once again, I have to reiterate that this is Verizons fault. Not Nokia's. Had Verizon been more supportive with WP since 2010, we probably would be seeing more WP's on the carrier. Instead they decided to saturate their phone lineup with Android...and iPhone. Just look at the comments above this one. They explain it perfectly...

I'm excited. I will definitely pick this up when it's available. My better half has the 822 and it's silky smooth. I shake my head and toss my middle digit, at you spec shores while cupping my balls. You people are the reason for high phone prices.

Been on tmo since 08. Jumped on WP with the hd7 and have been hoping, and getting shafted, that a L900 would come around. The 820 looks good, but Tmo wants down payment then add the rest to monthly bill. I am not the monopoly guy. And screw att and Verizon for getting all the high end s***.

Sam you had me at matte red I'd love to see that ... But like I've said before id love if the 920 were on all carriers matte yellow sprint and matte magenta for tmobile

I would like to second the idea of a yellow 920 on Sprint!  That would be my next phone for sure!

I definitely need an upgrade. The 822 is great but was hoping Nokia & Verizon would introduce the aluminum design device but seems once again ATT gets the exclusive. I'll take the 920 variant but how long before we get to have another Nokia option? 6 mo into our two year contract? Patience is a virtue if your waiting for the next top WP device on Verizon.

Not sure if I am happy about it or not. If this happened months ago, it might be different. Like Verizon getting GSM phones over the years, after they get them, they are old news. I waited over a month and ended up getting a 8X, my biggesst hate about this phone is it's space limitations.
A Verizon 920 needs to do something very special, MicroSD card, better display, better camera, etc to impress me any bit the upgrade to 32gb is not enough for me. I guess people who's contract is ending soon should be happy about this,
I'm not under any contract with my 8X but, if I was to replace it, it would be have to be really, really worth the upgrade.
To be honest with you, after the few months now, is it too late for a new Windows Phone 8 device ? Shouldnt people who upgraded to a WP8 device be looking forward to 8.5 or 9 devices (And I am sure after Windows 8, 9 will be out sooner than later from what i have read)...
I guess time will see...

Hmmm.  So NOW you're saying it needs to do something special, because I recall your comments from months ago that you simply wanted the Lumia 920 on Verizon - nothing more or less.  Everyone is entitled to change their criteria, of course :)  
Verizon will never get the flagship Lumia before AT&T; not ever.  So, Verizon customers, who are WP fans, need to accept this and NOT complain about it, get an alternative device on Verizon, or move to AT&T if you want the Lumia flagship when it's initially released.

I like how you're telling people to not complain about something they have every right to complain about. You must be on AT&T. People like you are the reason this OS won't grow.

Waiting for a rumor or getting a current device is a different story. A 920 on Verizon is old news now. A few months ago, I would of gone after one but, personally, with having a WP8 device now (8X), If I am to upgrade, it will be for a WP 8.5 or 9 device.
To me, a 920 on Verizon now is too late,,,,
And I did say I wanted a 920 on Verizon, a few months ago. Also, just becuase it hit the FCC, does not mean it will be released next week or anything...

You are neither foreshadowing nor foretelling, just engaging in idle speculation. Nokia may have something making its way through FCC but that does not mean a carrier has picked it up. If everything sent through FCC had a carrier attached there would be things like a 4G Blackberry Playbook for sale in the US.  Yes, that example was intentionally chosen since it demonstrates that even the most useless and derided products go through the process. It is just a necssaary step twoards being able to sell a product in the US. If people were to really to spend time looking through all FCC filings they would find lots more devices of which they have never heard (and never will in the real world).

I thought we were promised "exciting things" for Verizon "soon" from Elop.  A device just "non nonchalantly" appearing on the network is not exciting and will not attract too many new customers to WP8, Nokia, or Verizon.  
If it's just an exact Lumia variant with nothing new about it whatsoever, then forget it.  That would have been exciting news a few months ago but not now.  And will be even less exciting if we have to wait 3-4 more months to even get a hold of it.  
I have been holding onto an upgrade since October to switch over to a high end WP Nokia device on Verizon.  I refuse to wait much longer.  If we "can't expect" this to debut at MWC, then when will it? 

Great... so looks like only we in TMO will be left out in the cold.  Seriously... bigger battery and higher res screen for the 810... That's all. 

I've had the 822 for over a month now and have been 100% satisfied. I see no reason to pine over the 920 variant coming whenever. I'm happy with this fine phone.

I guess we all wait to hear Verizon and Nokia to talk at WMC this week, I am sure but the end of the week most of it will be told.

Check out this Q&A with an AT&T Exec:
Goes to show the love and partnership they're feeling for Microsoft and W8 Phones and so no wonder Nokia has warmed up to them first as it's a 2-way relationship.  Verizon has barely shown any interest in Windows Phones and so of course they're going to be the go-to carrier to get their hands on high-end flagship devices. 
I'm also with Verizon but looking to switch to AT&T soon pending the outcome of what we find out from this huge Mobile event in Barcelona. 

Exactly this. I waiting to get my first phone, and I want to be on a trustworthy network (i.e. Verizon). If Nokia doesn't announce a Verizon variant of the L920, then I'll be heading off to AT&T.