White Lumia 928

Video: Nokia Lumia 928 smacks down the Galaxy SIII in audio recording

The Nokia Lumia 928 is arguably the worst kept secret in the world of Windows Phone handsets. We’ve known about it for quite some time and have pieces of its existence surface frequently. Nokia even put the device itself up on their website last night. Without an official announcement to boot. Here’s a new video and image of the device.

Nokia is using a similar marketing approach to build buzz for their latest high-end Lumia as they did with the Lumia 920. We’ve seen the video comparing video quality from the Lumia 928 vs. the Samsung Galaxy SIII. But now they company highlights the ability to record live music without distortion. Turn down your headphones/speakers a bit before you play the following video.

The Lumia 928 clearly outperms the Galaxy SIII when recording the street music. Nokia has a winner with their High Amplitude Audio Capture (HAAC) technology. We've seen videos of the Lumia 920 recording concerts with results both for the eyes and ears. The Lumia 928 looks like another winner with presumably improved HAAC technology inside. Sounds better right?

What do you think of the white version of the Lumia 928 above? You can clearly see the Xenon flash alongside the LED flash. I’m guessing we’ll see some sample images from that camera sooner than later.

Source: Nokia US; Thanks, slayerjayslb, for the tip!


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Video: Nokia Lumia 928 smacks down the Galaxy SIII in audio recording


Are Samsung comparing the S4 with a Lumia 900? I don't see why they're using the S3 as a comparison.

Unless the S4 has HAAC it doesn't matter.  Only devices with that particular kind of chip will get good sound at high volumes.  So for all intents and purposes it's fine.
That's unless the S4 has it's own version of HAAC.

Most likely because the video might have been shot before S4 was released. They can't exactly ask Samsung to give them a pre-sale prototype (if this was filmed before S4 release).

The moment the S4 came out they should have thrown this away. Unless they're trying to get people to switch. the Galaxy Note II has been for quite a while... Where are those comparisons.

Just to be clear, the Nokia 928 is just a REVISED version of a phone that shipped last year.  Unless you consider the S4 to only be a slight revision of the S3. 
Nokia is 'showcasing' specific features of the 928 in advertising, it does not mean the existing features of the 920 that already got it higher awards than the S3 and S4 are no longer relevant. In fact, if you notice, the things they are focusing on are the 'changes' in from the 920 to the 928, which are a marked improvement over the 920's technology, even the HHAC has gotten the updates that the 920 didn't have at launch putting it below the Nokia 808 in regard to audio, even though it was still besting other phones on the market. 
I'll bet that in the next set of Nokia 928 test releases you will the new screen, which is another of the upgrades from the 920, boosting viewing angle and pushing even further beyond the S4, HTC One, and iPhone 5 in color reliability, viewing angles, and daylight usability.
In most reviews, the S4 doesn't hold up to the already available Nokia 920. Specifically screen visibility in daylight, OIS technology, low light video, and a lot of other primary features; especially considering the 'drop' tests where the Nokia 920 literally is used like a baseball without screen damage, and dropping the S3 or S4 out of shirtpocket shatters the screen.
When you look around there is no question that LAST YEAR'S Lumia 920 camera already beats the S4, and even takes on the HTC One, from comments like, ""Lumia 920 absolutely spanks the S4" with reference to low light to even actual shots posted all over the internet, Bing: Lumia_vs_SGS4_2.jpg with other reviews taking on the 13mp difference that is lost with the additional noise the S4 produces and even the overall performance of the device, that even with 4/8 cores, the DUAL CORE Nokia 920 still is less laggy and faster UI drawing and gaming.
So complain about them not use the S4, but also remember the S3 beats the S4 in most audio and video tests as well, especially low light situations, so by using the S3, Nokia is actually being kind to Samsung and not making them look even worse with the darker and grainier S4 images.

This could also be a strategic move from Nokias side, since the GS3 looks quite similar to the GS4. Average Joe might not be able to tell the different?

Because Lumia 928 is not a flagship device.  And as what did uopjo6 say, S3 & S4 are basically the same phone.  They will compare all common capabilities of the S4 and the upcoming flagship Lumia device which will be announced very soon.

Sure we can! The only differences we can guess are the weight and thickness as well as the Xenon flash. Same PureView tech as the 920. We wont get the high MP PureView til the fall. Then we can stop.

Some of the 'features' of the 928 are also software side that the 920 has gotten since it shipped or will be getting.  Specifically with regard to the audio recording.
When the 920 shipped, its first low light images were not the quality expected, and the first software update gave it its winning low light and better color handling. If you look back a 'release' reviews on the 920 camera, its get a 'meh', but reviews after the camera update it soars past other phones easily.
The 928 is getting some of the hardware updates, but nothing earth shattering.  The next generation of Nokia phones is where you will no longer like your 920 and be ready to upgrade. ;)

rotflmao.  I expect you are right about the next gen Nokia phones would make you ready for an upgrade from the 920. I have a feeling that now that AT&T is dropping inventory to get ready for the next Nokia handset. (Nokia 920 is free on a 2 year committment)  But because of what Nokia did with the 920, they could get in my wallet when the next phone drops. I love the platform. It works.

Using the S3 to compare its pretty stupid. They should be doing it with the S4. Unless the S4 beats the 920. Which I pretty much doubt.

This probably wasn't shot while the S4 was out, they'll probably update it later this year (closer to Fall when their truly latest and greatest comes out - the 928 is more of a 920 version 2 than their top-notch phone of the year).

That could be. But since people are now focused on the S4 which was just released, using the S3 was a terrible idea for promoting a new phone. Sure it's just a 920 with some fancy things to please Verizon, but from the sales point of view it would be better to try and pass it as completely new hardware and not a rehash of a phone that's on the market for 6 months.

I think they would have done better comparing it with the iPhone 5, since there's no iPhone 5S/6 announced or released yet.

Technically the 928 is new hardware. Besides, what's really "new" about the S4? And how do you know it would annihilate it? Do you have proof of that?

The GS4 DOES NOT have HAAC mics. It is not design to pick up audio in the 100-140db range. That is was HTC got into so much sh!t with Nokia, the third party company who makes the HAAC mics for Nokia sold them to HTC prematurely.

the S4 actuallt has a pretty crap camera, close to the S3's which is also crap. The 920 pretty much blows all out of the water. The 928 will blow the 920 out of the water with updated flash and updated software compared to the 920.

On the moon, nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks. When the S4 is more popular than the S3, then we'll start seeing more comparisons. Untill then, no one but tech nerds will care, but we aren't the target of such ads.

I cannot wait to get rid of this POS Galaxy Note 2 and get a Lumia 928. Hopefully I can trade someone straight across for it.

I'd be more impressed if the 928 hit closer to the 0db level without clipping. I think it could have been a bit hotter: Instead, it hovered between -13 to -5db. But, it did not distort, which is important.

To my eyes, screen also looks like tapered on the top and bottom edges like the back of the body. Can't wait to see real one.

The xenon will make the night images so much sharper. I remember my old Sony Ericsson K800i with the xenon, I look at some of my old photos with it and some of my current phone photos and that xenon really made them sharp and clear!

No one really gives a shit about audio recording on mobile phones. And shame on Nokia for comparing a year old phone with their latest phone. If S4 wasn't available at the time of making this video, then simply don't record the video.

Some of us actually do care about audio recording. It's something I'm actually looking forward to when I am finally able to get my hands on a 928.

The reason people might not have cared is because it royally sucked up until Lumia put the HAAC chips in their phones. Now you get really good sound from even insanely loud environments. S3 or S4 or iPhone6, it doesn't matter unless it's got the chip that can capture high amplitude audio.

I was at a soundgarden concert last night and heard a recording from an iPhone5. It was dreadful. My 920 didn't clip at all and the audio is 100% useable and I can EQ it a little and it's going to sound quite good. Gone are the days of crap audio/video from phones. :)

Huh? Besides Photo quality, Audio recording was one of my main reasons to buy the Lumia920. As a frequent visitor of concerts I was always disappointed when I relistened the recording I made. When the bass is a little too loud all other phones drop the recording volume.... The 920 records it great