Lumia 1020

Nokia announces the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone on AT&T for $299, coming July 26

Nokia has today unveiled and announced the Lumia 1020 for AT&T. The Windows Phone is the latest flagship handset from the Finnish manufacturer, following the Lumia 920, Lumia 928 and Lumia 925. What's important here is the jump to a new group, no longer are we wrapped up in the 9xx series. So what's the Lumia 1020 all about and is it exactly as leaked renders and information suggested? 

If you've not been following our coverage on the Lumia 1020 (codenamed "EOS"), it's been a rather eventful adventure. Multiple leaks have painted an interesting picture of what we can expect the next Lumia to look like, sporting a 41MP PureView camera. Ever since Nokia released the Pureview 808 running Symbian, Windows Phone consumers have been calling out for a similar handset running Microsoft's OS. That time has come with yet another high-end Windows Phone being made available.

Lumia 1020

Specifications wise, the Lumia 1020 sports a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage, 4.5-inch AMOLED display (with Gorilla Glass 3, PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack, High Brightness Mode, Sunlight readability and Super sensitive touch), PureView 41MP rear shooter (6 lens optics, High resolution zoom 3x, Autofocus, Xenon Flash), 1.2MP HD wide angle front-facing camera, 2000mAh battery and all the usual bells and whistles one would expect from a Nokia Windows Phone. 

As well as the confirmed look and hardware, the Lumia 1020 also features new innovations and improvements to the overall user experience. We're focusing on photography here. Multiple levels of zoom, automatic face detection and dual-capture (oversampled image is for sharing on social networks and more). The Windows Phone processes up to 5x more megapixels than competing hardware. "You can literally find a needle in a haystack." 

When can you pick yours up and how much will you be looking to fork out? Consumers will be able to get their hands on the Lumia 1020 on AT&T starting July 26th (pre-orders start July 16th) for $299 on contract, as well as operators outside the US. The Lumia 1020 is available in matte white, black and yellow.

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Nokia announces the Lumia 1020 Windows Phone on AT&T for $299, coming July 26



This is too expensive. But the price should come down in a few months, when they realise that no one is buying one.

Waiting for the price to come down. It looks pretty awesome though!! And i'm stoked about the new apps coming to WP8 (Vine, Path, Tumblr...)!!

$300 dolars it is a fair price, but it won't work. Nokia is beginning to turn around, gaining market share, they have to be more aggressive. Even being the best phone out there they can't price it more than the iPhone 5 and Samsung galaxy s4. I will pay the $300 for it, but at the same time I think at this price they will not sell as many phones they are expecting.

They better change that pricing before the 26th or I'll wait til it goes on sale. Now im bummed out. $200 or $250 I was ok with, not $300 though.
Edit: I've changed my mind. Ill gladly pay the $300 lol.

Nokia loves exclusives with AT&T, while making other carriers wait and still give the two finger salute to non-partners especially those enforcing Qualcomm made CDMA components (not Just limited to Sprint Corporation).  Save the argument of Verizon which does not represent the entire CDMA carrier community.
talk to me when Nokia gets deals with USCC, Premiere, Bluegrass, C Spire, Cricket, Open Mobile de Puerto Rico, nTelos, and Especially Sprint along the rest of the CDMA carrier community.  I'll change my view of Nokia when Stephen Elop and company make an honest effort to gain respect in the entire Qualcomm based CDMA community.

It wouldn't have mattered if it had been released on all carriers - people would still balk at the price and declare that it is 'overpriced'.
It will be fine and sell at AT&T's projections as planned.

I am getting so pissed that verizon keeps getting left out of these new phones. by the time verizon gets them, nokia will be three generations ahead on suck-t&t.

If iPhone buyers will drop $299 on a 32GB iPhone which IMO is seriously inferiour to the 1020 in most any way why is this so bad.. Just because Americans have grown up on getting phones on credit and think they get a cheap deal does nit mean the rest of the world does.. This phone will sell at $699 outright.. IMO you would be better of buying it as such and getting a SIM Only deal with it. I would hope the US telecom maffia will not charge the same for SIM only as they do for a contract with a phone..
Telfonica will get the global variant/64GB version probably around €699 before tax and subsidies which in most european countries will probably mean it will goes for around €749 or so. Lot of money, but you then get a €20/mo SIM only deal with unlimited data. 

299$ is not alot for an high-end phone?
One awesome phone to promote and people will notice it, if they think its too expensive ATT will (hopefully) point them in the direction of the L920/5/8 area. And so more people will come over to WP. And that is a good thing.'
I run L920 and will prob pick up the 1020 as its time for me to  extend my current provider.

Wish it had quad-core processor and bigger battery for extended hours. Looks like the Nokia 'Phablet' with the stylus might just be next device. The 1020 is gorgeous mhen. Love it!!

Simply put, a "disappointment". They should have just named it "Lumia 941". This is not a succesor to L920. Most of the main hardware components are exactly same. Same processor, same display (or atleast same as 925), same battery (biggest disappointment). I atleast expected a higher clock speed dual core processor as we already know quadcore is not yet supported.  just increasing RAM to process the imaging is not sufficient. Dont even get me started on the pricing. I'll guarantee that the price will come down within a month. I'll wait for the next gen lumia

I want to respectfully disagree with you. This camera is light-years ahead of what is currently available on any mobile phone (with the exception of the 808). The Lumia 920 (which I own) is a nearly flawless device (yes, I am bias, lol), but the Lumia 1020 deserves the name and the title of "successor". The camera is an unparalleled upgrade in it's own right.
As for the price, yeah, it'll drop in a month or two so everyone can relax.
(and "941 doesn't sound nearly as smooth as "Ten-Twenty")

just upgrading camera isn't enough (however good the camera is). The camera performance on 9xx series is pretty darn good. For most of the ppl 9xx series is good enough. You have to offer atleast a little more than an awesome camera. With the same processor 1020 is not going to be so "flawless" i fear. And with the same mAh battery there are going to be lots of complaints i expect. Neverthless lets agree to disagree ;). I'm going to wait till GDR3 update and then make an upgrade. I'm content with my L800 even now :). I'm one of the earliest supporters of lumia range phones, cant bear to see them fail which i'm afraid may happen with this phone atleast in terms of volumes

Well, 1080P isn't supported yet, and not everyone wants a 5" screen.  You can thank the complainers for not increasing the battery size.  They likely didn't increase it to try and keep it as thin as possible aside from the hump.  I thought the the thickness of the 920 was fine, so I would be fine increasing the size to get a couple hundred more milliamps.  Oh well, it still appears to be a great phone if the price is right.

You have a very good point still :) As for me, I'm know that things move quickly and this just a warm-up compared to what they'll likely release later this year. I hate how often new devices come out, but at least Microsoft is extending support for them through update (that if carriers allow it (wtf?!)).

Well I still have a year left on contract so it will probably be free by the time I can upgrade (trying to look on the bright side of me not being able to get this phone now).

Go to and type in Nokia, click the first video and start watching :)
Best regards!

Do people forget how quickly phones are discounted? Even on AT&T? The 920 launched at $99 and quickly went on sale 2 weeks later at $49. Anyone remember in the forums people trying to call AT&T to get them to give them a refund due to the price drop? I did and got my credit. Amazon had it for nothing shortly thereafter. These phones, especially WP devices, never stay at full price for long. Deals are always available during the Black Friday - Christmas shopping season.

Do you think that AT&T are ever open to 'early' contract renewal? I got a 900 which is not eligible for upgrade until next march - a phone they pretty much made obsolete with WP8 ..

I think a lot of folks are missing the point about $299 being way overpriced. It's not at all that the 1020 might not be worth it, or deserving of it given the incredible technology inside... it's the context. WP has thus far failed to really prove itself as a viable 3rd option behind iOS and Android. I hate it, but it remains niche, nothing more. Nokia is dying a long slow death against Samsung and HTC and Apple.
Look, this is like a football team being down 56-7 late in the 4th quarter, that comes out with an *amazing*, complex, perfectly executed razzle-dazzle play... a running play. That nets them 9 yards. It's not that it wasn't an amazing play, it's that.... really? That's it? At this point?
Nokia needs to get this phone into as many hands as possible, as fast as humanly possible, period. Pricing it at $300 and locking into ATT just doesn't make a lot of sense from where I'm sitting.

I'm not sure and I think its too soon to say, but I am forcasting a varient of the Lumia 1020 on Verizon and possibly even T-Mobile if it follows suit as the Lumia 920, possibly when 1080p screens are supported.

Enough with the 1080p crap. Your eyes cannot render that res. It is a gimmick to make tech goober's think they are special but the only thing that happens is that your battery drains faster.

The same goes for the whiners who want quad cores when Windows phone does not need them.

I am a little surprised at the people defending the price of this phone.  Either they are taking on the fan boy mentality or they are in denial.  The phone is essentially a Lumia 928 with an extra 1 GB of RAM and a higher res camera for $250 more.  Looking at it another way, the flagship Android phones come with faster processors and higher capacity batteries for $50-100 less.  Either way, off-contract the Galaxy S4 and the Lumia 1020 are pretty similarly priced, so it appears that AT&T feels like charging more on-contract just because they think they can.
I already have a nice pocket sized camera that can take plenty good pictures to use when I don't want to lug my DSLR around.  So in my case I would be essentially paying a $250 premium to combine the two.  Uhh, no thanks, and it appears many others feal the same way.

well ok. I was hoping Nokia would have a a couple of surprises like maybe a bigger screen and bigger battery, those were a couple of reasons why I sold my 920 for a HTC One. It looks like i'll have to wait until next year and hope Nokia bumps the specs for their next superphone.

Is the 1020 going to be at&t exclusive and if yes for how Long is the exclusivity? Also is the 1020 going to be available at Microsoft or Nokia or anyone else unlocked?

Stop. Giving. AT&T. All. Your. Business. WP will never be adopted if they keep giving AT&T all their business. BY the time their devices make it to the other carriers, they're outdated. The lumia 925 comes to Tmo, days later Nokia releases a model with DOUBLE the RAM. Geeze.

$299 on contract? Did Nokia pull a play from Blackberry?!
Looks like me and the 8X will be together a good while longer.

Are there no high-end WP8 devices with a SD card?   I love my Lunia 920, but I am constrained by the 32 GB size limit.  I know there are cloud services, but streaming music from the cloud eats up my data plan.  I'm holding on for a 64 GB WP8 phone or one with an SD card slot.  But, if that doesn't happen, then I guess it's Galaxy Tab 3 for me.  Nothing against Android.  They have a great product.  I just love WP8.  Hopefully something will come out by the end of the year.  Here's hoping...

Nope. The Microsoft Store has updated it site and removed the 64 GB version. So, now only the 32 GB is left. Oh well, Galaxy Note is a great phone. I'm sure the Note 3 will be great.

Yeah i'm also happy that the Lumia 1020 will come in matte yellow, good decision from Nokia!

Best regards!

Lookie here. Looks like a ploy to lure in people who will buy something regardless of price. iPhone consumers do, but will Lumia lovers? Answer: Probably.

Can someone explain how a small outer lens with less apeture and a high MP count can make better pictures? I may wait for some reviews on the phone, to learn about the camera (and a price drop since a better model may come later this year). I love the phone, but also, can some mention something about how good the front camera is?

I think ATT did this because they priced 920 so low that they could not do price cuts to get pple to buy. and at 450, the 920 was not that appealing. at 300 they have a lot of room to market by giving specials etc.. I am sure they didnt want to price it very low from the start.

Everyone is talking about prices and so on. Anyway even impressed that Nokia stepped up and announced an amazing phone that will be coming out in 2 weeks? I personally think that's big. It's keeping it's hype rather than fading away.

yay AT&T so will be a Rogers exclusive in canada. 
Another hyped device tied to exlusive providers and later people will be surprised when it doesn't have amazing sale numbers.

   The only solace I can take from this timed exclusivity is that by the time it's released on Verizon, the GDR3 update should be out so it could possibly have a 1080p screen, quadcore processor and expandable storage, all in an aluminum casing (Here's hoping).