Temple Run: Oz

Temple Run: Oz with lush HD graphics launches for Windows Phone 8

Temple Run, aka the now classic endless runner, may be getting old but that hasn’t stopped Disney from teaming up with Imangi Studios to release the latest movie tie-in, in this case Oz. The version for Windows Phone 8 has finally landed on the Store today for the usual $0.99 and while it’s not Xbox Live enabled (sorry, folks) it is one sweet ride.

The immediate difference between this game and the other two Temple Run games on the Store is the improved HD graphics. Indeed, these are probably the best graphics we’ve seen for this type of game—they’re almost too good as you just want to look at them instead of paying attention to jumping, sliding or turning. The game is also not just a re-skin but adds new elements like flying baboons and new powerups to help you along the way. Heck, you even get to ride in a hot-air balloon.

Temple Run: Oz (description)

Temple Run: Oz

"Disney and Imangi Studios present Temple Run: Oz – a brand-new endless runner inspired by Temple Run 2 and the film Oz the Great and Powerful. Play as Oz and outrun the shrieking flying baboons as you turn, jump and slide your way across the land. Begin your exhilarating adventure now and see how far you can run!"

  • Stunning environments inspired by the film – explore them all.
  • Fly in a hot air balloon – earn even more coins.
  • Explore different locations in Oz – follow sign posts!
  • The environment changes as you run – test your reflexes.

The game weighs in at an impressive 50MB and it is a tad slow to load all of those graphics, but if you’re a fan of the Temple Run series, we have to give it a thumbs up (you can watch the gameplay trailer above for an idea).

You can grab Temple Run: Oz for Windows Phone 8 devices here for $0.99, or scan the QR code below; no free trial. 1 GB of RAM or more required, sorry 512MB devices!

Thanks, Daniel S., for the heads up

QR: Temple Run Oz


Reader comments

Temple Run: Oz with lush HD graphics launches for Windows Phone 8


No Xbox Live=Frequent Updates for Bugs
Hope Gameloft start doing the same thing, cuz I'm really tired of not have update where android and ios had.

How about, no?
Furthermore, Microsoft has announced they are simplifying Xbox Live system to allow quicker updates. And I think it's already done, just look at how Rovio has updated Angry Birds.
Just because Gameloft doesn't update their games, doesn't mean it's Xbox's fault. 'cause it isn't.

Yes, I agree that Xbox achievements are good stuffs, and yes, I know Microsoft is trying simplify Xbox live system. I know Rovio just updated their angry bird, but hell, what about star wars and season? If Xbox games are easier to update than before why can't they update these two?! Rovio ain't indie developer, they are a huge company that make not just apps and toys as well! So think about it, why can't they update theses game more frequent? Because: it is still hard to publish new version for an Xbox game, so the blame comes down to Microsoft. So yeah, I rather they don't make games for Xbox Live!
PS: Gameloft saw this problem and just announced that most of the up coming WP8 games won't support Xbox Live (Yeah!)

They did update Angry Birds Star Wars. They even added more planets. AND they've announced Angry Birds Star Wars II for WP being released at the same time that iOS and Android. And yes, it will be Xbox enabled, which means the process isn't taking as long as previously. Before that change, they always released it for WP later because of the Xbox certification process.

Also, Disney is a bigger company than Rovio or Gameloft will ever be. And although the original Temple Run was indie, these Disney versions aren't.

Also...where the hell did you see that? I haven't seen a single official statement from Gameloft announcing they're dropping Xbox Live. And I highly doubt they will do so.

Salvo erro, anunciaram em Junho/Julho. Durante a convenção em que apresentaram a Xbox One. A WPCentral fez um artigo sobre isso na altura.

There is no limitations for updates for Xbox games on WP .. Plus MS has simplified the process even on Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Yeah, though I would venture to say "Stupid people" won't understand the benefit of Xbox Live games. 'cause I don't have an Xbox360 and I still see the benefits in the Xbox Live games to gamers, to Microsoft and specially to WP.

Yeah , its awesome game but too bad its filled with IAPs.
Playing it on GS4 and decided not to purchase it on my iPad.
First few games are so much fun but after that you can't buy anything unless you play countless games or make in-app purchases.
IAPs are killing the game.Don't keep expectations high.

Anyone know of the swipe detection problem exists in this version? They fixed it in the original, but the Brave version still suffers...

Considering majority of wp users are having 512mb devices i don't understand the point of releasing games for 1gig devices.also these games are available for android on low spec devoces

We'll go over this again, for the hundredth time: they always release games for 1GB devices and then later optimize them for 512MB as they work out the bugs. See past TR games.

I'm new to WP8...trying to leave Android in the rear view mirror.  For me, that's the first time I've heard that 1GB devices get games before 512MB devices.
Newbie's asking repetitive questions is a good problem to have...the platform is growing, bringing in new users, who will inevitably ask very common questions...be grateful!  

Good point to remember!  Let's hope this question gets asked millions of more times because there are a lot of new WP users to platform, and that those users are engaged enough to read sites like WPCentral.  Hopefully developers can release 512MB versions of their apps in sync or shortly after the 1GB versions, but patience is needed!  But it is understandable that a game like this would need to the extra RAM, at least initially.

well even though you are 100% correct and no disagreeing with you, but it hurts the ecosystem, already playing a catchup now if ppl having majority of WP8 devices are made to wait further that doesnt go well with the "common users", geek users will understand but if this becomes regular feature then I would say the frustration is justified.

Ok, I agree with you Daniel Rubino, how is the process on Windows Phone. But, for example this same company develop for iOS and optimize this game for 3GS (256mb ram), 4 (512mb ram), 4s (1gb de ram), 5....
Since the first release. I guess there is no excuse, for the release time, they start to think to release on all the devices. Otherwise is a kind of poor job of them.

also again for the 1000000000000000000th time, don't compare a low or mid Android/iOS device with a WP7/8, it's not the same hardware, the OS is different also. And the majority of WP users have a 1GB device, because if they care about gaming, they are not not gonna buy a low end device. Here in Canada and USA, most people have a 82x/92x device because it's cheap now.

There's no reason this game should not be Xbox Live enabled.
I'm not faulting the developer in any way, nor am I planning to boycott the game because it's not Xbox enabled.  Just pointing out a clear example of how badly MS is dropping the ball with Windows Phone gaming.  Xbox is a HUGE worldwide brand.  Mobile gaming is exploding.  There should be 2-3 Xbox Live enabled games coming out every week.  

Couldn't agree more. Love my Windows 8, Phone 8, 360, and soon to be Xb One. I rarely give any thought to purchasing games that aren't Xbox live. There are some exceptions, but very few.

Don't worry, my Samsung Ativ S has the same problem. Tried re-installing and rebooting, no luck. Just stucks on the black screen..

Having the same problem with a Lumia 920.. Black screen.. All games should have a try option so it's easy to avoid these situations..

Again, do I have to explain this all the time???
I dont asking this only for me but for a WHOLE COMMUNITY OF BRAZILIAN USERS that dont know that they can do this on their phones. They represents about 95% of the users. Us, people the read this type of site, are the vast minority of users. I am thinking in the majority.

How can I truly change my region on my Lumia? Do I have to apply my credit card and address in order to buy the things? I should go to account on the web, or only in the config of my phone.
By the way, Imangi never answered any single e-mail. I sent at least ten.



First of all, here in Canada, the % of people owning a WP7/8 phone is very slim (I would say 5-10%, 15% max) and they all know about this region switch trick without posting on forums about how to do it. When you reset or startup the phone the first time, you have to setup the region of your phone with the correct time zone and date and all that stuff, so people already know that such a thing exists (the region change thing in the settings).
In Brazil (and i guess in most South America's countries), most people own a WP compared to iOS or Android, so they are more informed about news. If not, well, you can always create a forum and post the info there so that all the 95% people know about this.
Also, people reported that the game gives you a black screen if the region of the phone is not set to English and USA. When they changed it, the game loaded fine without the black screen. So either way, people have to change the region to USA and English after they purchased the game otherwise it will not load correctly on other regions.

Ohh, come on...For Android its free...and android devices with 512 mb ram can run this game. Why not 512 mb wp8 devices?

My girlfriend just got used to playing the original Temple Run on my phone, now I gotta break the news that she'll have to learn a newer version of it ...*gulp*

So, here's my new to WP8 dumb question...since this is being touted as having HD graphics, do you have to have a 720p screen or higher for the HD graphics?  Or are they simply stating they've improved the graphics of the came over the original versions?

Games like this easily deserve the Xbox branding!
If you agree read my suggestion and vote for it please!

"The game weighs in at an impressive 50MB..."  Storage Check shows that it is 121MB installed!  That is before I even opened the game to play.  Anyway, glad to see it on WP and not too far behind iOS and Android.  Plus, it is that same cost as on iOS, which many times the same app is more on WP.  All good.

This really proves they don't care and it could have been ported a long time ago (not that I care much or anything)

Is this free on android device? if it does. Why again is paid in WP platform? Yes we have the app but paid while android users enjoying it. sigh!!

In android you can get almost every paid app for free by just downloading and installing the apk file from one of the websites in the web!

People with 512 ram, please stop, you bought such a phone and you knew that not all games will run. You get what you pay for. Besides, they may still update the game for 512 mb.

for ALL who has a problem with game crash after loading screen, I found a solution.
Your regional settings (units and date format) must be set to US, then the game will run fine.. I had the same problem with regional settings switched to czech republic, after set to US is everythink OK.. :)