Bye bye, Venue Pro; Dell discontinues smartphone sales in the U.S.

Bye Bye Venue Pro

Fare thee well, Dell Venue Pro.  That's right, Dell has discontinued sales of the vertical-sliding Windows Phone handset in the United States, along with the rest of its smartphones, effective immediately.  The smartphones have been removed from the website for users in the U.S., but will continue to be sold in Japan, India and China. 

PC World reports that Dell has decided to shift its focus to emerging markets and higher-margin items.  A Dell spokesperson told them that the smartphones had run their course saying, "mobility products have shorter lifecycles than laptops and desktops."  He said that Dell will be offering new mobile products later in 2012, but did not specify whether that would include smartphones.

The Venue and Venue Pro join a long list of other mobile devices, like the Streak line of tablets and any number of netbooks that have seen their last days.  They have been unable to keep pace with the plethora of consumer-minded manufacturers and has chosen to focus instead on enterprise-based mobile devices that can be used for both work and home.

So... will Dell be missed?

Source: PCWorld; Via: Business Insider


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Bye bye, Venue Pro; Dell discontinues smartphone sales in the U.S.


The Dell VP was a good device, but I think they should have left on more of a high note. Maybe one last device with the works would have been good.

but if they'd really had a high note, they wouldn't have left.  
Dell's a numbers-driven company, so this doesn't surprise me.  "Visionary" and "Patient" doesn't really apply to them.

The handset market is too crowded. I'm sure they did what's best for them. At least they differentiated themselves with the DVP. Tip my hat to them.

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night, sweet prince;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. - Horatio
Sniff. I hardly knew ye. -Sam

Will they be missed? Hell no. Even though the phone looks and feels nice...their customer service is the most horrible thing I have ever encountered. I mean you remember the whole updates and stuff...pretty ridiculous.  I am still using my DVP but I can't wait to get rid of it for the Nokia Lumia 900. Good riddance, I will never buy a Dell product ever again because of my experience.

Could not agree more, im still rocking it only because im waiting till my contract is up...That initial phase was truly bad. If you buy it now its a pretty good buy though. 

Dell had a rocky start, the DVP could have been much more. Of cause Dell will be missed, the more the merrier, and they had some interesting devices. All Dell need to do is streamline (in lack of a better word) there products more, for start, a great launch with no bugs and shortages.

I'm glad I didn't waste my money and time on Dell... Something that could of been special with the phone end up being a disaster. Even now it is still not up to par with the first generation phones.

I hope they'll be back for Apollo. My guess is that they were hoping for more business adoption of WP, despite MS saying all along it is a consumer device. With the expected business functionality in Apollo I think they'll be back. Their business customer support is actually excellent. I would absolutely consider Dell for a new laptop/phone combo early next year.

Yeah I am a fan for the form factor. I have been using the on screen keyboard for about 2 years now went from Samsung Epix to a Focus and now Focus S. I sometimes miss my hardware keyboards.

For their poor customer and technical support of the phone, no they wont be missed. If they had got on the ball earlier instead of denying there was a wifi crashing problem at all, made even the slightest effort to improve the camera, had not tried to BS their way out of issues and finally not given their users a big fat finger by removing the compass driver then telling people basically to shove it by removing any mention of in from their website then yes, they would be missed.
I still have 2 of them and they are still good devices but the support was atrocious. And at the end of the day that is what made the device less enjoyable and for that reason I dont think anyone would or should miss them.

Same could be said about virtually every other mobile phone manufacturer. I also lost the compass with my Quantum, Apple denies problems all the time, and almost no one are getting updates. The mobile phone industry as a whole leaves plenty to be desired!

Never knew it was a slider phone, I probably..possibly...maybe would have bought it over my surround. Glad I didn't, I wonder if the support will still be there.

I for one hated the look and feel of the DVP.  It was too heavy and bulky for a smartphone.  Dell also screwed up the launch of the device, and never really recovered from it.  They were too focused on launching their Android devices.  I'm no fan of Dell, but I'm glad they aren't going to be stinking up the marketplace with their crapwarz.

I'll miss Dell's potential, they released "potentially" the best gen1 device, and the only gen1 device to be aesthetically pleasing.
I wont miss Dell's poor execution and poor support though. No compass in Mango is pathetic.

Yes, definitely.. One of the best looking 1st gen WP devices ever! Gorgeous Gorilla glass AMOLED 4.1 inch display, on an amazing form factor and offering a slider keyboard.. Dell did a great job on updates too....Obviously is heavy. My first WP experience couldn't be better!! Bought it unlocked for <$300. Completely justify the price. ...

love my DVP, sorry to see them going away from it.  I do wish they had been better with the customer service end of things.  and now we will watch as the ongoing support for existing customers drops to even lower levels.  *sigh...*

I will definitely miss Dell because despite all the complaints about the DVP, it's still arguably the best looking Windows Phone out there. Even though I have an unlocked HTC Titan with an excellent camera, bigger screen and ffc, it is my DVP that pulls the crowd towards wp7. With the price of $269 from Dell mobility I have personally converted 23 people to Windows Phone and all 23 but one are very satisfied so far

I don't mind they quit the smartphone market, but please open source this phone so that we can hack and mod it.

Proud owner of a DVP, pre-ordered it.  Yeah, that was a fiasco, but I think it is the most unique of the gen1 phones.  I got the 8GB version, so never had the issues the 16GB owners had.  I've never had to factory reset, in nearly a year and a half (WinMo 6.5...don't get me started), and reboot the phone about once a month, if that. 
The phone got lots of "wow, I didn't know Dell even made phones" comments, and I liked having a phone I knew I'd never see someone else with (which I never did).  I have not needed Dell's service post-purchase, so I can't comment on that. 
To this day, T-Mobile still doesn't have an image for the DVP on their account management site, so that's kind of funny.

I agree 100%. I LOVE my Venue Pro and don't feel I could have done any better moving into the Windows Phone 7 market. Plus, the keyboard comes in handy when I'm looking things up while on speakerphone:) May DELL return for WP8.

Dell is THE WORST phone marketing copmany EVER.  The fact that they won't allow carriers to sell their phones in-store is the stupidest thing ever.  Who is going to buy a phone (even a good phone like the DVP) if they can't touch it? 

Here's the problem:
Dell contracted out the creation of the Venue Pro to Qisda Corporation, a subsidary of BenQ. This is evident in the bad english in the EM app and the bad english in the service manual.
I assume that the CS was bad because of the problems between manufacturing the phone and software in a asian market for cheapness.
Clearly there was a lack of communication between Dell and BenQ which is evident with all the release problems and the compass being broken and having to be informed about this from someone on XDA instead of Dell themselves.
A lesson to companies: Don't outsource/contract creation of your products to a third party because you will run into so many issues, the Venue Pro was a prime example of this.

Yes the compass was missing, and updates came a little slower than others
But the DVP is a fantastic phone ! The display is gorgeous, the keyboard is a joy to have when you are typing anything more than a sentence, and the Win 7.5 is a pleasure overall
Have a 16gb unlocked - did never have any freezing issues. Restart the phone less than once a month. The heft of the phone is reassuring - its absence apparent immediately if I forget it somewhere. Even my wife grudgingly agrees now that its better than her Galaxy SII in display and everyday usability
Am not replacing this phone unless it stops working one day.