Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 710 cases surface

Dark Knight Rises Lumia 710 Covers

There's already a strong Nokia Lumia connection with the upcoming Dark Knight Rises movie with the limited edition Lumia 900 (and Lumia 800) Windows Phone. It now appears that the Lumia 710 is getting into the action.

These Xpress-on covers surfaced at a local T-Mobile Store and are being handed out with new purchases (while supplies last). The Dark Knight Rises logo resembles one of the tattoo images we ran across a few months ago.

Not sure if this is a regional promotion, a store exclusive, or a case where someone had a surplus of covers and got creative. If you've seen the Dark Knight Rises Xpress-on Covers in your area, feel free to sound off in the comments. Should we learn more on these Batman Lumia 710 covers, we'll pass it on.

Thanks, Brandon, for the tip and pics!


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Dark Knight Rises Nokia Lumia 710 cases surface


Someone seems upset their still using HTC's Arrive. Yes its an awesome phone, but I have to admit my Arrive couldn't hold a candle to my 900.. Except for the sound enhancer I'm missing nothing.

I hear ya. I have had the Arrive since 03-20-2011 and although it was an awesome phone and still use it without cell service, can't even be compared to the Nokia Lumia. I dropped Sprint for the Lumia and I dont miss the lack of hotspot, lack of vvm, lack of support, ohh and the disappearing keyboard.

Lol disappearing keyboard????? Hello HTC arrive has a query keyboard maybe use that? Lumia 900 if keyboard disappears so how will you type now? With no backup keyboard like HTC arrive querty keyboard

Let me get this straight you left sprint just to get lumia phone?
Geez good luck in paying your over data usage, big phone bill and no more unlimited data plans. Big mistake just to get lumia phone.
for your info Sprint will be having windows phone 8 phones coming this summer or fall. FYI google search it. I can wait for it come to sprint while I enjoy all you can eat unlimited usage dont have worry about going over my data usage

Looks tacky IMHO, had it have bee embossed into the back cover or even designed onto jt in the same way as the Nokia logo, it would have looked good, but when I look at it, I can't help but think of my 7 yr old nieces phone!! She has a Ben10 transfer on her phone back lol...

The 710 is aimed at young people... 610 for young teens, 710 for mid-to-late teens, 800 for adult women, 900 for adult men :P

Haha I think the Lumia 800 does look awesome. I watched this review comparing the 900 to 800 and it was basically saying that the 900 is more masculine as it's bigger with more squared edges (i.e flat glass), while the 800 is more feminine as it's smaller with curves ;) Together the lumia line really does look like a family... young child, teen, mum and dad ;)