Deal alert: T-Mobile Lumia 521 for just $49 on Microsoft Store website

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If you want a super cheap price on a no-contract Windows Phone smartphone, then you might want to check out the Microsoft Store website as they currently have the T-Mobile Lumia 521 on sale for just $49.

Normally the phone costs $69 so this reduced price is a pretty sweet deal, and best of all there are no "after rebate" conditions for this special deal. Just a reminder: The Lumia 521 from T-Mobile features a 1.0 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 512 MB of RAM, 8GB of onboard storage, a 4-inch IPS LCD display at 480 x 800 pixel resolution, a 5MP camera on back with no front-facing camera, and microSD support.

The Microsoft Store webpage says the phone is "Windows Phone 8.1 ready". You can go ahead and download the Developer Preview version of the OS for the Lumia 521 or you can wait for the OTA update. T-Mobile will sell the Lumia 521's direct successor, the Lumia 530, later this year.

What do you think of this reduced price for the T-Mobile Lumia 521?

Source: Microsoft Store via Reddit


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Deal alert: T-Mobile Lumia 521 for just $49 on Microsoft Store website


Great deal, just wish T-Mobile would release Cyan for it and its big brother the 925. 8.1 lags on the 521 from what I've noticed, hopefully that's fixed with Cyan.

My 521 does lag alot with the dev preview, I'm just waiting for cyan to see if it will help :/

On MetroPCS, I like how it doesn't have the dumb logo at the bottom.

Got a 520 for $39 at Amazon last week. It's a perfect navigator, mp3 player and backup phone! The entire world offline maps for $39? Yep!!

You know I never even thought of that aspect. It would be a great simple GPS unit for anyone even without service.

And, on top of that, you can use it for 911 calls even without service! It's against the law for a phone company to refuse a 911 call.

I've gotten two 820's for $80 each. Just gotta know where to look. they're used tho and can't say $39 is a bad deal for a new very decent phone.

Ahhh the memories!

Almost one year ago sitting basking in the screen glow of my first WP the 521 at a much higher price.

Still amazes me all this technology in a small package for this price.

Far as I can tell the 521 still has the best audio output from the speaker I've heard to date.

Drives full sized headphones too!

edit: Sorry, replied to the wrong person. Adding to the memories, it reminds me of the trios I did to the U.S. last year on a Lumia 520 on AT&T. I used a Lumia 920 back home in Canada, but I was nonetheless impressed with the Lumia 520.

This phone uses the "Cellular" band (850MHz), the PCS band (1900MHz), and the AWS band (1700/2100MHz). Not useful frequencies in Pakistan, I don't think.

Unbelievable price!  Less then cost of manufacturering it!  I purchased last year when it came out for $149 and that without adding in the sales tax.  $49 is super cheap!  I may buy a second!  Wow!

I'd grab it in a heartbeat if it were LTE. I used a Lumia 520 roaming on AT&T last year, and was satisfied with HSPA. But as time marches on, new coverage is sometimes LTE-only. So supporting LTE isn't just about faster speeds, it's also about having signal at all. This will be all the more true as T-Mobile rolls out more MBS/700a coverage with VoLTE.

That said, I may still grab one of these as a spare phone for friends/co-workers to use when travelling to the U.S. with me. I wonder if the Microsoft Store ships the Lumia 521 to Canada, or if it's restricted to the U.S.?

Low end phone that is over a year old. Its too out dated and 49.99 is way top much. Pretty much a door stopper now. If you can't put down a $100 for a smartphone don't have one. Lowers plans for smartphone is $40. How cheap do you need to be when the monthly plan is almost the price of the phone. :-\

It still operating satisfactory so it not outdated yet!  I think you will have several more years of operating on the 520 series.  It been sold new in third world countries as a mid end WP such as India and China!   I think you just want to be a counter WP guy!  That okay by me! 

I'm looking at t-mobile's 521 and at&t's 520 in the MS store now and I must say the screen on the 521 is horrible by comparison. MS' signs say they have different screens (LCD vs WVGA) but the sales person says they're exalt the same and the placards are wrong. Am I missing something?

They should be the same screens and resolutions.  It could be that one is set up differently then the other such as one brightness is less or contract is less.  I would just have them reset the T-Mobile one to factory and see for yourself.  But I think Microsoft store gives you like 60 days to return a phone!  At least when I purchase my 521 from them; they did.  I love my screen and my previous phone was an iPhone 5S! 

T-Mobile technical support said that there is no date set for the update of Cyan for the 521 but I tried to push it with a supervisor and he said that it could be release by end of October!  But then he said that it is only a guess on his part and he is not speaking for the company.   As long as they release it; I am happy!  They need to take their time since; they will make chances to the Nokia/Microsoft version and have to test it to make sure it works before T-Mobile release it.   So I given them a dateline of end of November after Thanksgiving to roll it out! 

Thank you Harry! I should've taken a picture with my 1020 of the two screens. You'd be blown away by how bad it was. I was embarrassed for t-mobile (and bummed for my daughter). Will the dev preview work on it in the waiting for the official release interval?