Rudy Huyn going after Instagram, working on new app for Windows Phone


Rudy Huyn is not planning to stop making apps for Windows Phone, which include 6Sec (Vine) as now we've got word that the esteemed developer is looking at Instagram. Consumers are still struggling to get by with third party alternatives and now we're going to be having yet another solution published to the store.

Here's a quick tweet from Huyn:

We'll be closely following the development and will get some screens and hands-on for you all in due course.

Source: Twitter; thanks, jholso, for the tip!


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Rudy Huyn going after Instagram, working on new app for Windows Phone


This. I understand danielgary is busy, but instance is a piece of trash atm. Crashes constantly and uploads hang all the time.

I got a few hanged uploads when on 3G, but crash? 1 time maybe. It's stable. And the beta fixed the live tiles and stuff and enables videos.

I dunno man. Do you follow people that get a lot of comments or likes? It takes forever to load and if you back out it crashes everytime. Plus notifications are still screwed up for me. The app was fine when it came out, but after using it for so long I realized how slow, and buggy it is.

I like the developer, but app isn't very stable at the moment...Daniel Gary is a good developer, and I think that he is just busy right now...

I haven't said anything about the dev, seems like a nice guy, but I think in terms of priorities from what I heard he is working on video for instance right now, which kinda sucks cause I think it would be great to make the app more stable before introducing new features. Anyhow as he said himself on twitter, Rudy just lit a fire under his bum, so hopefully this will play out well with both of them putting out good apps.

Im having trouble uploading with Instance and sharing to fb/twitter at the moment. If I don't share on those communities it works IIRC.

My only issues with Instance is that I can't seem to upload pics with long captions. Otherwise, I have never had any stability issues with the app. Not saying they don't exist.

I don't see what Instagram's issue with WP is.  Especially with the 1020 coming out, Instagram would be a perfect match.  I can only conclude they must be dicks and aren't doing it for spite.

I honestly think that 1020 and instagram is a terrible match. Why would we want the stunning photos that the 1020 can deliver be destroyed by some crappy filter?

I very much agree with Zicoz! Silly small sqaure pictures with poor filters!
But... wee girls do like it. 
Rudy is the man tho, love his apps. I will download and pay for it to support him!

I am new to the instagram thing and that damn small ass square pisses me off. I have to cut my pics all the time.

Quick tip for you sir, if you wanna avoid cutting your pics off, what I do is just open up PhotoGrid, click on single image and then PhotoGrid has an option where you can put your image into a full square like 1:1 ratio. It cuts off a bit of the image but nothing close to what Instagram makes you crop lol then just save it and when you upload to IG it should fit right into the square crop but the image will be less zoomed in.

I am on Android but that's what I do, I am not sure if the PhotoGrid app on WP has the same feature, but yeah you should try it out dude.

but it strips the EXIF data nd compresses thm like fuck, down to 612x612 or something i believe, it would still ruins the 1020s photos

Microsoft is working with Google on YouTube whereas Facebook isn't working on Instagram. Plus we have MetroTube for YouTube in the meantime.

I can't imagine that ANYONE can come up with something better than myTube. It might be the greatest WP app I've ever seen.

The fact that we've named three different YouTube apps as the "best app" in this thread alone is a sign that we've already got some damn good YouTube apps. No need for Huyn to waste his time on this.

Does anybody have suggestions on what Rudy should name the app? He'd like to have a 6 in the name, so we can have a 6 family. He's currently thinking of 6gram. Anybody got any other interesting names?

Not sure how the number 6 would fit in. How about if he sticks with having a number in his apps and just call this 1gram?

I'm not a fan of vine, but the app Huyn created for it is incredible. Really looking forward to this.

Though i already own instagraph and instance, i am a big fan of Rudy (and his team). Looking forward to their take on instagram.

Rudy, We windows phone lovers will never be able to thank you enough for all your awesome apps and support for windows phones. We all wish you the very Best!

Does anyone know the latest on how the instance developer is doing with video viewing and uploading update? Haven't heard anything since he said something about viewing videos in instance was done and released to beta.

This dude is the real deal! If people like him and Daniel Gary can create apps by themselves, I don't ever wanna hear lame excuses from CEO's about how limited WP8 is. Like the Kik article that was put out the other day!

This is amazing! I am sure it is going to be better than the official instagram app for ios/android. Ms should hire the guy!

So like. I know that an independent developer and a multi billion dollar corporation are not the same entity, but couldn't Microsoft make their own client for instagram like these guys without breaki any rules/legal parameters or burning any imaginary bridges?

are they seriously banning instance users? i guess im immune because i logged in on all my devices. including android.

Are you sure that they banned you for using Instance? They could have banned you if you've post anything inappropriate.

I can guarantee that I didn't post anything inappropriate. Daniel Gary mentioned that a lot of users (not just Instance users) were banned/deleted at the end of June...

They would work to find a way to block Instance but they would NEVER ban a member for accessing through Instance. There had to be a different reason...

Hi Rudy, this is great news! With your proven work quality and aim for perfection, this will be a huge plus for the community!!

With all due respect to Daniel, I just think his version still needs more polishing.

I really think this would be great because I kinda think the developer of intense abandoned us :'( but if we can get a instagram app that stays up to date with the real instagram app that would be awesome

He also, later, asked for alternate suggestions because BenThePCGuy told him the name sounded like it had something to do with selling drugs ;)

I'm sure Rudy will do justice to instagram. In fact he'll do a better job at it than instagram themselves.

This is interesting news, wasn't expecting this at all! Great to have more choices though, curious to see how it will compare Instance.
Big fan of Rudy's work though!

It took me 3 months to release my first app, and 5 months to release my second. If he can build an Instagram app in 5 days then wow lol.

Actually that scheduled may be shorter! He is already working on the uploading feature (scheduled for Sunday).

I highly advise you all to follow him on Twitter ;)

I know when they do make it it will be amazing. That's what I like about WP, apps look NOTHING like iOS, Android counterparts. Quality is what I see in this ecosystem.

Rudy has already made the prototype in hours!!

"login, profile, feed, follow/unfollow : done picture upload : need some tests"

So why is Instragam not on windows I still do not get it, is it that complicated of a program to make that is would take a lot of time and money?? What is the real deal with this?

Just a general dislike towards Microsoft from the staff of instagram, I would guess. Also reading some of the tweets from the Vine devs, they don't seem to like Microsoft too much either. But at least they've announced support for the platform (however long that will take, who knows).

Looks encouraging. At present I usually resort to using my phone to take the photos, emailing them to my ipad so I can edit and post them in the iOS official app as that is just better and more self contained than any alternatives I've tried. Got some pretty decent results...but still dying for Instagram to make an official WP app as I think it would really do well for them. More third party apps...hey, we'll see. Just feels very frustrating how much Instagram seems to totally shun Windows Phone users. I tend to tag my photos with something like #nokia just to remind Instagram that Nokia still has a lot of Instagram fans.

I like Instance. Its not perfect. But its a great alternative for an official app. I use it all the time and I expect it to keep getting better.

With that being said, we know what Rudy is capable of. Never a bad thing when it comes to competition and choice. I think we can safely say he will knock this one out the park.

I am a huge fan of Rudy and his 6sec app. I am a huge fan because he definitely takes the time to make sure the app is polished. I've used instance and instagraph since they both came out and instance is not a stable app. It works sometimes and sometimes it does. My newsfeed takes awhile to load and I get crashes. Instagraph/metrogram is more stable but that delay in uploading pictures is annoying to me. Hopefully Rudy's app will not only be stable but not have any delays in the uploading.

Hi !!!

It's 4am and I just see this article. Thanks everyone for your messages!

Time to sleep for me, but before I wait announce you than after 7 hours of dev, video and picture UPLOAD WORK!!!

as well as feeds, comments, like, profile and login.

Good luck with this new project. But please do not forget to update TVShow. The option to manually adjust the air time (under "settings" / "display") really needs to include Non-US viewers. Sorry, I know that this is somewhat off-topic.

6gram and 6sec will share 80% of the code. It's easier for me to work first on 6gram and after port them to wp7

A bit confused though. A while back, I rmb Daniel and Rudy tweeting to each other about how they will not create another 3rd-party app which the other one is working on since the apps are really well-done. Thought Rudy wouldn't join this Instagram battle.

Instagram has changed, now it's also a video social network, and Windows Phone needs to have That, with 6Sec, I have all the experience to make it, so why to not do it?

I love Instance but they are taking too long to support video. Meanwhile Rudy is on fire! I'm sure he is going to present us with a fantastic Instagram client app! Can't wait!

rudy, why is your VINE not compatible for WP7.x users? i don't care though, bcause i don't use it. but i HOPE this instagram app will be available not just for WP8 users. please!!! as much as i want to switch, but my contract's not done yet. :\

Yep. Go get 'em Rudy! That's one of the silver linings of these "popular" apps holding off on WP. We get app developers who can outcode the official app developers and make their "official" app look ridiculous by comparison. Wait, did someone say "4th & Mayor"? ;-P

Can somebody ask Rudy Huyn or Daniel Gary if he can design a Facebook app based on iOS or Android version and metrofy it..? :D