Lumia 625

Nokia announces the affordable Lumia 625, sporting a massive 4.7-inch display and 4G

Nokia today announced the Lumia 625, a Windows Phone sporting a massive 4.7-inch display. But don't let size cloud your judgement. This isn't a high-end smartphone by any means. What we're looking at here is Nokia's continued attempts to reach out to multiple groups of consumers - today's announcement is for those who seek displays much like the Samsung ATIV S and HTC TITAN.

The design is pretty much spot on if we look at recently leaked renders, which is a positive since it's a really good looking device. Colours include white, black, yellow, green and red - the usual that we've come to expect from the manufacturer. 

Lumia 625 Render

We're looking at 4G connectivity, 4.7" IPS LCD super-sensitive touch display (800x480), 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, 512MB RAM, 8GB internal storage, 2000mAh battery and will be a step up to the Lumia 620. Optics include a 5MP rear shooter and a standard VGA FFC. The shells are changeable, just like other Lumia Windows Phones and will be packing the Nokia Amber update with GDR2. Oh, did we mention that SmartCam will be included? 

Priced at £200 (this is just guided), we'll be seeing the Lumia 625 arrive in the 4G push here in the UK (early September). Multiple mobile operators here in the UK will be picking up the new Windows Phone, though no word yet for the US.

Lumia 625

Lumia 625 color choices

Lumia 625 Back

Lumia 625

Be sure to remain tuned to our feeds for all the latest details. More details to follow, folks.


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Nokia announces the affordable Lumia 625, sporting a massive 4.7-inch display and 4G


No word of wireless charging shells?
Also how big is the 920 screen again? For comparison haha...

Nokia is doing a pretty impressive job of managing its resources to release multiple devices at various price points.

This is what Nokia does best. They've been doing exactly this for years, only with Symbian and S40. It's how they got big before and it's looking to work to their favour again.

That's the guide price guys. Knowing how the US -> UK exchange rate for gadgets normally goes this will probably have a US guide price close to $220 (complete guess on my part though, don't take it as anything more)

Yes, I agree if the price is USD 240 available for global markets. :-)
There are some specifications should be added. Nokia should go crazy to compete with Samsung, makes new low end Lumias with minimal 16 GB internal memory and 1 GB RAM, but the price is under USD 220. While for mid end Lumias, they should make 1,5 GB RAM and 32 GB internal memory. Final, the high end is the most crazy, with 100 GB internal memory and have microSD slot and 2,5 GB - 4 GB RAM.

It's about they want or not, if they want be no. 1 again like in Symbian era, why don't they make highest specification smartphone low price. Say, if they release Lumia with 100 GB internal memory with microSD up to 128 GB, RAM 1,5 GB but price is under USD 300 include tax and other fees, they are the first company that makes hellfire price high end Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

I think you're forgetting about something, like the fact that Nokia would be working with no margin, and would probably lose money on every device they sold. It would be really difficult for Nokia to be number one if they were throwing money away like you suggest they do.

cutting the price on this wouldnt put them at a lose, whats putting them at a loss is haveing so many diffrent models in production at one time...

I disagree. I personally think that Nokia is doing the right thing by pushing phones at every price-point, from $650 (Lumia 1020) down to $20 (105). If Nokia focused on one or two high end phones, they would never stay afloat.

I think Nokia is doing the right thing. The Lumia line has something for every price point. Though I agree that the 82x and 92x is a little much, it does give those on other carriers to have something a little different. The bottom lone is that having many phones gives customers options.

more does not equal better, at most nokia should have, 620,720,925,1020.... all the others are just... a waste of time...

More may not mean better quality, but it does mean more options, and therefore more possible users. Why not have the 520 or 820? Do you realize that the 520 is the best selling WP8 device? Or that more than 18,000 were sold in a day? (
The Lumia 82x series gives people a cheaper phone with high end internals. And are you aware that the Lumia 822 outselling the Lumia 920 in the US? (
I don't mean to insult you, but I have a feeling that Nokia knows what's best for Nokia.

you know what, I dont even care, I just found out this phone doesnt even have nfc... that moves it from a maybe, to an actively avoid...

By saying that, you're proving my point. This phone may not appeal to you, but it will to others. Nokia has a phone for you and your NFC needs as well. ;)

because it allows for quick information transfer between devices, and the wallet feature... not to mention all the cool think Microsoft showed that it could do at the WP reveal...that it still doesnt do....

Transferring data through NFC is no where as convenient as Bluetooth, or even Whatsapp or another instant messaging app. And if WP still doesn't do most things, what's the point of the NFC?

NFC has its place in the future but most everyone that has ever visited WPCentral will likely be on to their next phone before it becomes mainstream. Right now, its value proposition to a phone is... meh, or pfft.

Then just go ahead and get a 920/925/928 or 1020 if you are in "pro picture mood"... or wait until GDR3 brings all the specs rage in early 2014...
I myself think is a good phone for someone looking for a bigger screen with decent battery life, microsd and good snapper, so think about it, it is intended for emerging markets, that's why I got a new 920 on ebay and couldn't been happier (btw I live in Costa Rica where the 920 costs a whopping $800 contract free) so priced correctly will attract many first time smartphone buyers or the ones comparing the 625 with the galaxy mega likes (have you seen one, big washed screen, and rounded borders as a giant soapbar, so it's a tradeoff compared to the other "S" series)

How about Samsung Galaxy S4 that an analyst said the production cost was USD 250 only, but they sell for USD 750? They took USD 500, USD 750 smartphone is only capable to be purchased by rich people or who can afford to buy high price. So, I give option how about to divide smartphone to be 2 types: low end and mid end. Lumia 1020 price is cut down becomes USD 375. For advanced country like USA, people may buy high end product with 2 years contract for USD 100, but for develop country, it is hard.

I really hope you are not suggesting that parts for a phone are the only cost a manufacturer will incur. How about the millions of dollars spend in R&D, or the price of paying workers and top management? Or the fact that, like it or not, a company is in business to make money, not give products away to people who can't afford it.

You are forgetting one thing. Samsung is producing their own flash memory. So they can go all out, and the increased cost still stays in the company. Nokia has to buy them from other manufacturers who themselves need to make a profit.

Name me an Android device that comes close. At best you'll find Android 2.x devices with <8GB storage and <4" screen at the <$200 pricepoint. (that's $200 full retail price). On contract a phone like this will go for free or at worst $49

Not really, the screen appears better quality yes, but it's running Android pre Jelly Bean (so before the much needed project butter) and is not a 4G/LTE device. Finally it only has a 2GB memory partition, which knowing that there are things you can't move to the SD card on Android will no doubt destroy the experience over time (based on my flatmate's experience with the HTC Cha Cha, wherein she could no longer receive e-mails on the measly inbuilt storage).

Not sure what else it has going for it as I don't claim to be an Android expert, but I would never recommend that phone over a low end Lumia device.

I wouldnt either, but people already know android, so if its cheaper and has good enough specs, that is what people will go with.

But it doesn't have good enough specs, apart from a slightly higher screen resolution it only matches specs or is under the Lumia 625. If people wanted just cheaper, that's what the Lumia 520 is for, vastly cheaper than that Android phone and still has more inbuilt storage

I dont really understand why they are pushing 4g phones for a "developing" market... most of the countries its being released in dont even have lte...

nokia own nokia siemens network they know more about 4g more than u think, even here in Tanzania (east of africa) NSN with vodacom will soon launch 4g network

Here in Southeast Asia, many countries have already begun rolling out LTE 4G after HSDPA+ have already been rolled-out. I'm sure it's the same in other parts of the world. That's why Nokia is pushing out 4G LTE in an affordable handset.

For Japan and South Korea can be said they are ready for 4G network (LTE), for other country is still in imagine. 3G network in my country is still not cover all areas.

I agree if the price from USD 200 - USD 220 include tax and other fees. Many people will try to buy Lumia 625.

Actually, don't get me wrong i like WP8 and Nokia... My 920 screen broke. I called for repair and the cost was 200$ so I decided to just buy a new phone till I could get the 1020. I bout a BLU Life Play for 229 and yes I know is not less than 200$ but is close and it came with rear cam 8mpx, front cam 2mpx, 4.7" screen, Android 4.2, 1 GB ram, 4GB ROM and micro SD support for up to 32GB. So far runs very smooth and the phone is perfect. Screen is 720p and records 1080p. So it's a pretty decent phone for 229$ when I was about to pay 200$ plus taxes and shipping to fix my 920 screen. Again I like WP8 and I changed from android to WP8 because the 920 just got me! Loved it!! but I didn't find it worth it to pay that money to get it fixed (which would take weeks) so I just bought that phone. In any case I would say yes android phones that are 250$ or less are crappy and suck but this company named BLU (from Florida-USA) it's making very good affordable phones. Only reason why I don't see it as a competition for Nokia in the USA is because BLU is targeted to Latin America so they really don't care on selling much in the USA that's why you only find them on Amazon or Ebay. You don't see BLU trying to sell on stores like Walmart or carriers which is cool cause I want Nokia to go up! :) Only point I was making is that BLU doesn't suck lol plus they are releasing a phablet with 12mpx/5mpx cameras, 16GB rom and sd support up to 32GB for 299$ (Read it on Engadget)

yup, brand name means nothing, espicially if you are trying to sell to developing markets, its all about the price to feature ratio, and frankly the lumia 625 falls way flat...

That phone is crap, running 4.0 ice cream sandwich which is crap. U can't even compare that experience to WP8 GDR2 even on the low end 520.

The LG Optimus L9. 4.5/4.7 inch screen depending on region, dual core, 1ghz ram, android 4.1.2. Its a really smooth phone. No more than $200 off contract. Rarely any lag unlike Samsung phones with crapwiz.

The LG Optimus L9. 4.5/4.7 inch screen depending on region, dual core, 1gb ram, android 4.1.2. Its a really smooth phone. No more than $200 off contract. Rarely any lag unlike Samsung phones with crapwiz.

You get large-scrrened Androids with LTE for that money? Nexus, even, at twice that price does not have 4G! Carriers want to sell 4G plans. This device exists at this price point for that very reason.

Price will always be high in Europe compared to other markets.
Ex: Lumia 520 is selling for 150 pounds in UK while its available for $100-$120 in USA.

Yeah, In Finland Lumia 625 costs 220 € without taxes and when you add the 24% tax, the price becomes 273€. Ouch I say! Lumia 620 costs 198€ in Finland at the moment so buyers who compare these two devices are most probably gonna choose the 75 € cheaper Lumia 620.

I understant that they want to make cheap phones, what I am saying is that this phone is not cheap enough.

You are not only getting LTE capabilities but also lots of Nokia goodies, exclusive apps and services which a cheaper Android will never match as well as the handset performance will not degrade over time and it will get WP8.1 whereas that cheapo Android will never ever taste the Jelly Bean.

Well I think for a 4G handset the specs are reasonable. Bear in mind Nokia is using slightly better manufacturing for this in comparison to its lowest end products i.e. curved glass screen. 
The cheapest 4G handset out now is hte Huawei P1 LTE which is at least £250 depending on how you purchase so this looks set to break that record. With the Lumia 920 going for ~ £300 right now I don't believe this handset would drift nearer to that pricepoint...

I've read on Nokia conversations that the 625 will have the Nokia smart camera app, does that mean that the other devices with 512 Mb ram will be able to download the app too?
Because that was my biggest concern when I bought a 720 to my gf.

yeah of course, nokia has told that, but instead of 10 photos in a second for 1gb ram phones 512 mb phones will take 7 photos in one second

I think I might get this, just to play with before I give it to one of various family members still using dreadfully old phones. 
I don't know what it is about windows phone that intrigues me so much, if I had not been using android for so long and was about to buy my first smartphone, windows phone would be my my first choose no doubt about it!

Really not my cup of tea. And for this price you get a new ATIV S in Switzerland (299.- sFr. on, 200 £ are 288 sFr.) providing much better specs and a larger screen at a higher resolution.

you know, eventho ATIV has been collecting dust since it launched here, it still asking for more than $400 with limited warranty. Plus, this is a Lumia.

Yeah Jay. You're right! My Lumia 720 is the slickest Lumia ever. Well, I would love to lay my hands on a Nokia Lumia 925 though. But still,  720 is still the best for me. 

The only thing I (sometimes) cringe about my Lumia 720 is the miniscule number of premium apps on the store that, due to hardware restrictions, I can't download.
The Lumia 720 is still one fine piece of Nokia awesome sauce. :)

Well i own Lumia 920 its Superb... images r fantastic but whn i took my friend's 720 put it on my hand n other hand my 920 Man... 720 was lighter  slicker and it was jst amazing.. ! 
Nokia forever !!!!

Are you kidding me?? I wanted a 720 but i didn't have any patience to wait till April and i got the 620 not i see this phone(625) released and im totally pissed please add some exchange offer ie you can exchange your 620 for the 624

I was actually stuck between 620 and 720 back then. The only thing that turned me off is the smaller screen of 620. You should get the 625 then. :) My 720 is still my favorite Lumia.

That black matte Lumia 625 looks kinda awesome ^_^ Too bad that this doesn't have Clear Blacks...and the side buttons scream "I'm plastic!!!!" if the side buttons would be black, the device wouldn't look as cheap IMO. I like that the Lumia 625 has a curve on it and that it's quite slim :)
But oh how I wish that the screen PPI would be better.... :(

still 620 is better got drive beta+ and better ppi and ofcourse the much loved clear black display ......625 is like those wannabe S4's -big display,less ppi,less ram,looks identical to the flagship when you see it from a distance but when you get your hands on it... a whole different story..

I don't understand why Nokia is so foolish or dumb to announce a product when it is not ready to sell(only in September). This will inevitably cannibalize the sales of existing phones such as the 520/620/720. Many people will wait for September to buy the 625. It will result in lost sales for July and August. Come September, 625 will face shortages as Nokia is always known to manufacture little bit at a time. As a result the revenue will be below expectation again. When will the management ever learn from past mistakes. It is no wonder the stock price stayed depressed. The management need a good shakeup.

You're right, but then again I think there are benefits to the early announcement. If you're in a heavy era of constant upgraded technology then you constantly risk upsetting your supporters. Look at the gloom every time Nvidia releases new graphics cards. Even though everyone knows they're coming every year, you'll still get hundreds of despondent comments on the announcement articles: "Awww, no! I *just* bought one, and now there's *this*!"
An early announcement is fairer to the customer in many ways, and cuts down on people's feelings of having bought into a bad deal. They'll take it out on the brand in the end. The kinds of customers who'll hear these early announcements will be the most shrewd customers, who weigh up the pros and cons very carefully. The 625 looks like a great phone, but there's every reason to pick any of the other models you've mentioned to get the right deal. 

1.5 months pre announcement is simply too long. Most companies will make their products available within 2 weeks of announcement. This will not cannabalize the sales of existing models. In the past, Nokia has been very conservative in their production of new phones. This has resulted in early shortages and people get fed up with the wait and buy other models.. When the 920 was released in my country, the first small batch was quickly sold out. I waited for 3 months before getting one for my son. There after I gave up with the wait and got a Note 2 instead. There is a real problem with the management.

I don't understand how this is inferior to the Lumia 720 in specs, except for the ppi. By this token, this should be priced higher than the L720. Or am i missing something? o.O

If you see, i did mention the ppi to be less than that of 720's, which i own, btw. Oh, yeah, and the camera. Isn't the processor faster, and i assume, more powerful? Plus, there's also 4G to boot? o.O

Actually, I am still wondering if the 625 shouldn't be priced at par with or more than the 720. Anymore thoughts on this?

Holy baby jesus! it features BT 4.0 + LE and  SupSensitive Touch! This gets better and better! Much Phone for small money... Looks like the best low end phone ever

I just cant imagine how successful this phone can be considering that its smaller sibling (yeah, the Nokia Lumia 520) has taken the world by storm. 

The 520 is starting to own its target market. The 625 could own its respective target market: people who are on a budget but still want a large screen and top-of-the-line connectivity (albeit without NFC, or at least as far as we can tell for now).

Now I fear that Nokia won't be doing phones like the 620 anymore.
The 620 was a perfect fit for my hands and I intended to buy a similar device next year. (No, I won't get a 620 when it's two years old)
520 feels uncomfortable in my hands (it's a cheap device, after all) and 720 and above are just way too fucking huge for me.
I have a 900 and wanted the 620 to replace it fully and shrink it down to a size that I can actually use with one hand.
Why is this world always ignoring the small people?

I think it was just the other day when Nokia design smartphone design chief said that Nokia is looking at different sizes as there are a number of different uses for smartphones. It was mostly read as stating that Nokia will provide larger phones but it equally well states the obvious: Nokia will continue to provide also devices at somewhat smaller displays for the people who prefer such. A bigger device is more at home whilst watching videos and maybe playing games, but it does not imply that there would not be a great amount of people who prefer a smaller device to use for other purposes.

Nokia is following the trend. I would like a keyboard, but the trend is for thin, so I get no keyboard. Yes, it sucks.

Hear Hear! I too have a Lumia 620 mostly cos if its compact size (damn my small hands :/) and I wish and hope that Nokia would make a higher end device with 4" screen cos that would be The Phone for me and my use! It's not too much to ask, now is it? As I'm waiting I'm also fearing that Nokia will only stick on making bigger and bigger phones (4.5"->). If they do, they lose a customer unfortunately :/

I just give an advice to Nokia. Why don't they make high specification but low price. Nokia should go crazy first to defeat Android , Lumia 520 has 8 GB internal memory, 720 has 8 GB internal memory too. Now, it must has 16 GB internal memory from now and 1 GB RAM.

Have you sever seen a high specced Android phone for a low price? No, at the same price as the Lumias they are lower specced, or at least equally specced and slow as dogs because of the OS. Nokia's devices arguably ARE high specced and low prices.

So its a 620 with a screen bigger than the already too big 920.
Hate it.
But I guess dinner-tray-sized-phone lovers will enjoy

Why would anyone buy this phone when you can pick up an unlocked ATIV S for £229?!? I mean don't get me wrong, it looks very decent for that price, and you get the Nokia apps, but it would seem foolish to me to get a mid-range large screen phone when you can get a high-end phone with a larger (and far higher-res) screen for £30 or so more.


Samsung: "oh yeah... I forgot we have some windows 8 mobiles"

I said mobiles on purpose if you get the message.

Why won't this be 630... There could've been a full army of x3x devices, right now 925 already exists and it isn't big.. 725 and 825 can still happen, mut flagship model doesn't :(

They won't release flagships this year. Stop winning over it and read Daniel's article of yesterday.
The x3x series will only be released along with WP9 (or 8.1 as you prefer). And that will only come in 2014.

that would be suicide for the holiday ones going to buy a year old 920 and its variants for chistmas. If this was the case, there would really be no need for a GDR3. Big screen 9xx is coming next quarter else Ill be a very scared shareholder

These are the things that mess with your head, why didn't Nokia use a 4'7 inch screen on the 1020 being its new but old flagship phone. And another thing why didn't they put the 41 mp sensor in the Lumia 925/928 its still the same phone. The investors are asking now why the hell didn't you do this last year when everyone was expecting it you had the technology then.

I am all in for WP, but if they are gonna continue to make phones with low storage, Microsoft has to fix this other storage issue.  I'm not talking about an app by Nokia or HTC, I'm talking about wiithin the OS.  This is great though cause one day people are going to want to graduate from these entry level phones and get a Tier 1.  This is a great way into WP.  Not to mention when my daughter starts bugging me about getting a cellphone, I know she'll love these Nokia phones.

Tbh this phone is great in almost every aspect, its just that measly amount of ram that bothers me. Even the lower clock speed and low end camera don't bug me as much as that ram. Coming from someone who bought their mother a 521 coming from an android, I can tell you 512mb is not enough. She's constantly complaining about how slow the phone is for simple things like the Facebook app whereas me on my 920 have has minimal to no hitches.

People are really complaining about the price? Did we forget that there are many different levels of Lumia? Get a 520 or a 620 if the phone is that expensive.