Deal alert: Samsung ATIV S available for just £269 at Expansys UK


The Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone is currently available at mobile electronics retailer Expansys UK for just £269. That's just over £250 for a high-end smartphone. We've previously reviewed the ATIV S - it's a superb price for anyone who's looking at picking up a Windows Phone 8 handset.

It's worth noting that this is the 16GB version of the ATIV S, but if you're not familiar with the specifications you'll be getting a 1.9MP front-facing camera, 8MP rear shooter, 4.8" HD Super AMOLED display, dual-core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 CPU, 1GB RAM, expandable microSD slot, 2300 mAh battery, NFC and runs Windows Phone 8.

If you're interested do hurry as the site only reports 1 - 5 units in stock.

Source: Expansys


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Deal alert: Samsung ATIV S available for just £269 at Expansys UK


Lumia 720 = 310 pounds, 8x = 300 pounds, Ativ s = 269 pounds.
I dont think Samsung will make any Windows phones.
HTC may make one or two this year.
This is very sad. Nokia alone cant do this.

No one gives a rat shit to both HTC and Samsung ..
I upgraded my 710 to 920 last week ..
Damn happy to see the way Nokia supports the platform by providing updates like Storage check

Alot of people care about HTC and Samsung on windows phone. That kind of thinking is quite small minded.

Is Samsung alone with their nasty looking Galaxy phones can make Android a success, Nokia with their better design and WP with it's better interface really shouldn't have a problem doing it alone.
It obviously has been a struggle, but since when did logic enter such things. But I think Nokia are doing fine and quite frankly given the business practices of Samsung I don't want them to get back into WP phones. I'd rather Nokia had all the glory there.

On 2G and 3G. There is no ATIV S with compatible LTE bands. The Canadian model has Band 4 which is used on a very tiny part of AT&T's LTE network but no ATIV S has band 17 which is the one you want.

The Canadian model T899M from GSM Nations is quad band. See GSM Nation and supports the following: Phone 3G/4G Frequency: 850/ 1700/ 1900/ 2100 Mhz   |  LTE Frequency: 700/ 1700/ 2100 Mhz
afaik, this will work on Tmobile, Wind, Rogers and probably a few more. Tmobile require both 1700 and 2100 MHz for 3g to work properly. The only downside to this is Sammy doesn't deserve my $$$ as they made sure they launched this phone in limbo (first to announce, last to launch) plus Sammy is just hanging around just so they can say they support wp platform when their effort is half-baked or half-half-baked to say the least.

What you want to use is the Canadian version t899m which, with ATT, I was getting decent speeds between 3 - 10 mbps. 

My only beef with the phone (I don't know if it was just mine). Is that the phone was super super delicate! I'm with the 920 now  but I romance the idea of giving the Ativ S another shot. 

I don't know about that. Worldwide offline navigation, sensitive screen, the screen cracks only if you are unlucky (i have dropped mine three times and the worst i got are scratches on the screen), purview camera with ois, exclusive apps, premium feel overall. The only things the ativ s has over the l920 are screen size (i like the proportion of the screen in the front cos the bezel at the bottom is as thin as the bezel on the top so it doesn't feel awkward while playing games), removable battery (overrated, i bought more than 4 batteries for my last phone and i only used them in the first 3 months) and sd card (pointless for wp8 at the moment, you can't install anything on it only Nokia allows you to put maps on it).
If it were Nokia that made the ativ s i would have bought it cos then the only thing i would loose is the premium feel and the sensitive screen. I am not so kind as to reward an oem that is only supporting a group of their products (Android) and totally ignores the other (Wp)

Really a bargain! 4 months had the Ativ S, with no problems or quirks at all. Paid it for 13 € a month for 3 years, now it's about 8 a month in Finland. Pity about Sammys bad reputation and bad marketing for this phone because it is really good. No need for major update yet, because it aint contain any problems imho. So anyone thinking to get a WP8 phone at a real bargain price and don't need the Nokia extras, get this!

And remember you do get all the Here apps which is the best bit of the Nokia apps. So yeh its a good deal

For french people : approx 310€ on expansys.fr (many devices in stock). Now I may finally be interested, even if I would have prefered a black one - which does not exist... (s-amoled deep blacks look weird with this gray all around) ^_^

This phone will be coming to sprint. Can't wait to get it. So light and thin than nokia lumia 920 they will have 32gig model when it comes to sprint in May

I picked an Ativ S up from Expansys and it was delivered today. At that price its a bargain and the phone is amazing. Going to miss the Nokia exclusives but after moving from a broken Lumia 900 to a backup S3, the S3 style hardware made it a no brainer. Just installing all my apps/games now ;-)