Deal Alert: Samsung Focus S and Flash for $149 and a penny

Looking for a good deal on the new Samsung Focus Flash or Focus S? Got a penny? If so, head on over to AmazonWireless where not only can you find the Focus S for $149.99 and the Flash for $0.01.

The prices do require the two year service contract and the out of contract price for the Flash will run you $339.99 (not too shabby) or $589.99 for the Focus S. The not-so-good news about all this is that according to the listing, the Samsung Focus S is on back order but Amazon expects it to ship 8 to 9 days.

You can find the Samsung Focus S here at AmazonWireless and the Focus Flash here.

We're still working on full reviews of both new Windows Phones but in the mean time you can check out our first impressions videos on the Samsung Focus S and Samsung Focus Flash to give you a feel for these new phone.

Thanks goes out to everyone who tipped us on this!


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Deal Alert: Samsung Focus S and Flash for $149 and a penny


Shows $149 for me for a new contract. And the upgrade price is actually more expensive than AT&T's.

I usually do the drinking around here, hence any mistakes, but I think George is picking up my slack while I'm sick :-PInfo fixed.

$149 was how much I thought the Focus S should be AT MOST (same goes for the Titan, too), especially since $199 puts it in direct comparison to the 16GB iPhone 4s and much higher spec'd Android devices, which only end up making WP look bad to the general public who will wonder why they should pay the same price for a "slower" phone.

I think only Android fans pay attention to CPU speeds as a measuring contest of phone prowess.I'd argue the Titan should be priced higher than the Focus S. It's a better built phone with a much bigger screen. In fact, I highly doubt the Titan will be priced the same as the Focus S.

If the Titan is priced above $199 it will not sell well. It isn't worth more money than the Focus S. Plus that will put it into competition price wise with LTE phones, which is a battle the Titan will almost certainly lose unless some WANTS WP7 over Android.

The problem again is that the general public is uninformed, especially on the quality of WP, and they end up depending on salespeople for advice and a lot of salespeople are fanboys of the other OSs. We're still hearing horror stories in the forums of salespeople trying to steer people away from WP even if those people specifically ask for WP.As for the Titan, I agree that it should be more than the Focus S. I was saying that the Focus S shouldn't have been more than $149, but I really think it should be cheaper than that, maybe $99-$119, and the Titan should be $129-$149. The comparisons with other devices in those price ranges would be much better for WP than in the $199 price.

Samsung Focus S is a nice phone. Feels good when held...but the back cover totally turned me off. Pretty cheap plastic stuff. I will still buy it, if it drops to $99. With Tech Bargains coupon $75 off, it's cheaper than Amazon & ships from AT&T.

I tried buying it from here in Aus.. I was blocked due to the inability to use an address outside the US for an outright buy.Yet AmazonWireless state Australia is all good.. Great site guys!! well done.Ill keep trying to get this handset elsewhere.. I love my current Focus, and the Focus S has everything i want.

Why is my upgrade on a Family plan $234.99, but the individual upgrade is $169.99? This is one reason people hate the carriers.