Nearly 50% of users on "...I'm a WP7!" have been updated to Mango

According to the "...I'm a WP7!" app, the percentage of Windows Phone users who have updated to Mango has almost reached 50%. NoDo installations still account for 36% of the statistics. Germany has gained second place with the number of users on Mango at 57%.

Some data for you to wrap your head around should you be interested in the status of the Mango rollout.

Thanks Robert for the tip!


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Nearly 50% of users on "...I'm a WP7!" have been updated to Mango


this app stopped working for me after the mango update when I open the app it closes and goes back to the home screen when I try to do anything.

This App no longer works since the last update. It opens up for about 5 seconds and then crashes. I was expecting another update but perhaps I'm the only one with this problem.

I still don't think this is even close to a real estimate.The numbers are probably so skewed because 90% of people who have a WP7 would never have heard of the app.

The only think skewed is your reading comprehension. The title clearly says 50% of users on I'm a WP7!. Not 50% of all WP7 users. smh@u

WP Bench has over 3 thousand users. ...I'm a WP7! Has over 127 thousand, that's what makes their numbers so much more accurate and believable.

Over 127 thousand people is a pretty darn good sample if you ask me (which is alot more than any political survey/poll, or higher than any poll for that matter). And there is still a combined 12% with the original launch software, which tells me these statistics are less skewed as some people might like to think.

Folks, in our opinion, 127,000 users in over 170 countries is a pretty good "sampling". Obviously it's not going to be exact, but it's clearly an indication of the general trends. If you have issues with the update, BTW, you might want to do a reinstall with a RESTART in between. We've see some GPS caching issues...and remember, it's a great app, and it's free. :) { join the movement } We have the best support of any app, so feel free to shoot us an email and we'll help!

Not sure how the #2 Social WP7 App in the Windows Phone Marketplace (and #3 Social WP7.5) with a 4.7 average rating is 'not used'...but we're sure glad folks from the world disagree! If anyone's interested, the TOP "large region" Mango adoption % goes to Japan, China, South Korea, Russia, and Taiwan, in that order. ")

Love the app. I check it decently often to see the growing number of users and adoption % by country and carrier.Codesmith, if you don't mind answering...how do you determine users that have removed the app with no intent to ever use it again?Does anyone else think the adoption % in the US would be different if the AT&T stores would update them for you? hmmmm I have a co-worker that won't update because of bad experiences with an old iPhone...too bad there wasn't some way to really put his mind at ease...