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It's here: Itsdagram Free now available for Windows Phone 8

Following up on our earlier post, we told you that the free, ad-supported version of Itsdagram would go live today and sure enough, it has.

For users who don’t want to fork over $1.49 for the app (or who can’t due to lack of carrier billing in their region) you can now get the completely free and fully functional Instagram-client for Windows Phone 8. The app is exactly like its paid sibling but has some banner ads near the bottom—otherwise the apps are identical.

Those on Windows Phone 8 can pick up Itsdagram free here* in the Store.

*Note: This link is really, really new and fresh meaning the app may not yet appear in the Store in your region. If so, just try back again as the app needs to work its way through Microsoft's servers!

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It's here: Itsdagram Free now available for Windows Phone 8


xD I just read titles. Yeah that was my bad. Just wanting to grab that link and set it to a friend asap.

Certainly they should support developers who ALREADY have apps available for 7.x users. But that doesn't mean this developer doesn't like you or any other 7.x user. He's a developer, he wants his app on as many phones as possible whether it's paid or ad supported. It just takes time and he does have a regular job and a family and has been in the process of builing a house and already spends hours and hours every day trying to squash bugs and add features.  All of that mean that when it does come to 7.x users it'll be a great experience.

And why wait for something than the developer never has confirmed than he is working on that. So i preffer to support developers who are working on our 7.x plataform. That doesnt mean than i am mad. I just do what any can do now: wp8 users support their available app, and wp7 users support developers than are working for us. SIMPLE

Can YOU read first? The developer said is coming, but here (wpcentral) also Daniel wrote than there is not ETA for Itsdagram on 7.x so, that mean than he is not working on it. By the way, everybody knows than is just one person who are developing for this app. Awesome! Really, its unbeliveble what he is doing by it self. But this is not the point. We, 7.x users, really want this awesome app, but you guys (wp8 users) hate than we even ask for that, or complaing, claming for this (interesting: like we all complaing about an official Instagram account). So please, be patien we us, we are in the same team!

This app isn't downloading for me!! What's wrong!!? (Jk, I'm pretending to be one of those people who don't read the article and start complaining.) Fun, fun, fun!

Not complaining just advising. But it's working now so all good. Who has time to read full articles nowadays anyway xD

I just happened to scroll up and recognize that you were one of them. Looks like I'm the one who needs to read lol :D

Nice new icon and fixes. This is all good news, Itsdagram is like 100 times better than Instagraph, but why can't we just get the real deal is beyond me. Looking forward to seeing more essential apps in the store in the coming weeks, the past six months have been quite good for WP8... still can't complete the list of apps I was using on a regular basis on iOS though! I'd love to see new Flickr, ebay, Lloyds banking app...
what apps are you missing most?

I love how its not 'Itsdagram Free', but it just shows as 'Itsdagram'. That's just classy. The little things, huh?

There should be SOME kind of horrible consequence for wanting free anyway. There is almost nothing in the world as inexpensive as an app, and yet people whine and whine and demand $1000 value out of a frickin' buck (and a half). Weird!

If I'm not wrong, it was Apple who coined the term 'app'. We didn't use to call Windows Mobile 6 softwares as 'app'.

I think the developer made some kind of mistake. I bought the app and my app started to look as "Itsdagram Free" on my app launcher.

Cool. I have the paid version but by having the free one the app will get tons of downloads. Oh and I think it looks bettre than the official app on iphone

Good thing I waited. I hate paying for an app that eventually will become free or there's an official app on the way. Instagram, Nokia or Microsoft is working on one... How could they not???

Its a $1.49 not enough to break anybody's budget. Plus Daniel Gary (developer, just ONE guy) put alot of effort into it. Something Instagram's team didn't even bother with...

wait this app was only done by one guy?  wow..  maybe i'll buy it just to support him because it's a great looking app so far.

Yes, one dev who also has a day job, is building a house and has a family that he spends time with. I chat with him every day and he spends hours making improvements and fixing bugs.

While I understand that position, two things:

  1. Don't expect an official app, sorry
  2. Even so, indie devs sometimes make better apps than "official". Just something to consider.

Don't expect it? The App is done, dude. Just because they don't tell you or give it to you in advance, it doesn't mean its not done. They haven't released it yet. Why is the only question that remains to be answered.

Where did you get the news that it's already finished? There is absolutely 0 evidence that it's even in the works.

Who knew about the Facebook beta before it was available? Just BC there's no official post by instagram, Microsoft or Nokia doesn't mean it's not being worked on. It will come..

Well, you can take my word or not. Frankly, it doesn't bother me if you want to "believe" but I'm telling you: there is no Instagram app waiting to be released, or rather, it's not likely to come anytime soon.

There are TWO big apps coming in June/July but neither are Instagram.

I give a damn about instagram after getting itsdagram but now you got me curious, what are those two BIG apps coming! I beg you to reply Daniel !

If one of those apps is snapchat ill be the happiest person alive, just tell me if one is snapchat please!

I think the team at Instagram should take a clue from this guy. I hope he made some decent money for delivering what many consider to be a void for Windows Phone. I gladly paid for it plus now when my friends ask if I have Instagram, I can say I do :)

OK... I'm using instagram now. Wow, Facebook... But with pictures only... THIS IS WHAT EVERYONE IS BITCHING ABOUT WP NOT HAVING? GIVE ME A BREAK.

I felt the same way, honestly. I don't really see the point of instagram or even twitter, because I feel like all of their functionality is covered in Facebook.

But some things are like viral videos. You don't know why everyone likes it so much. But they do.

With all the bitching & moaning (plus Nokia's "2insta") you'd think it was the most awesome, groundbreaking, can't do without app ever... Turns out its less than special.

Facebook has pictures. Twitter and instagram are about simplifying things. Its about sharing simple stuff and photos, instagram is. Twitter delivers news faster than anybody. Those are their reasons for existing. Idk why you compare them to FB when FB is junk. These are far and beyond better.

I also paid for the app as soon as it hit the store (not the beta, though) and I'm very happy with it. I created my account and started uploading without problems. There were some pesky bugs but many of them have been fixed in v1.2. Paying for good apps like this, encourages the growth of the ecosystem. Go MICROSOFT!

Installing it as we speak. I'm looking forward to using it because I've never had Instagram on my previous phone, the iPhone 4. Should be interesting.

I'm glad they dropped the "Free" and changed the tile icon. So much cleaner now.
Also they added the ability to save! Yey
Next thing they need to work on is the quality of the pictures. When I scroll through my feed on WPGram, the pictures are in HQ and look fine. On Itsdagram, they're not as high.
-- Also, a cleanup of your profile should be next. It's very messy. I don't like how the thing stays there that says "Your profile is set to public. This means that anyone can see your profile and pictures" in a big box.
-- Also, I just noticed that this is a totally different article. I thought I was posting in the Itsdagram update there even a difference now?

Don't know if the developer comes to read comments, but if he does: awesome App! Could you consider integrating it with Skinery Tiles Pro?

Ok, question. Why isn't instagram having a hissy fit over all these apps messing with its server or whatever there doing. Just wondering, or are they?

I cant seem to post any pictures with captions. Whenever I try, it would take forever to upload but not upload (waited for like 10-15 mins).

The paid app (which I believe had a "Try" option) was inadvertently renamed "Itsdagram Free" when the first update was rolled out. Version 1.2 fixes this, and updates the icon.

I think the entire idea of Instagram is retarded but I'm gonna try it out anyhow because I support hard working indie devs.  
And being a software developer in a previous life, official apps are often crippled by the bureaucracy of corporate standards, policies, retarded management, retarded team members, painful QC procedures and workflow, and also follow have to follow corporate development standards (which often dictate what technologies you are allowed and not allowed to use).  
Indie devs aren't crippled by that kind of bullshit, so they can get apps and updates out FAST, and respond very quicky to bug reports, customer feedback, and has a direct interest in making the app as awesome as possible.  I often prefer third party apps to official ones.

They said there was going to be a free version. I bought it knowing that I wanted to support the developer. It's only 1.49. I think (I hope) you can afford it. It's not like these apps cost ally anyway.

Plus, you're not being brainwashed by ads that would've subliminally convinced you to buy $149 dollars of pink underwear!

Y'know what grinds my gears? People who have bought the app and rated it in the store with 4-5 stars, and came back to rate it again with just one 'cause "they paid for an app that now is free". Man, fuck logic, happened in the store in my country.

I hope it's not Path. That company is the devil!!

I never heard of Whispher. (Is that the correct spelling?)

Vine might be cool. I mean, it is the trendy micro-video-blogging app, isn't it?!

I'm a self described insta-hater; however, I pulled down this app in support of the developer. Well done sir, hope you make a ton of money on your app. Thanks for helping fill this need on this platform.

I'm glad the developers decided to put out a free version, but I'm estatic for the developers that many people have opted to fork out a very reasonable $1.49 for the paid version and support their fine work.
Didn't I read recently that this is already the most purchased paid app? Well Done!
I have no ties with the developer but support him/her/them by buying this app - it helps the overall increase in quality of apps for the ecosystem and brings more developers onboard too.
WindowsPhone Rocks! And so does its users... :)

Hi everyone!!! Need HELP!!! The uploaded photos DO NOT receive any likes except the friends'. The tags are written down, many tags but this is useless. HELP

Nope, it's started about two days ago! Also when opening the tag u've written u won't see your photo there as if u simply have not uploaded it to instagram at all!

Had a suspicion this was the case too. It seems that it doesn't even matter where you type the hashtags in. As long as the photo was uploaded through Itsdagram the hashtags don't work.

I don't use Instagram - and I won't -, but huge kudos to Daniel Gary, the developer, for his work, effort and contribution to the platform.

Just someone explain this app to me.
Say I find a picture on the "popular" page that I like, how can I follow that author using itsdagram? I seem to be only able to share and like the picture but not folow the author.

So much for having all the features of the paid version... I can't even register an account to see what this app is all about. I want to see what all the fuss is about Instagram before paying for an app I may never use. I know $1.49 isn't much but it kind of limits the user-base by not allowing customers who only have access to a WP device to create an account. Seems a good way for the dev to force users to get the paid version. 

Edit: Take that back. Tried again and it worked this time :\

Did I say it impacts me financially? I think I specifically said it isn't much but I don't just go around throwing $2 for every app that comes on the store, especially ones that I'll never use. It eventually adds up. If I think an app is well made then I'll support the developer by buying their app, which I did after trying the free version. Keep your stupid comments to yourself next time, smartass.


there's a hashtag problem with this app , any hashtags i wrote with the pic that i uploaded after the update are not working because before when i write those hashtags i get like allot of likes from random people but now after the update i dont get any ??? anyone help



    Given this a look, so signed up for the first time. Isn't this just Facebook for pictures...with filters you can get elsewhere?

    great. Don't even see any banner ads yet, although the empty slot is there for them.
    will keep both the trial since it has no ads it looks better when my ios/android friends ask to see my instagram; will just use the adfree version for uploading my pics.
    Also a blow to see DANIEL RUBINO saying DO NOT expect an official instagram app...after the months of being on this site every week or so there would be some instagram rumour or post about it he says this. I hope I will therefore never see another post about instagram coming ever again. mean what you say and say what you mean

    work. great job as always!
    sad to know from Rubino that the official won't come, and i hope they don't block itsdagram, this work is really good. (i'm waiting for better filters now)

    I have the paid version of the app and it seems as though most of the features are working fine except one major glaring issue. I can't upload photos!! I uploaded my first photo, and ever since then (Despite reinstalling 5 times) every upload attempt at a new pic just stays stuck @ "UPLOADING"....And yes, this includes a Wifi and/or LTE Connection. I have an HTC 8X on Verizon....Anyone else experiencing this? Really wanna love this app..but I'm missing out on the primary reason to use this site/app....

    Same here. I found the reason to be the captions. I can post pictures fine without captions but with them, it gets stuck on the "UPLOADING".

    Thanks for the response zukirin. I was beginning to think I was the only one..LOL!!...I tried that method also just "to see" and it got stuck (no caption)...but that was right after a failure and only going back a screen and trying again. Let me try with a fresh slate and see what happens!! /crossing fingers!! ;o)

    Yeah I've tried that million times.
    I wonder if I can contact Microsoft to get my money back. Supporting a developer is good and stuff, but I am not paying for an app that doesn't work for me.

    Yeah, I'll go with this version until I'm sure Instagram don't shut it down.  Then I'll buy the full version.

    Your absolutely right...You could have had an additional $1.50 put away for early retirement...These developers are sharks i tell you...

    Hashtags are broken from version 1.1.
    The photos uploaded doesn't show up in tag searches in other devices and website. Not sure what happened.
    Not that it bothers me but one thing I noticed.

    Bought this app and just created an account for the first time. One thing I noticed is I can't seem to find friends on phone or facebook. It just keeps syncing or finding. Anyone else having the same problems? Windows Phone 8X for VZW.

    I'm one who could care less about Instagram but, I downloaded it...Just in case I change my mind later...hey the price is right, Downloaded it then uninstalled it..

     Instagram is a great app if you have friends on it. Be patient, find your facebook friends, upload some good filtered photos. Its not facebook.  Its something different.  Please Microsoft bring the official app to wp8. 

    I have an issue with the app, the hash tag button at the bottom (towards the right of the mention button) always appears greed out, can someone confirm if its a paid (or premium feature) available with only the paid version, or its an issue with the app itself

    Please fix the TAGS problem or it's almost useless. I need #2instawithmassivelove to upload the photos!!! (it works there)

    Im still having the hashtag problem. Even if my picture comes up on my hashtag feed, it still doesnt on iPhones or Androids.