As suspected, Google is the culprit with the YouTube app errors

Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google

It was just 24 hours between the time that Microsoft re-released its revamped Official YouTube app for Windows Phone and time that it became virtually unusable due to crippling error messages.

We surmised that the "revoked developer key" causing the error was the result of Google blocking the key being used by Microsoft's app, and it turns out that that was indeed the case. Despite collaboration efforts between Google and Microsoft, Google has told The Verge that they are responsible for the revoked key.

War: Google pulls the key for Microsoft's YouTube app

Google said in a statement that the HTML5-based YouTube app still violates Google's terms of service, and therefore cannot be permitted to remain active.

"Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service," says a spokesperson. "It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines."

Even though the two tech giants were working together on the app, either the release into the Windows Phone Store was premature or Google somehow failed to realize the breach in terms of service. Either way, Microsoft has released a statement of their own:

“Google is blocking our updated YouTube app for Windows Phone," says a Microsoft spokesperson. "We are working with them to resolve the issue.”

In the meantime, we can only hope that this latest collaborative effort yields better results. Stay tuned.

Source: The Verge


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Official YouTube Windows Phone app confirmed as being blocked by Google



Funny story.  A buddy of mine, who uses a lot of google's services, downloaded a plug-in for chrome called "Kill Evil".  It's designed to block software from spying on you.
A couple of days later he realized that most of his google services had stopped working.  Apparently google is doing stuff in online apps (i.e. gmail, googledocs, etc...) that the chrome plug-in considers to be evil spyware.
I laughed my ass off for several minutes as he was telling me this story.

Vimeo is nice - a lot more mature though than the stuff you find on YouTube. I think Vimeo + Vine would be a decent replacment pair. 


I dont understand why they do this except Google is Evil, other YouTube apps work just fine, even some of it are ads free.

because google sees in MS's WP a future chalenger and depriving the os of a official popular app will keep some people away from it.another example is gps app called waze,since google bought waze, the wp version remains on beta version (more then 2 months already) and waze is a popular app too,where I leave,people don't buy nokia phones "because they don'y get waze".

And all of those are illegal. All of them are breaking the TOS. 
It's googl's service. They will do whatever they want. MS has no power in this. 

I've been wondering about that myself.  As far as I can tell google seems to be indulging in anti-competitive practices.  Apple got an offical app, so why not Microsoft?  This really is getting stupid, and honestly... if google does ever release any offical app outside of the search for my phone?  I will more than likely avoid it out of spite.  


When I opened youtube today I saw the red text and just said FUuUUuuuUuuUu out loud, i KNEW it was google again. What the flying fuck were they 'collaborating' on all that time? Porn? I used to respect google a lot, but they can fuck themselves, hope they lose all their market share and bomb. Wankers.. I hate when companies do this stuff. :(

Thats just messed up.  If Google is so concerned then they should make their own apps for WP.  Instead Microsoft is putting their own resources into it just to be blocked on the server side.  Lame, Google!!!

The US government needs to investigate Google's anti competitive behaviour. It's clear that they are abusing their monopoly to in attempt to crush competitions illegally, whether big companies like Microsoft, or small startups like Dropbox and Firefox.
Time to switch platforms folks. Vimeo for Youtube, Wordpress for Blogger, Outlook for Gmail. There are plenty better alternatives out there than Google.

Its easy to blame both parties, but where exactly is MS being childish?  Google refuses to make any apps for WP so that they can embarras the platform.  MS goes ahead and makes the app for Google, but Google blocks it to further embarras MS, while hurting its own users at the same time.  Google's excuse about terms being violated sounds like a load of BS to me.

So when MS releases those scroogled commercial, they are mature. But if google doesn't allow it's OWN service on WP, that's childish. Amazing..

Yes, that is correct.  Comparing yourself to your competitors is called marketing.  Hurting your own consumers by purposefully withholding your services from a competing platform because you feel you were teased is called being childish.  Maybe a good analogy to counter your point with would be "What if MS blocked Bing on Macs because of the Mac vs PC commercials?"  MS wouldn't do that because they want people using Bing, and they aren't childish.

Maybe MS wouldn't resort to those Scroogled ads if google wouldn't play this childish game of blocking the app, even after MS adjusted the app to abide by google's demands.

Its Ms pointing out google are dicks, then google getting pissy, because someone called them a dick.

I don't understand their issue though...I mean they did have those ADS before the videos, what more do they want? Maybe they don't want anyone making a better app than them.

What more do Google want? Windows Phone to get discontinued and beaten by Android like what the OS "did" to Windows Mobile. Sorry Google, that will never happen as Windows Phone is different than Windows Mobile.
Personally, me and later my father hated Android after using my young sister's old Samsuck Gaylaxy S II, the TouchWiz UI is so problematic, battery consuming and lag so much till he told me if I recontract to another phone two years later he wants to get my current Lumia 920.
And Google should wake up on this. Do they wish to get bankrupt by Microsoft? They already lost millions of US dollars for losing the patent war against Microsoft, then millions of Euros for the anti-turst case which may equal to billions of US dollars and now this to retaliate against Microsoft? Google should just let these and the Scroogle ad campaign go and don't let us WP users suffer, get angry and more worse cause many WP and Windows users to close their Google Accounts.

I agree lol Microsoft shit on google with that ad and google is shitting back and we are the toilet

Hey it's Google's fault for sharing personal details of Android users to app developers so Microsoft uses the Scroogled ad campaign to point that out.

App developers should not even have our personal info in the first place but Google did that thinking app developers will honestly submit that data to them. Wake up Google, app developers won't be honest sometimes and that's the reason why Microsoft won't take our personal info and share them to app developers or third-parties.

Yep. I use google image search and youtube. That's it. Bing all the way now.

My gmail account is for spam, i don't care if they scan viagra adverts.

Deleted my google account weeks ago. I have no use for a company that gets on their soapbox and preaches one about open and fair and acts a completely different way. For a company that preaches don't be evil, they sure are the most evil company I have ever dealt with.

That crossed my mind too. Man, I know all my custumers would drop Android instantly. There is no valid substitute for their company mail servers, so they have to drop Android.

True but imagine is they did that as well as block Office products from working on ChromeOS and Android.  The war would be over.  People can't function without email and Office.

Android doesn't work well with ActiveSync. Well android does but HTC and Samsung have broken it in many ways. Especially with a DAG.

The problem is that MS makes money on Android sales. Estimated 3.4B USD for 2013. This is for every Android and ChromeOS device made by Foxconn (includes Samsung and HTC).

I'm not saying you're wrong, but if they really did make $3B last year off of Android sales, WP development is basically free. MS should be able to create WP with no out of pocket expense and continue paying Nokia. Is there a reliable source which states MS made $3B last year from Android sales?

It would be quite easy to withhold activesync support on Android devices.  That would effectively make Android basically useless to business customers.

Y did i fucking update my youtube app. What a dick i knew i should have waited at least a week

Did the same. FU google, you are a sad little man and you will die soon ..AND you will not be missed .. at least around here!

Sounds like a wonderful collaboration they have going here!
A comment on a previous article put it best...
"They should all be fired immediately"

They could easily request Microsoft to make changes or face being blocked but of course, it's google we're talking about here. They didn't even put out information saying they did it, a reporter had to find out from them. This is just shameful and clearly, they see that windows phone is the future.

I think FUG (F*** u google ) becomes a common phrase in windows phone community with all these things happening ;)

1. Microsoft makes an app that violates Google's ToS.
2. Google blocks it.
3. Everyone gets mad at Google instead of Microsoft.
Come on guys... You're better than this. The blame is obviously on Microsoft in this situation.

Well, take up the issue with Microsoft then. Demand (or ask nicely) that they make a YouTube app that complies with Google's ToS so this doesn't happen again.

Choorp, go buy yourself an Android phone and get outta here. MS pulled the first app immediately per Google request because it didn't allow adds, work with Google on this app, which allow ads, doesn't allow video uploading, so we're already not getting an app that's comparable to the Apple or Android one!! What could they be violating now???? Go ahead, tell us Genius!!!!

Just because someone has an unpopular opinion doesn't mean that they should go "buy yourself an Android phone and get outta here". That's silly. Besides, I already have an Android phone (Nexus 4) that I love. I own a Lumia too and really enjoy it as well. Personally, I'd love it if Google officially supported Windows Phone! :)
"What could they be violating now???? Go ahead, tell us Genius!!!!"
I'm not Google, so I have no idea.

"The blame is obviously on Microsoft in this situation."
"I'm not Google, so I have no idea."
But you just got through chastizing everyone and declaring how 'obvious' it was?  How do you have no idea about something so obvious?

 Then self-aggrandizing for being the guy with the 'unpopular opion'.  What a douche.  I hope your mom loves you because I can't imagine too many other people do.

The "I'm not Google, I have no idea" line was referring to the specific item in the ToS that Microsoft was violating. Please, don't resort to name calling and personal insults. I thought we were all having a pretty good conversation so far. I can understand how frustrating this situation must be for some people though, so I forgive you. I'm sure Microsoft and Google will work something out and the app will be back in no time. 

I think the reason everyone is mad at Google is because Microsoft coooperating when they complained back in May, and the promise on Google's end was that they'd work with Microsoft to make the app. Microsoft re-launches the app and Google immediately blocks it. This suggests that Google probably wasn't being all that helpful. Many users here suspect that Google was setting up Microsoft just to do this: make them pull the app for three months, let them launch it again and then immediately block it.
That said, I'm completely done with Google. They come off as arrogant pricks, which I find ironic becaus except for Search and Maps, all of their products basically suck (especially Chrome and Android). YouTube is only good because of the content on it, but otherwise is nothing special. So, I couldn't care less about YouTube on my phone. I do wish there was a better alternative, though, as I know a lot of users out there watch YouTube videos. I'm surprised Microsoft and Apple haven't pushed for their own alternatives.

They're just being assholes. Last time they said the app didn't allow adds, and that's why they blocked it. This app allows adds. And they still blocked it. Stop defending google

They're just being assholes. Last time they said the app didn't allow adds, and that's why they blocked it. This app allows adds. And they still blocked it. Stop defending google

Apparently there were some issues Microsoft didn't address. It seems that this app update took Google by surprise. Yes, I'm defending Google but only because they are in the right in this situation. If the roles were reversed, I'd be defending Microsoft.

How do you know Google is right? Are the terms that MS apparently violated known? Because I haven't seen details anywhere. From the article it appears Google doesn't like that the app is HTML5 based. Could their be violations of the terms? Yes. But as far as I can tell, we don't know enough details so I'm not sure how you can say that Google is right. 
This wouldn't be an issue if Google would just release official apps for WP. Ask yourself why they don't.

"This wouldn't be an issue if Google would just release official apps for WP. Ask yourself why they don't."
I completely agree with this. I don't know why they don't, but I can't wait for the day that Google officially brings their services to Windows Phone. I just as tired of all this drama as the rest of you. 

Sorry, but do you seriously think Microsoft would have published the app this time without running it by Google first? Google allowed it to be published and *then* pulled the key access.

From the article: "Even though the two tech giants were working together on the app, either the release into the Windows Phone Store was premature or Google somehow failed to realize the breach in terms of service."

Are you that naive to think that after three delays it is still Microsoft's fault? You must be that naive kid.

I don't know what the exact issue is in the latest situation. All we know is that the app still violates the ToS.

Mhmmmmm.......if they are working on the app WITH Microsoft obviously Microsoft won't release it wotout their okay because after all they are working TOGETHER so I don't think its as simple as ur simplistic logic is making it out to be

From the article: "Even though the two tech giants were working together on the app, either the release into the Windows Phone Store was premature or Google somehow failed to realize the breach in terms of service."

Yes, it's in the article, but that's nothing but speculation. Furthermore, if that speculation is true, the odds are that it was the latter scenario, meaning it was Google's fault (intentionally or not), and that's why users here are pissed off.

Actually, no, that's wrong.

Microsoft made the original app, they were told off by Google due to it's download functionality. Microsoft changed it at their request, the app then got blocked because it wasn't displaying advertisements.

Recently, in partnership with Google, Microsoft releases the app, and the previous WPC article clearly states that an agreement was made between the two organisations. THEN Google block it, because they didn't realise that the app violated the ToS in the first place. They should have consulted their legal team and notified Microsoft BEFORE they released the app, but they felt it would be more impacting to do it afterwards. Google had plenty of time to do this, and I think a month between the app being pulled and the new release was ample time.

Microsoft are just eager to give the users what they want which is fair enough. This is not so much a technical limitation at this stage, as the key changes have already been made. It's a legal one.

The fact that Google clearly said that "Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience", shows that they maybe want a blanket ban on YouTube apps, entirely. It also shows that they are picking holes in the OS in general, which may be the motive behind it? Who knows.

The thing is, Google have shareholders they need to look after, and I think to intentionally sabbotage the WP app would be foolish for their finances. Okay, admittedly it is alot of money to us but to Google it's peanuts, and can afford to brush us WP users off. It would escalate, or the companies could indeed be looking for a solution.

It seems that the update may have been released too early. It's hard to imagine that Google would approve the update and then block it a day later. It's great that Microsoft is "just eager to give the users what they want", and I applaud them for that. Anyway, I'm sure this issue will be addressed soon enough and things will go back to normal. Everything would be infinitely better if Google just officially supported Windows Phone though. Hopefully that happens someday.

the problem with your statement is,
1. MS tried to work with Google, but apparently the ppl that MS worked with were so incompetitant that they failed to mention to MS that something is still violating their ToS (either that or this was a premature release which Google should still have compalined to MS first instead of just pull this stunt)
2. Block it without any statement as to why is a good way to make it look like MS created a buggy app, hence underhanded blow
3. Do you really think Google was actually going to try and help MS who is now creeping up on them (now as no.3) positioning themself to attack?

1. It seems that something went wrong with this collaboration and Microsoft published the app before it was compliant with Google's ToS. We can't be 100% sure of the reason tough. The bottom line is that the app still needs some work done before the next public release.

2. There really isn't a way for Google to block it and display an in-app notice to end users that explains why the app stopped working. Google did release a public statement at least.

3. Yes, I think Google is actually trying to help Microsoft with the YouTube app. They support iOS (their biggest competitor), don't they?

Here is the problem. Google produces apps themselves. They made apps for WinMo. They make them for iOS. Even Blackberry ffs. But they won't here and their nitpicky requirements are screwing end users. Makes Apps yourself google!

I definitely agree that it would be far better if Google just made Windows Phone apps for their services.

what do you not understand in the phase "MS & Google are colaborating together to create an app the doesn't violate Google's terms of service"? In case you don't and clearly you're confused....That means that they were working together to modify the original  youtube app built by MS which they pulled per Google S&D letter to ensure the newly submitted app did not violate Google terms. You sir must be a GOOGLOID!!!!!!!

Apparently, there was a hiccup in the collaboration. I'm sure it will be addressed soon and everything will go back to normal.

Technically it is Microsoft's  fault and it isn't Microsoft's fault. I am pretty sure if they knew about this (since they were meant to be in contact with Google) then they wouldn't have released the app. Additionally, I cannot find this term in the terms and condition page for developers, so they haven't exactly made it easy.
However, they should have sent Google a Windows Phone with the app, and said "Find everything you deem to violate some term or condition and well fix them and get back to you" until Google themselves said they were okay with the app.

How about letting the app run and working with MS to resolve whatever term they violated. It's not like MS is not being cooperative. They are trying to work with Google and Google are just being dicks. They waited over a year with a fully developed youtube app for Googles approval. Google did nothing. They finally published it and Google threw a hissy fit. MS took it down and Google promised to work with MS. Now you have this. I am fully blaming Google.

YouTube is the last service they have that I use. Real smart for them make it harder for millions of people to use. Before they began to behave like a petulant step-child I used to visit them on the web regularly. Google, grow up.

Boooooorrring. Google need to just put their cards on the table and say they don't want anything to do with wp rather than going back and forth all the time.


Damn - I agree on most fronts with the anti Google statements.. but that was a bit harsh and really uncalled for. Sounds like a droid fan, not a respectable WP user.

Google Spokesperson: "Microsoft has not made the browser upgrades necessary to enable a fully-featured YouTube experience, and has instead re-released a YouTube app that violates our Terms of Service,"... "It has been disabled. We value our broad developer community and therefore ask everyone to adhere to the same guidelines."
Translation - "Microsoft better f****** update their browser or they ain't gettin' s***."
Microsoft Spokesperson: “Google is blocking our updated YouTube app for Windows Phone,"  "We are working with them to resolve the issue.”
Translation - "Google's being a bitch and a dick at the same time but as much as we would HATE to work with them - we have to for the sake of WP consumers."