Samsung ATIV S price drops in Russia, sluggish sales the cause?


The ATIV S has had its priced slashed in Russia, according to a report over at WindowsPhoneLive.ru. It's believed the change is down to the Samsung Windows Phone selling rather poorly, which has led to both Svyaznoy and Euroset dropping the Windows Phone by 5,000 rubles ($160). Should you be looking at the ATIV S, now would be a good time to begin checking it out for a good deal.


What's interesting to note is how the Lumia 920 has remained on its original price point, leading to assumptions to be made about lack of sales for the ATIV S. We'll have our ATIV S review up soon (we understand it's slightly on the late side, sorry folks), but initial thoughts include Samsung isn't effectively marketing the ATIV S well enough for the Windows Phone to battle against Nokia's flagship smartphone.

Source: WindowsPhoneLive.ru; thanks, mif, for the tip!


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Samsung ATIV S price drops in Russia, sluggish sales the cause?


No it's because Nokia has all the exclusives. Thanks to Microsoft's money. This is great for Nokia but a killer for the W8 OS. This is why the W8 OS is only 4% and shrinking. Why would other OEM's push W8 when they have a competitive / economic disadvantage.

You think Samsung can't afford to push WP8? Nokia provides exclusivity and its services to the wider platform in exchange for payments. Sorry, Samsung doesn't care and it's not because of Nokia.

I disagree Nokia has extensive relationships with third partys. They've been in the game a long time. HTC makes pretty solid software on there own, and I would've considered an 8x had they been as competitively priced just don't see the point in buying half the memory and camera with double the price.

And Nokia does what you should do on wp8. Just like HTC and Samsung makes there android skins WP devices have there exclusive apps.

Not only Russia. On expansys UK also ATIV S price down to 359 pounds while Lumia 820 costs 379 pounds.
I think they are trying to sell whatever they made in the initial production.
I dont think they will make the next generation of windows phones especially because they are putting all efforts on android and Tizen.

Not trolling (proud L920 owner) but Samsung price drop = poor sales, Nokia price drop = demand driver, everything's fine?

Well, both are correct in a way I think. Nokia price drop = poor sales = demand driver = Samsung(?)

yes indeed, they get 1 billion per year compared to the other billions they loose every year for going with wp and the share price decline. troll logic rulez

The share price has been rising and is in the black compared to last year. Regardless of whether or not they are losing money, the fact of the matter is they are getting and will continute to get checks from MS. Also, did you not see the article that said Nokia will recieve more money this year from MS than they pay out?
My point still stands, they are being paid to care. :)

They get paid, but they don't have to spend it on buying exclusive apps and being as invested as they are with the development community. They care about making good products they always have my Nokia 5800 express was amazing for its time I played YouTube videos, and flash games right from the browser before adobe even thought of making flash available for android.
I had 3d games and themed apps like a halo 2 dialer and such. Nokia has always been amazing.

My girlfriend really, truly wants the ATIV S. It really sucks to see her so upset about it and holding out hope when I'm about 100% confident it will never see the light of day at AT&T. Really just kind of pisses me off. I don't understand them.

What a shame, such a nice looking device and they are selling them everywhere people don't want to buy them.

Here in Germany were a few commercial about it but not quite as much and it isn't selling very good here either. Nokia with his own apps just has the edge I mean Nokia Drive and Nokia Here alone are huge selling points. How often do I use Here to know when the Bus and train comes and how to get to a specific spot. And I do would prefer a larger screen the Nokia just has the edge also has it an build in equalizer that the ativ does not have and lte what the ativ s is missing as well. Just the removable battery and storage is nice by the Ativ S.

Lol i got the reference :D Generalthedestroyer. ^_^ i just dont like that he be dissing the xbox >.< ps3 sucks 790 minutes just so all the updates would be done and i could actually play a game is not my idea of gaming!!! even if the ps4 has fixed the long wait times im still getting a durango (aka next xbox)

Is there any version of the ATIV S that's compatible with AT&T's LTE bands? That and waiting for a large screen HTC device are the only reasons I haven't imported an ATIV yet.

Ativ s has no lte regardless of what version. Maybe if an USA version will be released but non of them right now have LTE

I have the ATIV S LTE !

All Canadian ATIV S are LTE thank god!

The ATIV S in the EU got ripped off with no LTE version but instead got 32GB version ATIV S.

I tried importing a T899M because the Rogers site said it supported LTE on 5 bands. Unfortunately the Rogers site is wrong, and the Telus and Bell sites are right. It only supports LTE on band 4 (1700MHz) and not band 17 (700MHz) so it wasn't  compatible with AT&T LTE. I really liked it, especially the large screen. But I have to stick with my 920. And because the 920 is not big enough I'm back to primarily using Android (Galaxy Note 2).

Ativ S was quietly launched in Jakarta last week with no Ad whatsoever. A big contrast to its Android Galaxy siblings. It is also priced $100 cheaper than Lumia 920.

Maybe some advertising would help. Samsung is complaining about the sales of their Windows 8 devices yet they put no marketing behind it yet I see the ads for their 249 chromebook constantly.

Samsung just couldn't stand a chance against Nokia using with the same OS.  Okay, maybe, perhaps,... just a little chance.

Samsung knows the features that people want, they just lack support.

Nokia seems to have developed a mindset on what people want, but their customer support is unparalleled.

Nothing wrong with Samsung, I presume.
Yes, ATIV isn't  well advertised is Russia. Yes, Russia is a traditional "Nokia playground".
But I can tell you the truth: ATIV has been overpriced at startup and now its just dropped to reasonable price. Yes, ATIV now is around 20 000 roubles (5 000 dropped) and Lumia 920 is still 25 000 roubles but... Lumia has 32 Gb of internal memory, and ATIV is 16 Gb device.
Anyway, I'm going to wait a little bit (until April) and then I'll purchase ATIV for even more reasonable price.

Now it's apparent that Samsung refusing to sell the ATIV S in the US is a big mistake, considering the brand's popularity in the country.

The thing is, the Nokia Lumia 920 was like this a few weeks after launch, with supplies quickly drying out in many retailers and carrier stores. The only difference was the price point was not dropped.

"Now it's apparent that Samsung refusing to sell the ATIV S in the US is a big mistake..."

That's an assumption. For all we know they did want to sell it but couldn't work out a deal with the carriers. It would have been late for AT&Ts launch and Verizon evidently wanted the low-end version. It appears to be a double snubbing: Samsung doesn't care that much but neither did the carriers.

Samsung are an utterly awful company that make cheap unreliable products.  They charge for their version of style - which is actually some form of chavvy heaven.  Cheap components that fail in short shrift and terrible customer service.
I don't pity anyone who buys Samsung - you should do your research first.

I do my research.
Here's what I need:
- smartphone running Windows Phone 8
- large screen (4" - 5")
- OLED screen
- expandable memory (microSD)
- lightweight (under 150 g)
- removable battery (optional)

Can you suggest anything but ATIV?..

Samsung probably wants to develop their own OS, they also bashed Android/Google not long ago, and regarding Ativ S (such a nice device...), they seem to sabotage themselfs. Well, WP8 has now its place and a good thing that I particulary like about it, it's it has its own personality, its charisma, it didn't copy the mainstream (old) devices.

If this would have have came out stateside I would have bought. I still love my first Gen focus and would gladly buy a ATIV to replace it. I like expandable memory...sue me.

in Thailand, such a shock price.  They down the price from 17900 BHT to 7990-9900 BHT (depend on the shop)
more than 50% off.  Do you still believe in any sw update for WP from Samsung ?